Coaching – Week 36

This week has proved something, rest can be good!  I was hoping to stick to the schedule, but great advice from the Coach to rest seems to pay dividend…

Day 1

40 minute recovery run – all easy and conversational

Replaced this with a turbo ride. Generally feeling tired, but wanting to protect the ankle a bit. It has not been too bad today, but both calves really tired and did not want to push it too much.

Also, really warm and with how I have been feeling I did not want to risk it.

I replaced the run with this turbo ride. Generally feeling tired, but wanting to protect the ankle a bit. It has not been too bad today, but both calves really tired and did not want to push it too much.

Also, really warm and with how I have been feeling I did not want to risk it.

Although this was an easy ride the body is definitely not there at the moment and feels really tired. The amount of effort being put in was not what I would have expected for this, although the Heart Rate was fine the effort was up.

Screenshot 2016-08-17 20.32.11

Day 3

Threshold – 10 x 3 minutes alternating – mixing things up now. You have done this session before but bigger volumes in HM training. I want the odd numbers at about a notional 10 mile race pace, the even numbers at 5km pace and 75-90 seconds jog between each effort.

That was really tough.  I know I went out at the worst part of the day in terms of heat (25c) but it was then or never.  The bug I have had just seems to be lingering and I was so tired and could quite easily have not done the run, but I forced myself out to do it.

I had set the watch at 4:45 to 5:00 pace for the 10mile pace and 4:15 to 4:30 for the 5km ones.  I also mentally thought not too push them too hard.

I headed out through the woods to stay in the shade to start with for the warm up.  10minutes just trotting at 5:46 pace before starting on the intervals.

I really was not feeling it, but started out trying to stick to the pace, which I tried to do on all of them.  I was probably working too hard on these and at one point found myself not concentrating and definitely running too quickly.  The 10 mile pace blocks generally coincided with uphill stretches so I was surprised that the overall average pace was 4:45, with a range from 4:36 to 4:57.  There was a net elevation gain of 14m, so the adjusted pace would have been out of target.

The 5km pace blocks were really tough going but tried to maintain a good pace, coming in at 4:23 with a range of 4:18 to 4:30.  Pleased that they were all in the range, but there was a net elevation loss of 15m.

I definitely felt like I was working a lot harder on the 5k blocks.

After the 4th block I started to add in some brief walking at the beginning of the recovery.  I needed to catch my breath and also making sure I brought the heart rate down.  I was generally going for 30 seconds out of the 90 second recoveries.

Getting through 6 blocks I was very close to calling it quits, hot, lack of breathing and energy were all getting to me, but I kept it going and dug as deep as I could to keep going and to my surprise I managed to finish them all.

The warm down was a mix of walk and trot.  I could have kept on running but wanted to cool down as quickly as possible and not over stress things.

The good news was that the ankle felt fine and when I finished I got advised by my Garmin of a new running V02 max of 55!  An increase from 54.  I certainly did not feel like it was good, but obviously the heart rate and things mean it was OK

Screenshot 2016-08-17 20.48.26Screenshot 2016-08-17 20.48.41


Day 4

AM: 20-30 minute easy spin on turbo

Are the legs coming back to me?  Although it was early and I was asleep this felt the most comfortable ride for a while.  I was not pushing it and doing it on the Classique route on Zwift London, so no hills, but was just wanting to turn the legs over.

I was being quite disciplined and just turning the legs but they felt like they had more in them.

Nothing to write home about in terms of power or anything, but nice to have a bit of feeling back in to the legs.

Screenshot 2016-08-21 16.38.00


Fartlek 6,6,4,4,2,2,30,30 – 

  • 2 x 6 minutes at threshold effort (a bit faster than HM pace) with 90 secs jogged between each
  • 2 x 4 minutes at 5-10km pace w/ 90s jogged between each.
  • 2 x 2 minutes at 5km pace or a little faster w/ 60s berween each
  • 2 x 30 sec fast with 30s easy berween each.
  • Run easy for 2 minutes between the pairs.

As per the advice I skipped this session.  I was due to replace it with a 45-60 easy run but I did not manage to do it.  There is some stuff going on at work that might mean looking for a new contract and the head was not in the place.

Day 5

Easy 45-60 minutes

To make up for not doing the easy run replacement last night I headed out early for an easy one.  Planning on about 30 minutes rather than the 45-60, but I wanted to get out and see how I was feeling.

