Coaching – Week 32

The last big week of training before Prudential Ride London 100.  A tough one, but a good one…

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The Zwift avatar is ready for Ride London, and so am I now!

Day 1

45 minute easy turbo or road bike spin recovery

I know I went at this a bit too hard, but the average HR was in zone 2 and the legs just felt good.

Whether it was the fact I have a new helmet, 160g lighter, 1mm thinner tyres, the sports massage or the overall fitness, who knows, but it was quicker than ever on that route.

I was getting PB’s on just about all of my segments and considering some of these have been ridden over 50 times I am pleased with that. I was definitely nowhere near max, but will have to find a day to have a real crack at it to see if I can get it down to around 40 minutes.

Screenshot 2016-07-18 21.11.03Screenshot 2016-07-18 21.12.08

Day 2

AM: 30 minute shakeout run

Oh boy the legs did not feel like it this morning. Carrying the run from Sunday, the 2hr sport massage (brutal) on Sunday and also the ride from last night.

Forced my way through it and only towards the end did it feel like I was running even remotely smoothly.

Hopefully it was just the heat, but I could not keep the HR down

Screenshot 2016-07-19 21.15.34Screenshot 2016-07-19 21.16.02

Turbo: 10 x 2 minutes + 20 minutes – Warm up for 5-10 minutes with easy spinning. Then ride 10 x 2 minutes hard efforts with 60s easy spin recovery. Then spin easy for 3 minutes. Then add 20 minutes of applied power, slightly lower cadence towards threshold effort.

That really was tough, but good. The temperature outside was 33.5c in the garden (in the shade) and 27.5 in the living room. This was not ideal for a session on the turbo doing hard intervals.

Surprisingly I got through it, but I did create a new pb in the amount of sweat generated! Not pleasant!

The bike was set up, 2 fans on full and it was time for the off. The temperature mentioned was part way through the ride, so the fans were not having an effect.

I was doing the Zwift flat route to really test the legs pushing on the flats and to measure the power outputs. A few ups and downs but mainly flat.

For the hard blocks I was aiming at over 250w on average for each one of them. I will say that I was really suffering trying to catch the breath through the first 3 of them, the dry heat was not helping, but things seemed to settle down the more I went on.

The overall average for the hard blocks was 263, with a peak average of 279 and minimum of 247. Pretty pleased with those considering.

The threshold block was tough, I was keeping the cadence down, trying to keep between 80 & 90, averaging 84, and the aim with the power was 220 to 230. I did not quite manage that, but pleased with 214. I had to have a breather with about 7 minutes to go to spin out a bit and catch the breath.

It really was a hot session, so much so that in just over an hour I got through 2.1 litres of water (1 bottle was electrolyte drink).

When I think how the legs were feeling for the run this morning I am very pleased to have knocked this out with such good outputs.

There was one bad moment at the end of the 7th hard block where I shipped the chain so I had to stop and get it sorted. It did break the rhythm but managed to get going again

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 20.52.08Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 20.52.58

Day 3

45 minute run to include 5 x 5 minutes @ threshold effort (90s) – Warm up easily, and run the 5 x 5 minute efforts at 4-5 word answer effort, forget pace completely, and jog the 90s recovery.

That was hot! Even hotter than Sunday, Not a great run but I was sticking to the task of the intervals but they got progressively worse. I took the option to walk a bit in the recoveries to try and cool down, then pick up for the intervals.

The last 3 were very slow, but it was effort based and I was pretty much at 4-5 word answers.

I was running on rougher ground a lot of the time to get the shade. This tested the ankle which is a bit sore, but hopefully a day not running will put that back right.

Hopefully it will be cooler for the next run.

Screenshot 2016-07-20 21.53.14Screenshot 2016-07-20 21.53.27

Day 5

40 minute road bike + 50 minute turbo (as 2 x 20) – 40 minute road bike + 50 minute turbo (as 2 x 20)

I had to defer this from Thursday to Friday due to getting out of work late, which also meant pushing a run from Friday to Saturday.

