Coaching – Week 34

After the exhiliration of Ride London it was time to get back in to training, the focus is now on Copenhagen Half & Silverstone 25 mile TT…

Day 1

Optional relaxed recovery swim

600m – 40*15m @ @2:28 Pace

Probably my quickest swim for a long time, surprisingly felt quite strong.

Screenshot 2016-08-07 14.38.01

Day 2

Recovery run: 35 minutes at a conversational pace

That was remarkably OK.  Yes the legs were tired but not stiff.  The pace was slow and steady, but when looking at the grade adjustments (outside the first km) they were pretty consistent.

I would not exactly say this was my best run, but given the circumstances I was surprised with how it felt.

Screenshot 2016-08-02 20.57.11Screenshot 2016-08-02 20.57.25

Day 3

60 minutes – first 30 easy, final 30 as 10 x 2 minute push, 1 minute spin – Don’t hammer the 2 minute efforts, just get the legs going again after Sunday.

I was not sure whether to do this on the turbo or road, but as the bike was set up for road and it was sunny I went for road.  The only down side to that was the wind.  I had not realised how windy it was and at times it was quite dangerous with stong gusts knocking you sideways.  The head winds were not pleasant but at least they are safe.

I set out on what was a nice easy start, but knowing there were a few hills that would get the legs going.  Getting through the first half hour without any trouble took me to a flatter section of the route, which is what I wanted.

It was then time to push.  I basically pushed on for all of the 10 blocks.  I was probably going to hard, but it defiinitely woke the legs up!   The pwoer was not as high as before, but the heart rate was well controlled.  I was aiming for around threshold power and averaged 222 overall with an average heart rate of 133.  Not bad.

The power range was not too bad, 205 to 238 in the blocks.  Given that this was on the road it is not as easy to maintain a consistent output.  The goodd part was that the last 5 blocks were better than the first 5, with an average of 231 v 212.  Hopfully this meant that the body was still strong and the fitness is good.

Screenshot 2016-08-04 20.31.44Screenshot 2016-08-04 20.32.03

Day 4

Threshold: 45 minutes with 3 x 8 minutes at threshold effort from 2 minute easy run recovery – Getting back into a little more quality volume again.

Getting home the first thing I thought was, I do not want to run!  But, before I did anything else or sat down I got out there.

The legs were feeling very heavy and tired, probably due to pushing too much last night.

The warm up block of 7.5 minutes was OK and my standard pace and no issues.  The first of the threshold blocks was OK as well.  I was working hard, but trying to keep the heart rate at around 150, so just in my threshold zone, so I am pleased with 149 average.  The average pace was OK as well at 4:38

The second set felt tough and I started to clock watch for the last 3 minutes of it, but again the heart rate was OK at 151.  I was consciously easing at times though.  The pace was not electrifying at 4:55, but this was a mainly up hill section.

The final block felt hard, but managed to keep going to the end, with an average HR of 151 and pace of 4:44

Overall the threshold blocks came in at an average HR of 150, so on target, and the pace was 4:47.  Slower than I would normally like, but there was a slight bias to going up hill with 9m more climbing than descending.

The bad side was that towards the end it just felt sreally laboured and not fluent at all, but hopefully the fatigue will come out of the legs in the next day or so

Screenshot 2016-08-04 19.39.50Screenshot 2016-08-04 19.40.04

Day 5

40 minute easy bike

Not only were the legs feeling dead, but the whole body, until I got out on the bike.  After a nice easy start I knew there was going to be a bit more climbing, but I was not going to go full bore.

However, the legs felt pretty good.  No, they would not be able to produce the max power outputs, but they were doing pretty good efforts with a low heart rate.  Some short climbs, but steep ones at 17% plus gradient all tackled comfortably in the saddle and on the drops!  That is a first to tackle them on the drops and I did not even think about getting up to the hoods.

For a road ride, not flat out, I am amazed I picked up so many segment pb’s especially as some of them are ridden a lot!

The average power at 186, normalised to 208, and with an average heart rate of 119 is about the best combination of stats I can recall having.  Good pace as well without really pushing on.

Screenshot 2016-08-05 20.01.54Screenshot 2016-08-05 20.02.11

Day 6

Fartlek – 3,2,1,3,1,2,3 (60-90s) – Warm up then work the reps as laid out.  The 3 minute efforts around 10km pace, the 2 and 1 minute efforts faster and take between 60 and 90 seconds of easy running between each.