The calves were tight but not not too bad and the pace was OK while still staying in Zone 2 on average.  I was definitely not awake and a bit lacking in energy, but that was not due to to training more on the personal front.

I will try and do the core session tonight or Saturday morning as that will not make much impact ahead of the long run on Sunday.

Definitely feeling flat today in all aspects, but hopefully I will resolve the personal challenges soon and get back in to things.  Can not believe only 4 weeks to Copenhagen, feels like I am a long way off where I need to be, but hopefully the next few weeks will resolve that.

Screenshot 2016-08-19 07.33.23Screenshot 2016-08-19 07.33.40

60 minutes with 10 x 3 minutes pushing wattage. First 5 from 60s spin, last 5 from 45s spin

As per the avdice to rest for a couple of days I did not do this session.

Day 7

1 hour 40 minutes with 3 x 12 minutes @ HMP from 3 minute recovery in final 60 minutes

Rest is obviously good for me!  The preparations for a long run were not good with a very poor nights sleep and potentially a few too many liquid carbs the night before, but heading out it was a good time for running.  No rain, not too breezy, overcast and about the right temperature.

As this was a long run it was going to involve quite a few hills and the first part of the run was mainly uphill so always tricky to keep the HR down, but it was pretty close to zone 2 with an overall average of 133 and I was feeling pretty comfortable.

Hitting the first of the 12 minute blocks on a flatter section, with more downhill I was able to stretch the legs a bit and feeling really comfy I did a 4:53 pace, which was 5:11 grade adjusted, so a bit slower than my target of 5:00 minutes (watch set at 4:55 to 5:10 pace).  I felt good though.

After the first of the recover sections it was off again on what was a tricky section with a steep downhill, a steep uphill and then a stretch of gradual climbing on a forest track.  The pace again was feeling comfy at 5:14, but adjusted to 5:00, so pretty much spot on what I wanted.

After the next recovery it was off for the final block.  Again in the forest and mainly uphill again, so really pleased with 5:06 pace and adjusted to 4:53.  I was starting to tie up a bit with 4 minutes to go, but only because I was working hard up hill.

The final 15 minutes were meant to be recovery, but I know I was running to quickly, but mainly downhill, but the legs were feeling really good considering.

I was very tempted to add on the extra mile and a half to get to a half distance but I stayed disciplined and stopped at the 1:40 mark.  I was however running quickly and strongly at the end.  I could have easily got through the half distance in around 1:53 to 1:54 which would have been quicker than my time in Copenhagen last year, with a lot more climbing!

I was really not sure I would be ready for Copenhagen in 4 weeks time, but this has definitely helped.  Still not where I would like to be and I know I will need to stay disciplined in terms of pacing for it, but if this is anything to go by I should feel strong towards the end.

Other good news is that the ankle did not suffer!

Screenshot 2016-08-21 13.43.40Screenshot 2016-08-21 13.43.53

Optional bike 45-60 minute easy

After a brief break, but not long, I jumped on the turbo.  I was going to hit the road, but the bike was all set up and I was not sure where the weather would do.

The start on Zwift was nice and gentle then it was up the reverse side of the mountain.  I was just focused on keeping a nice tempo going and was pleased with the power outputs.  Ii was feeling like the legs were coming back to me.

I just kept a really good tempo going, high cadence and taping it out, both on the uphill and downhill, keeping the power around the 180 to 200 mark.  I had a nice easy section at about 50 minutes and overall I had an average power of 169 and normalised of 185, which was well within my capabilities today.  I was also averaging my heart rate in zone 2, so pleased again.

The route that Zwift took me on got me to the sprint point just a fraction under the 1 hour mark and it was too tempting not to have a go.  I just fancied going for it and did it in my second quickest time, which after the run and the recent performance I am delighted with.  The average power for the 28s of the sprint was 456.  Not amazing, but pleasing.

As soon as I did that though I eased back and did a very gentle roll out before stopping and stretching.

Overall a pretty pleasing day.

Screenshot 2016-08-21 16.40.25

The Current Week

After a frustrating start to the week it has finished on a positive note.  Rest has been good!

Screenshot 2016-08-21 13.49.55

8 Week Rolling Summary

Screenshot 2016-08-21 13.50.11Screenshot 2016-08-21 13.50.22

Monthly Summary – 2016

Screenshot 2016-08-21 13.50.48

Monthly Summary – Annual Rolling

Screenshot 2016-08-21 13.51.02

Day t0 Day Summary – 2016

Screenshot 2016-08-21 13.51.11

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