I definitely started out on the road section nice and comfy, but had chosen a route with some short sharp climbs in it. I wanted to keep it easy, but also just get a bit of a test on some known climbs.

I was very comfy throughout and definitely more comfortable on the climbs than ever before, setting PB’s for the segments on all of them, without actually trying.

I have definitely noticed a big improvement in the climbing ability in the last couple of weeks.

The second half of the ride took a few minutes to get set up and moving, but as soon as everything was working I hit the first of the 20 minute blocks.

The aim was to keep the cadence between 70 & 80 and the power around the 230 mark. Very pleased with the first block, doing 74 as a cadence and average power of 231, not far of my FTP.

The second block was more challenging, probably more mentally than physically, but after a couple of dips I managed to regain the focus and pushed through. Again the cadence was good at 73, but the power was down at 218.

When I say down at 218, I would have been delighted with that 6 weeks ago. My FTP before this block of training was 207, so although not quite up to what I wanted, it is still good.

Screenshot 2016-07-22 20.42.52Screenshot 2016-07-22 20.44.53Screenshot 2016-07-22 20.57.50Screenshot 2016-07-22 20.57.50(2)

Day 6

40 minute easy run

This is the run I oved from Friday evening to Saturday morning due to having to move the Thursday ride.

This was not exactly free flowing, but not too bad considering. The blister I got at Newham had ripped open and there was quite a big hole in the skin where it was, but covered with compeed so it was not too bad.

The legs were heavy and are definitely carrying fatigue, but the ankle was OK, no major problems, which is good as the last couple of days it has been really niggly.

The pace was not great, but about what I can manage as easy. I do find it hard to keep the cadence up and run slowly. I was trying to remind myself of that during the run and to lift it slightly and slow down. I definitely had to remind myself to back off.

Fingers crossed that the ankle is OK for the hours run tomorrow.

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 20.44.38Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 20.44.48

Day 7

60 minute easy run, conversational pace – Stay on a flat route again all easy as we try to build up the run volumes a little

It is very difficult to find a flat route round my way. Undulating is more the norm, unless I just go back and forth on a flat stretch.

Also, I will pretty much always being going down hill to start with, which is the case with the is run. I started at a good relaxed pace and all I was focused on was keeping the effort controlled, the cadence at a reasonable level and the heart rate as low as possible.

This was the slowest run for a while (controlled), but also the longest in terms of distance and time, which is good to have got under the belt, especially as the ankle did not give any major problems.

Also, as this backed up a run from yesterday this is really pleasing.

Screenshot 2016-07-24 19.22.45Screenshot 2016-07-24 19.23.08

75 minute easy road bike – Do this after the run.

OK, I went off piste on this one and did a 40k TT to see where I am at. I was not going completely flat out, but reasonably close to pushing it. I am actually really pleased with this, especially straight after the run.

The legs felt pretty good and I was definitely flying along (for me). I was at about 31kmh for the first 50 minutes, which was mainly flat riding. I did ship a chain though which broke the rhythm for a bit, which is not so good.

I focused on keeping up a good high cadence, keeping in the big ring as much as possible and also riding in the drops. This should have proved a good test for the last push in Ride London, but also for the Silverstone TT in October.

This was not my fastest 40km, that was part of the Beachy Head sportive, but only a few minutes outside it. This has given me a good benchmark that I would like to do a few more times to measure where I am at.  Delighted with an avergare speed of 29.4kmh on opern roads, solo and with a shipped chain and pauses at junctions.

Screenshot 2016-07-24 19.29.37Screenshot 2016-07-24 19.29.51

The Current Week

That was the first week for a while where I have managed to complete ever session and not only that do a couple of them harder than I should have done, but still feeling good from them.

Screenshot 2016-07-24 19.30.41

8 Week Rolling Summary

Screenshot 2016-07-24 20.29.55Screenshot 2016-07-24 20.30.15

Monthly Summary – 2016

Screenshot 2016-07-24 20.30.20

Monthly Summary – Annual Rolling

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 20.29.22

Day to Day Summary – 2016

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 20.29.42

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