A night of very bad sleep did not make me feel very good before this run, plus the legs were feeling deader than a dead thing.  A very good long stretch and roll before running was in order.  I know a lot of people advise not stretching before running, but it seems to work for me.  Mind you, if I had not stretched I am not sure if I would have been able to do the session.

So all ready and off.  A nice leisurely 10 1/2 minutes to warm up before hitting the intervals.  I had the watch set with the pace as follows:

  • 3 minutes @ 10k – 4:30-4:45
  • 2 minutes @ 5k – 4:15-4:30
  • 1 minute faster – 4:00-4:15

I had also set it with 90 seconds of recovery between each one.

I had chosen to do loops around a reasonably flat local area, although there are some inclines it is about as flat as I can get.  I wanted to try to ensure that the pacing was OK.

The first block of 3 minutes felt pretty good, as did the 2 and 1.  Yes it was hard work, but not too much.

The middle block of 3 was tricky coming off the fast block as I as started a bit quick but managed to bring the pace down a bit.

The final set of 1,2,3 were a bit harder than the first, but still keeping up a good pace.  The HR was up, but I was able to keep going without any trouble.

It was good to stretch the legs out.

The pace was as follows:

  • 3 – 4:28, 4:29, 4:32 – Ave 4:29.  Ave HR 152
  • 2 – 4:20, 4:14 – Ave 4:17.  Ave HR 152
  • 1 – 3:52, 4:02 – Ave 3:57.  Ave HR 156

I am really pleased with the pace and heart rate on these blocks, I did not think it would be possible when I set out, especially when stripping out the recovery and warm up/down as the pace was 4:21 overall.

Also, when getting back and finishing my Garmin watch advised of a new Lactate Threshold of 161 BPM and 4:29 pace, down from 4:38.  Details updated in Training Peaks to reflect the new pace.

Screenshot 2016-08-06 09.31.20Screenshot 2016-08-06 09.31.45

Day 7

75 minute easy and conversational paced run – Run on a flat surface, try to keep splits generally even. Stretch immediately after the run.

Another stretch before the run and then off.  It was overcast, had just rained and the humidity was very high!  I was focused on trying to keep as even a pace as possible and the heart rate around or under 130.  The first part of the route was mainly down hill, so fairly easy to keep the HR down.

Even by this point it was getting very sweaty!

The pace was OK through the first 5k, averaging 5:26, with an HR of 126, but now the run started to level and then move back up towards home.  The next 5k was 5:43, but the HR had crept up to 134.

The final part of the run I was probably working a bit too hard, in terms of HR, but I was trying to keep the pace as even as I could, but the last couple of KM the HR was above 140.  I was still reasonably conversational, but obviously would not have been able to have a detailed debate about something.

Getting through the 1:15 minutes with 13.39km’s covered I was reasonably pleased as I was focused on keeping the discipline.  This was was also my longest run since Hackney at the beginning of May.  Obviously not quick with and average pace of 5:34, but good to complete it without any ankle problems, especially backing up the farltek session yesterday.

Screenshot 2016-08-07 13.09.51Screenshot 2016-08-07 13.10.12

30 minute easy bike before or after the run

Another stretch done and then out on the bike.  I had to post something so I did this part way through the route.  Again I probably worked a little too hard, but it was fairly controlled and I am enjoying zipping round with the new pace in the legs.  I am however very surprised to get some more PB’s on well ridden sections, again wthout realy trying.

The legs are now though looking forward to a rest day, the first for 11 days, they need it.

Screenshot 2016-08-07 13.10.25Screenshot 2016-08-07 13.10.39

The Current Week

After Ride London I was not sure how I would feel, but surprisingly the legs have been good all week.

Screenshot 2016-08-07 13.15.24

8 Week Rolling Summary

Screenshot 2016-08-07 13.15.52Screenshot 2016-08-07 13.16.23

Monthly Summary – 2016

Screenshot 2016-08-07 13.16.45

Monthly Summary – Annual Rolling

Screenshot 2016-08-07 13.17.13

Day to Day Summary – 2016

Screenshot 2016-08-07 13.16.55

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