Coaching – Week 47

This has certainly been a bit of a strange time with work and the focus not being on training…

Day 1

Recovery Swim (1500m)

Sadly I was not able to do this.  I had to stay in for a plumber to arrive, but he did not turn up!

Day 2

20 minute turbo – Limited time today so lets just get the legs going a bit. Warm up with 5 minutes easy and then hit 10 x 30s hard, 30s easy with 5 mins easy cool down.

That was a first, flat out efforts first thing in the morning before I had properly woken up.  They did not go too badly, but I did feel like I might need a bucket at one point!  Luckily that wore off and I got through the blocks with no other issues, before heading off for my last day of work


Day 4

75 minute easy road bike – Relaxed, easy spin out ride

After the last few days finishing at work and travelling I was not feeling at all good and was very close not to going out. I did in the end though and was pretty pleased with this. There were a few frustrations that I worked out of the system and even got a few pb’s on segments.

I still did not feel great when I got off the bike


Day 5

40 minute easy bike but with 30s efforts every 4 minutes – Turbo is fine for this – easy spin but add 30s out of saddle hard efforts over 4 minutes.

The option was taken to do this on the turbo. I had it set up so that I would do a 5 minute warm up, 3.5 minutes easy, around 180 watts, and then 30 seconds hard. These were set up to repeat 10 times before a 5 minute warm down.

I was feeling considerably better than the day before, a good nights sleep helped.

I did the warm up and followed that up with a nice good steady 3.5 minutes before hitting the first block hard. Out of the saddle I gave every block as much as I could with the hope of sustaining it. For once I managed most of them. There were a couple where I made a cock up on the gears, just catching the lever and knocking it down which meant I lost the rhythm, but not too bad overall.

I was at the max power I have put out on Zwift for all points from 1 second to 15 seconds, 2nd best for 20 & 30 and still 5th best at 1 minute (best w/kg for everything up to 20 seconds, 2nd best at 30 and 4th at 1 minute), getting up to 755 in my second one. I could not quite sustain the power that I had from the early ones, but my lowest average was 394.

Those bests are not up to what I did on the race training day, but all points up to 30 second power were in my top 5 outputs, with 3 of them being 2nd.

I was probably putting in too much effort on those blocks as I was hitting them as hard as I could. Getting in to a big gear just before the time started and turning them over as hard as possible. The legs felt it at the end!


30-40 minute easy elliptical

Due to the interview timing I could not fit this in as I wanted to ensure I got the ride done as well

Day 6

Road Hills: 2 x (6 x 120s) – Stay in the saddle for these Chris and work on a good racing cadence. Complete 5 sets of around 2 minutes of climbing (if hill will stretch to that…if not add the extra on flat at the top but pick up pace). Easy spin back recovery.  Take an extra 3-4 minutes recovery between the two sets.

I got confused with this.  I had it in my mind that it was 5*2 minutes and it does not take much to confuse me, especially when cold!  I had misjudged the weather a bit and the gloves were not thick enough.

I managed to get 7 of the hill repeats done before I had to bail out and head to home.  However, I was trying to still make the most of it and did 2 more hard block pushes on the flat.  My goal by now though was to get home in to the warm!

I used the same hill s last time but extended it.  This gives an 8% plus ramp at the starter, a false flat of 3% and then ramps up again to over 10%, with an overall average of over 6%  It is a tough hill and one I have done lots of times.  I was pleased to see 6 of my 7 attempts to be at the top of my PB’s.

I was very pleased to get home for a cuppa!


Day 7

2.5-3 hour easy road bike – keep HR controlled throughout

Back to the bad nights sleep. Oh well, 2 nights good was a better run than normal!

I was really not feeling it this morning and it was bitterly cold. I was very close to setting up on the turbo but I knew if I did that I would stop off the bike a long way short of what I needed to do.

Heading out in glorious bright sunshine, but under 2c and a bitter wind, so I was well wrapped up, but still go cold.

The original intention would have been to try and do 80km, but the legs were heavy from the last couple of days and I was also trying out a new saddle, so was not sure I would go the whole way. The reason for the new saddle was that it slipped again yesterday and it looks like it was the pin that holds it in place that was not able to tighten properly.

So, doing what was needed, easy ride and heart rate under control, but it was a slow start. A lot to do with me but also traffic and pedestrians, but when I got out of Horsham I was able start to get in to a rhythm.

After an hour I had basically lost the feeling in my fingers and made a decision that I would get to 75 minutes and then set the Garmin to navigate home. That would still give a ride over 2 hours and 50 plus km.

I was keeping the heart rate under control, but it did go up a bit in my attempts to get home.

Considering how cold I was I am pretty pleased to have done 58km, but the legs do feel tired. I think it will take a few rides to adjust to the geometry of the new saddle


The Current Week


4 Week Training Durations




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