Coaching – Week 29

Well, that was a shocker!  Mainly caused by excessive delays on the trains, thanks Southern Rail for ruining my week of training!  The image about sums up how it was…

Day 1

Elliptical: 4 x 5 minutes (60s) + 6 x 2 minutes (45s) – Warm up well for 5-10 minutes. Then 4 x 5 minutes at the threshold effort from 60s easy recovery. Then 3 minutes all easy. Then 6 x 2 minutes hard, 45s easy between each.

Another 3 hour journey home, this is getting ridiculous!

Day 3

30 minute easy run pre elliptical

This was meant to have been done in the evening, but due to the crap trains I did it in the morning so I could move yesterdays turbo session to tonight

Although I did not fancy this, poor nights sleep, it was a nice little run. Pleased with the balance of the pace and the HR being an average of 132. For the same run in the last few weeks the HR was a lot lower without the pace being much lower, 5:25 per km compared to 5:20.

The legs felt OK and although they do not currently have 10k in them, I am sure that when Newham comes round I will be fine for that, even if I do not do it quick.


Screenshot 2016-06-29 06.54.08Screenshot 2016-06-29 06.54.20

Turbo: 15/30/15 (with 5 x 1 min) – This is a long, big block of high wattage riding. 15 minutes easy / 30 minutes threshold, focusing on high power output but with regular riding cadence / 15 minutes easy. However in the final 15 minutes easy I want you to include 5 x 1 minute HARD efforts. So ride the final 15 as as 2 minutes easy / 1 minute hard.

Moved from Tuesday night due to the trains.  I will try and do this rather than the elliptical, but oh no!  I give up with the trains, seriously affecting things!

35 minute elliptical post run: 2 x (4,3,2,1)

This was the planned workout, which I was going to replace with the ride, but no chance due to the trains!

Day 4

Turbo: 20 minutes as a progression of wattage with final 5-10 minutes in a big gear

The focus on this ride was to keep the power as controlled as possible, while using the Zwift flat route. I had set the power zones on the Garmin, 2 then 3 then 4 and finally 5 plus. I sat staring at the screen trying to keep the power as consistent as possible and reasonably pleased with the efforts. I did not have a great deal of power for the final big gear effort, but it was in the big ring and I tried.

I will put that down to a shocking week due to the trains and the stress that causes

Screenshot 2016-06-30 08.16.42Screenshot 2016-06-30 08.16.51

Day 5

20-30 minute easy run before work

Not strictly pre work.  I was working at 6, but I got out early for a comfy run.  Really surprised with the pace, but I was probably running on adrenaline a bit, last day of work before a week off so the brain was already going at a million miles an hour.

Screenshot 2016-07-04 18.59.27

Screenshot 2016-07-04 18.59.40

Day 7

I had the time to sneak in a bonus run. Trying to keep it reasonably comfy before breakfast. Pretty flat route, but it was road and then a sandy track for about 1 third of it.

I felt I needed to run, but also needed to make up the time from all of the missed activity from the week.

Screenshot 2016-07-04 19.02.51Screenshot 2016-07-04 19.03.19

The Current Week

That has to be one of the most ineffective weeks for training, which was totally out of my control. Roll on next week when I am off work and have a big schedule

Screenshot 2016-07-07 18.55.43

8 Week Rolling Summary

Screenshot 2016-07-07 18.56.19Screenshot 2016-07-07 18.56.39

Monthly Summary – 2016

Screenshot 2016-07-07 18.57.56

Monthly Summary – Annual Rolling

Screenshot 2016-07-07 18.58.18

Day to Day Summary – 2016

Screenshot 2016-07-07 18.58.07



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