Coaching – Week 42

It is all about cycling, training and focusing on events next year, including some racing and a first ever Time Trial…

Due to an issue with Garmin I can not currently produce my normal graphs

Day 1

Recovery: 6 x 300m – If you have the chance to swim today could be good this week. 6 sets of 300m at an easy / steady effort from 30s recovery

I did not get the chance/have the energy to go for a swim today

Day 2

ZTR – Tuesday Night Worlds (TNW) – London Classique * 8 – 48km

I am not doing very well with the Tuesday night races. The first one I had a tech glitch which meant I lost the group and basically had to ride solo, this time I was just about ready to start, was logged in and on the course but for some reason Zwift did not take me to the starting pen so I was not officially part of the race. Also, what ever the tech glitch was meant I could not identify which riders were in the race, so basically riding blind.

Where I started was not far from the starting pen so I light pedaled until what appeared to be the leaders caught me up and went flying past. Eventually I got up to speed and was with a group of what I thought were similar level B riders, turns out I was about right.

This was going to be my first big race in B cat so I was disappointed with the tech problems and mentally I was all over the place. One of the problems with being a bit later home than I wanted had meant a rush in setting up, so that may have been one of the problems.

I was able to stay with the group I was with, but it was difficult to judge the effort when not really know which of them I was racing against, but I was quite happy going along with the group and staying with them, taking my turn at the front and pushing on when needed.

The group was about 15 strong so it was going well, but the race was a long one at 48km.

I was mentally struggling, not so much physically, but with the mental battle of not knowing what was going on around me I made a conscious decision to ease off with just over a lap to go. Bearing in mind this was over an hour in to the race I knew I had done a good long work out.

I cruised round the last 7km, with the exception of the last km where I lifted the tempo to effectively time trial to the line. I was on my own by this point so was going to be a good test to compare against times within a group and solo.

When I had finished I checked out the stats for the final KM and there were remarkable numbers. Taking it the one where I had just cruised and the first one where I was starting to get up to speed in the group the first 2 were 1:23, the next 4 1:22 and the solo lap was 1:22. What I can say is that the solo effort was a lot harder than in the group, but I am very pleased with the consistency of them.

Despite not officially being in the race my stats were recorded. After I dropped off the group (which I could have stayed with but wanted to save the legs a bit for the TT) I lost about 1:30 in the 7km. I actually still came 22nd from 27 in the B cat, which considering is not bad. If I had stayed with the group it would have been nearer 12th. All in all not too bad considering, especially as that was cat B, which is a step up from where I was.


Day 3

40-50 min easy spin out recovery – All relaxed, steady riding, HR around 130ish cadence 90-100

Given that I could not fit this ride in tonight I did it first thing in the morning. Jumped on the trainer at 5:30 and set off on a couple of laps of the flat watopia course.

Although the desire would have been to get the HR up to nearer 130 this was not going to happen first thing when still half a sleep. I did manage a good spin out though where I gradually built up the tempo across the 40 minutes.

Nothing spectacular, but a good spin out with the occasional little push just to spin the legs a bit more.

Given the effort the previous night the legs felt pretty good

Screenshot 2016-10-08 11.04.01.png

Day 4

4/2/5/2/6/2 + 5 x 30s – Lightish fartlek type session today.  Warm up + 4 minutes threshold, 2 mins easy, 2 mins hard, 1 min easy, 5 mins threshold, 2 mins easy, 2 mins hard, 6 mins threshold, 1 min easy, 2 min hard 5 x 30 secs big gear out of saddle, 30s spin

After a day of basically not doing a great deal (working from home so mainly sitting) the legs felt a bit dead before the ride.

Jumping in the bike I was ready for the off with a nice progressive 10 minute warm up before heading in to the intervals.

I was trying to get the power and the heart rate in to the correct zones and had set Zwift at the following power zones as targets:

• Threshold – 235
• Hard – 290
• Big Gear – 400 (optimistic but wanted at least 350)

Doing the first threshold block of 4 minutes I was able to get the heart rate in to the zone, even though the average was 135 it took time to get it in to the zone. Really pleased with the power of 245.

After 2 minutes of recovery it was the first hard block and I was amazed to be comfortably over 300w for 2 minutes averaging 314 and hr of 145.

After a short recovery it was back to threshold and again amazing power at 253 and good heart rate at 146 on average, much easier by now for it to get in to the zone.

Getting back to a hard zone I was trying not to get so high in the power as I knew that a threshold effort was coming immediately after, but pleased to be on target at 291w and 148hr.

The next 6 minutes of threshold took some time for me to settle in to as the legs needed to calm down a bit after the hard effort, but getting another good average of 244, but the hr was higher at 155.

One final hard effort of 2 minutes was the first one I really struggled in, but I still did 293w and 153 hr. I even had a little ease off part way through it.

The next blocks of hard out of the saddle was going to be the challenge. I am not really an out of the saddle rider, but did try to be out of it for as long as I could. When back in the saddle though I was pushing really hard.

The third of the 5 was where I blew up and had to ease back and I was really suffering gasping for breath and about as close to need a bucket as I have been. However, I managed to pick up again for the last 2 blocks, which I am really pleased with. This is the key data for those blocks, ave watts, ave & max heart rate:

1. 446 w – 146 hr – max 165
2. 350 w – 160 hr – max 164
3. 296 w – 158 hr – max 161
4. 348 w – 155 hr – max 161
5. 353 w – 156 hr – max 160

Pleased with an average across those blocks of 358 w.

When looking at my average powers over the ride most of them were in the top 5 across a variety of times, apart from the 2 minute power which was 15w more than my previous best.

This is all really pleasing and a 20 minute average of 245 is really good given the type of the ride. Next up is to target over 250w

The other notable stat is that at the end of the 30 second blocks the overall intensity factor was a fraction over 1, which I am taking as a good thing.

This has definitely helped with the confidence ahead of the time trial on Sunday


Day 6

40 minutes all super easy road bike (check bike) or turbo

As the weather was not ideal I opted to do the session on Zwift. I did not want to take any chances on damp roads.

I joined up with a group ride so that I could just keep a steady pace at quiet a low tempo, also riding virtually with a friend of mine.  I kep the discipline for this ride and although they all picked it up for the last 5km I basically just kept a nice steady tempo going.


Day 7

Silverstone 25 Mile TT

So this was a first, my first ever TT and the full details will be available on a separate post.  Very enjoyable in a mad sort of way!


The Current Week

A great end to the week with the TT.


8 Week Rolling Summary


Annual Summary – Current Year


Annual Summary – Rolling


Day to Day – Current Year



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