Coaching – Week 46

A bit of an up and down week, but overall pretty pleasing with some of the results, even if the lungs let me down…

Day 1

Elliptical: 45 mins w/ 6/5/4/3/2/1 (45s) – 6 min effort at about 80% MHR, push the effort up each block form there from 45s easy recovery.

Time constraints and various otehr things going on meant I could not get up to the gym to do this

Day 2

Turbo: 8 mins + 6 x 4 mins – Slightly different to last week but still working VO2 max area. Not too stressed about cadence here or even really power output, more interested in HR being 85 up to 95% MHR.  10 mins easy warm up, ride 8 mins at 80-85% MHR, spin easy for 3-5 mins then 6 sets of 4 minutes made up from 3 minutes pushing hard around 90% MHR with final minute blast, spin easy for 3 mins between the 6 sets.

Done, but the balst disappeared!  The legs definitely did not have it in them to blast all of the sets.  I was a bit short on getting the heart rate up in the 3 minute blocks, but the 8 miniute block at the start was fine at 80%.

It is a case of a blow up at the end though.  Still trying to stick to the discpline of doing the set, but the last couple of reps were really tough

screenshot-2016-11-10-14-26-39screenshot-2016-11-10-14-16-49Screenshot 2016-11-10 15.13.37.png

Day 3

Recovery Swim

Pool closed due to spike in chlorine, will swim on Friday

Day 5

Hills: 10 x 90s (60-30) – Warm up well.  I want 10 sets of 90s efforts.  First 60 to be climbing, final 30 to be sustained effort on flat off the top (I think you have a route that works for this). Slow, easy recovery between each. All in saddle work today. 

Moved to Friday from Thursday originally, but then to Weds if the legs can do it.  Change of plans so back to the original day, but I finally got to do the hill repeats on Friday monrning after not having it in me to do them on the Thursday.

The legs were feeling fine and I was tackling a bigger hill than last time, the climbing part averaged 7%. This is basically a short and sharp climb that I have ridden a lot.

The first repeat was short on the climb as I went up it faster than I expected, but the next 4 were OK. However, I could only manage 5 of the 10 though.  Not so much the legs as I could have pushed them to do the rest, more the lungs and general lack of energy.  Obviously not from over training this week, but more the mind.  I was gasping a bit for breath though at the top on the 5th one and I decided to just do a ride back home.  I will be trying Going to get the head back in to gear over the weekend.

The positives are that, without realising, I managed to produce my best 1 minute power output and also my best 30 second and 1 minute watts per kg. Considering that along with the training day last weekend, that is a new record in the last week for everything up to a minutes power.


Day 6

2 hours easy road bike – HR 70%. No big hills today

OK, so I have has had some sessions with very little sleep, but last night tops it. Hardly any sleep, breakfast at 4.30 am as I was up and headed out in to the dark.

A very peaceful start to the ride and I am very grateful for some amazing lights that adjust to the light conditions and speed.

Needless to say I was not feeling great for this ride, but I headed out without a major plan, other than to avoid hills.

It was actually really nice cycling in the silence and the dark. Riding ride some of the country roads was actually easier in the dark as you could be confident that no cars were around the corner so I could own the road.

I was actually pretty pleased to be zipping along quite comfortably at 28kmh, without pushing at all.

It was just nice to be out without worrying about what I needed to do, other than to extend the ride to 2 hours. All I had on the Garmin was the map and making sure I vaguely did not get lost, but it was nice going down different roads.

I have felt pretty rubbish most of the day, but that is due to the lack of sleep, 2 hours is not good for me! Need to sort that out somehow. I will get past the last day at work and then make a few changes to try and resolve the sleep problems.


Day 7

2 hours 30 mins with 3 x 15 min pushes (5) in final 60s mins – Aim to pick a route where you can get a decent block of about 15 mins relatively uninterrupted efforts in final 60s mins. HR pushes up to about 80% max but working off regular cadence.

That was a first for a few weeks, I completed the workout as required!

It is amazing what a bit of sleep can do. After breakfast I was ready to go. Not such a glorious morning, a bit on the foggy side, and definitely not as warm as expected.

After avoiding a few squirrels and pheasants with death wishes I survived the first 90 minutes without any trouble.

I planned to do the 3 sets of 15 around a loop so that I could try and measure the activity rather than do in different places. This did give a good variety of terrain and therefore riding requirements. Some good slopes, up and dwon. The one challenge is one stretch has never been a favourite. Not sure why, maybe the road surface which to me feels horrible to ride on, or the slight slope, who knows, but I do not like it.

Anyway, I could not have timed the arrival better. I got to where I wanted to start only about 5 seconds after the start of the blocks, so I was off. The heart rate was set at 141 to 146 (80% being 143). A narrow zone to keep in but I was focused solely on that. I was trying to keep the reading on 80% as much as I could.

All 3 blocks were spot on, on average. I tried to carry a bit of pace in to each of them so that I did not have to have spend time going hard to raise the heart rate.

The power and the cadence were just what they were. No focus on power and riding at normal cadence.

The route did mean 3 left turns, but I only got held up once. I went that way to minimise the chances of being held up.

The first block went well, but the 2 and third were a bit more painful.

Very pleased though to have done them all and not really struggled. Picking up the pace and effort after 90 minutes was good to be able to do.

Hopefully the first steps back towards re-focused training


The current week


4 Week Training Durations


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