Last year the Newham 10k was hot and one of Mr Smith’s first outings at 10k.  This year it was hotter!  Find out how Mr Smith got on…

Last year Mr Smith managed a time of 52:32 and finished in 2551st place, 214th in the category and 2205th male.  What would this year hold?  The hope was for a big improvement following the coaching this year.  However, with the lack of running since the Hackney Half in May, Mr Smith had no idea how it would go.

Since Hackney there has not been a single run over 8km and there has certainly been no training for doing the 10km, all the focus has been on Ride London and recovering from furtrher ankle problems.

So at the start the expectations were unsure but a mental aim of around 47:30 was in place.  This would be outside a personal best, but given the lack of training and the conditions it was hoped this would be achievable.

After meeting up with friends before the start it was time to get in the wave pen.  Mr Smith was in the second wave this time, but he made sure he was right at the front as he knew he would be one of the quicker ones in it.

There was a delay at the start of about 10 minutes, which does not help when you are standing out in the sun.

Eventually they were off though and Mr Smith was right, he was at the front of the wave  Not right out there, but only a few runners in front of him.  This did actually make the running easier as there were less people to navigate round.

The early pace was quick, possibly too quick, but it felt comfy, so kept going.  It is very difficult to slow the legs down when they are moving freely.

Knowing that the course was undulating the approach was to take it steady on the ups, but make the most of the downs.  Getting throug 5k in 22:03 it was looking good, but by this point it was really hot and having just ran through a sheltered area there was no wind and the heat really was starting to take it’s toll.  All was going well through 6km, but then the heat bit.  The heart rate was under control, high, but not excessive.  However, it was the lack of ability to really take deep breaths that was the problem, even leading to some brief spells of walking, which is very disappointing.

Mr Smith did manage to pick things up and keep going, but it was not until after the third period of walking that Mr Smith managed to recover and pick things up again for the final kilometer or so.

There was a really nasty part of the route for people, running underneath the stadium people were expecting to head out on to the track and for the finish, but no, you headed back out of the staidum and round the warm up track.  Luckily Mr Smith knew that was the case and was expecting it.  The pace had been picked up, but was under control.  Entering the stadium for the second time was to head out on to the track and the final 300m.

It is such a good feeling running in such a big stadium and on what will be the track used for the 2017 world championships.

Mr Smith was managing to pick up the speed on the track and was trying to get the best time he could.  A great feeling passing people on the track and coming down the finishing stright Mr Smith moved out to the middle lane to get a clear run to the line and to finish.  By this point the tank was empty, but the watch had been stopped.

So the result, 47:52.  About 2.5 minutes outside the PB, but given the circumstances it is acceptable.

The good side of things though is that Mr Smith imporved the placings by a long way, 785th overall, 60th in the category and 712th male.  Also coming in 40th in the second wave.  A big improvemement and maybe when the Run Britain ranking come through it will show how tough it was.

All in all, a pleasing result, but disappointing to have had to walk parts.  More focus needed on pacing and being able to cope with the heat.


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