Coaching – Week 44

A frustrating week with not feeling great, but finished off with my first individual World Championships…

Day 2

40 minute recovery elliptical

Cant promise this will be interesting Chris. Keep the HR pretty low throughout and stretch well after.

Due to not feeling great this was cancelled and extra rest taken.

Day 3

45 minute ride with 10 x 1 minute bursts

Taking the advice I had rested on Tuesday and just did an easy roll out and did not do the bursts. I was just doing the flat course on Zwift so not major efforts for climbing or anything.

I was just focused on pushing through on this ride, but I also spent some time trying to get in to a proper TT position to see how it feels and how long I could sustain it. Not bad as I was just able to hold a higher gear than normal on the rolling terrain.

Quite pleased with the fact that I did a couple of 10 minute blocks in the TT position.

The stats from the ride are pretty poor, but it was quite pleasing to do with no pressure from a workout or race.


Day 4

4 x 5 miles (5 min spin) on Turbo – Aim for blocks 2 and 4 at low cadence 70-80 big gear efforts all from 5 min spin recovery.  Threshold effort for each.

Moved from Tuesday to Thursday to replace an elliptical session

Having been under the weather for the last couple of days the energy levels were not great, but this was the delayed workout from Tuesday.

I had to set up the workout in Zwift a little different to the 4* 5 miles. Zwift does not give an option for mileage just duration so I worked out that if I did 15 minute blocks it would be roughly the right amount of work, but maybe slightly more.

The Zwift workout mode takes out the impact of the slopes, but still factors in the speed and therefore the correct distance.

Having done the warm up I knew the body was not really feeling good but I set off for the 15 minutes, but was conscious not too push too hard. If I had then I would definitely have failed pretty quickly.

The first lap was really tough and I managed 225w compared to and FTP of 238, with a heart rate of 139. I was very pleased to get to the end and spin things up a bit.

The next block was in the big ring and I tried to keep the gear ratio at 53:15, but had to back out of that a bit towards the end. The power was good though at an average of 237 and heart rate of 146, so pretty much in the right spot, especially with a cadence of 78.

The problem was though that was pretty much all the energy I could give. After the next 5 minute spin it was decision time, stop or carry on. I had spent most of the day trying to be focused on a number of activities so I decided to keep going. However, I was not going to be anywhere near the power outputs. Another reason to carry on was because I had accepted a challenge to enter a competition, which meant I wanted to get to 40km (after going up the mountain at the start the kmh was down on what it could have been).

So I survived the block, but had seriously flagged and manged on 208w and 141 heart rate.

I was very tempted to stop at this point but did the spin out and decided to at least try and get through the final 15 minute block and do it at lower cadence. The power was going to be lower as I was totally out of energy but at least I got through to the end. This 15 minute block seemed to go on forever though! Pretty much rubbish in terms of power at 188w and I had dropped the heat rate right down to 122, but at least the cadence was good at 75. I did keep trying to raise the effort but there was nothing there.

Taking the positive from this I found the will to complete it, even if there is nothing to shout about in any other aspect. There should be no reason I can not average about 240w for the threshold blocks, but the cold has obviously taken it out of me.


Day 6

30 minute recovery swim

Sadly time did not really allow me to do this session

Day 7

Tacx World Championships on Zwift

There is a full write up on this torture (sorry event) can be found on a separate post for the World Championships


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