Coaching – Week 41

Absolutely no running, Plantar fasciitis!  All focus on Cycling and Silvertsone 25 mile TT next weekend…

Day 1

Progressive Intervals – 60-70 minutes – 2 x 10 minutes low cadence threshold efforts….3-5 minute easy spin between and after.  Then add 5,4,3,2,1 from 2 minutes easy spin recovery…pushing wastage up each block.

For some reason the legs felt horrible today after the ride yesterday, which was not that tough in the scheme of things.

I set this ride up as a workout in Zwift with a 10 minute warm up and cool down and the recovery elements targeted at 170w. The first 2 blocks of threshold were set at 235w then the progressive ones were at 240, 255, 270, 285 and finally 300.

Sadly due to complete brain fade I forgot to do the threshold blocks at low cadence. I was so focused on riding to the numbers everything else went out of my head.

The positive news is that I was pretty much spot on with the target power with both of the 10 minute blocks at 237w on average, even with the recovery blocks bang on target.

The first 5 minute increased power was at 242, the second at 257 and the third at 267. All within 3w of the targets. I was very focused on keeping to the target. The problem came on the 4th one where I blew up a bit and had to back off, but I still averaged 248w. The final minute block was with a bit of frustration and I just pushed on and averaged 331. I had lost the control I had but pleased I could regroup and do one final hard push.

The legs definitely do not feel great today, but good to have been able to complete it

Day 2

45-60 minute easy spin

Back on Zwift for the recovery spin I set it up to do the London 8 course, which would be flat and Box Hill, so good variety. I was aiming to be around 2.5w per kg on average, which would be around the 170 mark.

When thinking about it a few months back that would have been impressive, but now I want to be able to do that with my eyes closed.

I set off fairly steady and gradually built up the speed to nearer the 200w. I was not chasing things though, just going with what was comfy.

With the Box Hill element the power was up and averaged 218. It was actually a PB for the segment on it, but I was probably only at about 80% effort.

Continuing round got me back to the mall for the second sprint. The first time I just pedaled through (even though it turned out to be my 3rd quickest time), but for the second one I knew I was nearing the end of the ride so thought I would have one hard push for the sprint.

I built up the speed and went for it. Just over 17 seconds and 5th out of the 66 on the course at the time. The big difference was that I was still able to produce good power through the whole sprint and averaged 476w.


I followed this off with a period of cool down before finishing.

Looking at the stats amazingly I hit 2.5w per kg, exactly and 172w overall.


Day 3

Easy recovery swim – 30-40 minutes

Sadly I had to cut the swim a bit short. The pool was very busy and I could not get in when I got there so I had a steam and Jacuzzi before heading in to the pool.

A nice steady swim, doing my back stroke. Not sure I will ever be able to do a quick swim, but it definitely helps the legs to loosen off

Zwift Race

After a bit of consideration, I switched the race I was going to do. The one in the evening was a bit late and the one I was going to do perhaps a fraction long so I switched to one slightly earlier in the day.

The one I opted for was 6 laps of the Richmond flat course. The flat routes on Zwift are a little more challenging for me, in terms of racing, as Zwfit takes in to account your weight. I get the advantage on the hills, where as the bigger power riders get it in the flat.

Anyway, I was signed up in the B category, my first time doing it. This requires an average w/kg over 3.2, which I have done a couple of times. Hopefully it is signs of progression. The challenge being I will always be towards the back of these as I am at the low end, but the top riders go to 4 w/kg.

I made sure I set off with the aim of keeping up with the tail of the A cat and top of the B but they go so hard at the start it is not easy. I tried but failed. I dropped off the back of them and tried to stay with another couple of riders that came past, but again I could not sustain it. Having said that for the first section where people are going flat out I was riding at 3.96 w/kg at an average of 274w. This was for the first 2:30 of the race and then I settled.

The problem then was that I was in between groups. Do I try and chase on to catch up or ease back? I tried to keep the gap to the guys in front but without a draft I finally gave up and waited for people behind to catch up.

Eventually 4 of us grouped up, 2 other B’s and an A. This was good and I shared the work with the A rider as much as I could but eventually he proved too strong for us and he went away.

The 3 of us remained together and from that point on I went in to race mode as I was at my peak. I spent more time letting the other 2 ride on the front and get some more recovery time.

The good thing was that as we went in to the last 2 laps we had over a minute on a group of 5 behind us, but they had been chipping away at the gap.

