Coaching – Week 35

A tough week with how I have been feeling, but somehow I got through every session, fingers crossed I feel better in the next week…

Day 2

FTP Test – 60 mins – Works well with a bit less cycling in the legs over the next couple of weeks.

In the last day or so everything has been aching and feeling like a cold is coming on and I had no energy at all. Not stiff from training but all muscles just ached. Doing the warm up it was a struggle.

I hit the test after 43 minutes., but before that there was 20 minutes of gradually ramping up the power, followed 3 blocks of increasing 20 second power. I was pretty much spent at the end of that, but carried on with the next easy 5 minutes before attempting a 5 minute block above threshold, I managed to do 238 on average in this 5 minute block. This was all following the schedule set out.

There was there another 10 minutes at mid power before the test. The first 7 minutes of the test nearly did me in and I could not breath and one sinus was completely blocked. The heart rate was fine and not above anything it should have been, but I had to ease off from 6.5 minutes in to 5 to go, but the last 5 minutes I picked up out of pride. I would not have been ablate do any longer though.

I managed to get an FTP of 207, which is what it was (exactly) at the beginning of the year, so at least that is something considering I could not breath. Way down on the 234 that I currently have.

The first 5 and last 5 minutes were around the power I should have been able to hold, 240’ish. Oh well, I was unsure about doing the test after the warm up but at least I survived, just! Hopefully the bug will disappear as quickly as it is coming on.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 19.41.37Screenshot 2016-08-09 19.42.03

Day 3

40 minutes all easy and relaxed – conversational and around 70% MHR

I am not sure what has happened the last couple of days, but the body feels awful. The ankle has even started to be niggly again (which it wasn’t after the 2 runs at the weekend!). Aches, pains and limited energy, so I was glad it was an easy run.

I chose what might not be an obvious route to keep easy, but with making it tricky through the woods I would take it steady to avoid any risk of ankle problems.

Also I wanted to shake things up a bit and change the normal sort of runs and see different things. It is lovely in the woods, but only for easy running, far too many tree roots for anything quick.

The only focus was on keeping the HR down to around 130, or when it went up bringing it back down quickly. I managed to do that and keep the average at 130, is slightly above my 70% level of 125, but not bad and about as low as I can go while still running.

The pace was not great, but given the route and the climbing in it 5:46 is not bad considering.

It did make me think about the next half marathon though and how to try and pace it. The last few runs I have not done negative splits, which is what I want to be able to do to finish strong. Mentally I would like to be able to do something like 27, 25, 24, 23 as 5k splits to bring me in under 1:45. Hopefully that would maintain the control of the body through the first 10k, taking me through in about 52:00 and then coming home in a similar time for the last 11km.

I think that would be achievable and will get me a pb.

Screenshot 2016-08-10 19.11.54Screenshot 2016-08-10 19.12.15

Day 4

AM: 20-30 minute easy spin on turbo

I set this up as a workout on Zwift, which makes the ride more like a traditional turbo session and takes out the impact of the hills. I wanted to just do a controlled and even session.

The legs were still not feeling good, but I set out nice and steady and then started to pick up to an average pace around the 180 mark. Just holding that and then settling down to a few spin outs towards the end.

Although the legs have generally felt dead the last few days this was not too bad.

The laps were broken down in to 3 10 minute blocks

Screenshot 2016-08-11 19.47.38Screenshot 2016-08-11 19.47.51

Threshold – 45 minutes with 3 x 10 minutes @ threshold effort (3) – Run to effort, not pace where you can speak 4 words aim for consistency and focus on good form in the final set.

Again when setting out on this run I felt pretty rubbish and lifeless, but headed out and did the 3 minute warm up to get things going. During this warm up I was getting a few very odd pains in the dodgy foot, not ones I have had before. It was at the point where I thought about chucking the run in, but I thought I would see how the threshold block went.

After a brief pause due to having to cross a road I hit the first 10 minute block and luckily the foot was OK. I was focused solely on doing 4 word answers, after I had picked up the effort that is.

I actually felt like I was running quite quickly, but the form did not feel good, but when looking at the pace at the end I was happy to have done 4:38 pace (4:43 grade adjusted). There was more downhill than up, but it was not feeling too bad.

The first recovery block was hit on an uphill, but I tried to basically trot to bring the heart rate down.

The next threshold block was also pretty good, again more downhill, but a pace of 4:26 (adjusted 4:40). Then again I hit the recovery on an uphill stretch, so more trotting.

Then the final threshold. I was focusing on form and trying not to think about pace and just letting it take care of itself. The form did not feel great, but then again it had not through the whole run. This section was a lot more uphill and also back in to the breeze, so a pace of 4:52 was acceptable, especially the adjusted pace of 4:42.

All the way round I would periodically talk to myself to ensure eI could get 4 words out. Yes, some of them were breathless, but they came out, so I think the effort levels were about right.

The most pleasing thing was how even the adjusted pace was, within 3 seconds of each other and although the average heart rate went up from 143 to 148 and finally 151, which is only just into my threshold zone (149).

Despite the ankle, the lethargy, the generally feeling of being dead, that is really pleasing. The background pace is obviously there, but I need to sort out what ever is making me feel this way and improve the overall cardio capacity and stamina to be able to go longer at a good pace.