I was at the limit of my reserves as the 3 of us pushed on but the gap was closing, down to 30 seconds for the final lap. We lifted the pace as much as possible but as the final km arrived the pace rose and I had nothing left to give. The gap was now down to about 10 seconds and with a final push I managed to fend off the chasers by 1 second! They had really closed the gap very quickly.

What I can say about this is that I survived and did not disgrace myself in the higher category, but I was at my limit.

Doing the full race analysis, start line to the finish, the average power was 229, normalised to 232 and a w/kg of 3.31. Pretty pleased with those stats. Just need to be able to sustain the pace form the first half, which was AP 238, NP 241 and w/kg of 3.44. That will come. Final results of the race are delayed, but will see how they look


Day 4

90 minute easy mid week ride, road

I headed out early in the morning to get the ride over and done with. It mainly followed a route I have done a few times and knew it was reasonably flat.

Nothing too exciting to report other than that I was amazed at how low the heart rate was. I was focused on keeping things steady and consistent, until the last part where there is a good downhill so went for it and topped out at 41.2 mph. Not bad as it is a fairly short downhill.

The power of 175 was fine and a pretty comfy ride


Day 6

8/6/4/8/6/4/8/6/4 + 10 x 1 min / 1 min – Big session today.  3 sets of 8 min / 6 min / 4 min.  All these efforts need to be between 80% MHR for the 8 min blocks up to 85% MHR for the 4 min blocks.  3 minutes easy spin between each effort and between sets.  When finished spin for 5 minutes before adding 10 x 1 minute hard (big gear), 1 minute spin.

Ouch, that was tough! The legs felt tired before I started but with everything set up it was time for the off. I had everything set up on Zwift and on the Garmin, but I was focused purely on the heart rate. I duplicated the workout in Zwift so that I could use it as a traditional trainer.

The settings were as follows (the Zwfit power ones were just a guide):

• 8 mins – 140 to 145 hr (80% is 143) – 225w
• 6 mins – 145 to 150 hr (83% is 148) – 235w
• 4 mins – 150 to 155 hr (85% is 152) – 250w
• 1 min – No set HR but hoped for over 300w

With the warm up in Zwift it is a gradual progression which helps build things up and did help get the legs going.

The start of the first 8 minute block took quite some time to get the heart rate up but after a couple of minutes I got it there and was able to keep it in the correct zone but the average was 137, but I did average 235w for it.

Moving in the first 6 minute one I still took some time getting the heart rate up but it was not so bad.

I will say that this was really hard getting through the 3 sets of these blocks, especially the last one, but I managed to do it. The power was down the further I progressed, but the heart rate was up. The recovery was not too bad though. The key stats are:

• 8 mins – HR’s = 137, 141, 141 – Power = 235, 220, 221
• 6 mins – HR’s = 142, 144, 144 – Power = 244, 235, 238
• 4 mins – HR’s = 146, 149, 146 – Power = 262, 255, 250

Although all of the average HR were below the targets this was due to the time to get them up to the zones. I am pleased with those and that fact that I averaged at or above the expected wattage.

By this time though I was shattered but had the 10 hard blocks to do.

For these all I could do was to get it in to the highest gear I could and do it hard. For just about all of them I had to drop down a gear or 2 and could not sustain the hard efforts for the full minute. I would say between 40 and 45 seconds before I had to back off. The good thing was that I did manage to average just over 300 for these blocks, which on very tired legs was not too bad.

To put this in to context, this was 1:04 of threshold or above work with lots or recovery. IT was also 4 bottles of water required on the bike, it was very sweaty!


Day 7

1 hour 45 minute – 2 hour easy road bike

All I can say is I am glad I stretched after the session yesterday. The legs did not feel too bad, tired but not as bad as I thought.

I set off with no plan, other than to do a couple of hours and fairly steady. I set up the Garmin with the map and was not really monitoring anything other than time and how far I had gone.

Getting through a couple of hours was good and when I look at some of the power outputs I am pleased with them, especially the 20 minute power at 215 as I was not chasing hard, so not sure how I managed that.

A couple of wrongs turns and head wind on the way home meant that I was quite slow coming back and was easing back to make sure that I did not push too much.


The Current Week

A week that has been incredibly frustrating on my feet, as in lack of ability to be on them, but a pleasing one in the saddle.


8 Week Rolling Summary


Annual Summary – Current Year


Annual Summary – Rolling


Day to Day – Current Year


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