Screenshot 2016-08-11 19.53.06Screenshot 2016-08-11 19.53.23

Day 6

Fartlek: 4/2/1/30/30/30/30/1/2/4.  session mixing up paces between 10km pace and mile pace – 50 minutes to include;

  • 4 mins 10km pace
  • 2 mins – 5km pace
  • 1 min – 3km pace or just inside
  • 30 secs around mile pace

You control recovery but keep recovery short between the 30s efforts at around 30-40 sec.  No more than 2 mins recovery at any stage.  Remainder of the run easy to steady on feel.

That was tough, mainly because I had not slept and what ever bug that has been loitering in the system was still there.

Although I have a rest day the calves felt really tight today, despite them feeling OK on the rest day. Basically I felt awful.

I really was not sure how this would good, but heading out I did the 14 minutes of warm ups with a few strides thrown in.

The ankle again had the pain when running slowly, but was OK at a quicker pace.

The paces I was aiming at was 4:30 to 4:45 for the 10k’s, 4:15 to 4:30 for the 5k’s, 4:00 to 4:15 for the 3k’s and 3:45 to 4:00 for the miles. All of which would be at or about pace.

Given how I was feeling I was not sure how I would do or if I would even complete it, but I hi the first 4 minutes and felt remarkably OK, getting through it in 4:32 pace and with the heart rate under control.

The next 5k was also good at 4:22 and the 3k at 4:05, so all well within the targets. Also pleasing was that I was recovering quite quickly from them . Not sure how I was able to do it given how I felt.

Then the 1 mile pace blocks which came in at 3:46, 3:55, 3:54 & 4:03, averaging 3:54 overall, which is within 1 second of my mile PB pace.

Back on to the 3k it was 4:00 and then the 5K was 4:16 and finally the 10k at 4:28. With the exception of the last 5k block I was well inside the target pace for all of them and the one I missed was only by a second.

The overall target pace was never going to be achievable with the warm up and easy section, but I was through 9.7km in the 50 minutes. I added a little more to get to 10k.

Annoyingly the ankle has been sore since the run, fine when running quickly, but not good post run. Hopefully it will be fine for the long run tomorrow

Screenshot 2016-08-13 12.54.24Screenshot 2016-08-13 12.54.35

Day 7

90 minute easy 45 / steady 45

Another day and another nights bad sleep.  The body is definitely not feeling at it’s best at the moment.  I hope that it sorts itself in the next day or so.

I was focused solely on keeping the heart rate in zone 2 for the first 45 minutes.  It was not easy as I had chosen a route with some hills, but I wanted to run somewhere more interesting and get out in to the country, which was good.

The laps were being recorded by KM and for the first 45 minutes I averaged a heart rate of 130, with only a couple of km’s being outside of zone 2.  Quite pleasing considering how I was feeling.

The route was definitely tough, but good.  I hit the 8km mark at 45 minutes and then started to lift the effort, not massively but I was keeping the heart rate in zone 3.

I was really starting to struggle and it was a really mental battle.  I started to tick off all possible little wins, 10km, hour, 1:15, etc.  This was pretty much the only way I could keep going.

I was running at a pretty consistent effort and pace, considering the ups and downs and I was actually really pleased to have run every step and got through 10 miles.  Not exactly quick, but 10 miles would have been about 1:29.

I did not prepare well for this and only had water with me, forgetting to take a gel and not having any energy drink.  Definitely made it harder as it was warm.

The ankle had survived and seems to be OK running.  Maybe it is the way I am sub consciously amending the running stride to manage it.  If I stand still though and squeeze through the foot there is a reasonable amount of pain.

Fingers crossed it will not get any worse.

One good thing was the mental side, yes the body hated it and the mind is struggling, but I managed to force my way through to the end.  Excludng Hackney Half that was my longest run since 23rd April!

Screenshot 2016-08-14 14.30.37Screenshot 2016-08-14 14.30.56

Optional bike 45-60 minute easy

I was not sure whether to do this or not, but after cooling down and taking on board a recovery drink I decided to get on the turbo and just turn the legs over.

I got interrupted after about 10 minutes with a shopping delivery, but I got back and did 50 minutes of total riding.

The heart rate was a  bit above where it would have been doing it fresh, but I was happy with doing it and turning the legs over.

Screenshot 2016-08-14 18.43.32

The Current Week

It was not the best week in terms of how I felt and how the legs were, but I am happy to have finished every session.  I will have to see how the ankle holds up with running the next 2 days, which will be 4 on the trot.  Hopefully the visit to the Antwerp clinic the week after next will help me.

This week though did take me past my total mileage last year, not bad by 14th August!

Screenshot 2016-08-14 14.45.11

8 Week Rolling Summary

Screenshot 2016-08-14 14.45.41Screenshot 2016-08-14 14.46.05

Monthly Summary – 2016

Screenshot 2016-08-14 14.46.28

Monthly Summary – Annual Rolling

Screenshot 2016-08-14 14.46.45

Day to Day Summary – 2016

Screenshot 2016-08-14 14.46.58

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