Coaching – Week 50

The first week at work, head spinning and lacking time meant it was tricky to fit all the training in…

Day 1

Easy Recovery Swim

A nice easy relaxing swim.  I managed to sneak this in before starting the new job.  I had limited time so it was 20 minutes rather than 30


Optional 30 min elliptical

Day 1 in the new job and I had to do a lot of things when I got home

Day 2

10 mins + 3 x 4 mins + 5 x 1 mins + 10 mins – 10 minutes FTP, 3 min easy spin, 3 x 4 minutes hard, high lower, low cadence from 75s spin recovery, 3 min easy spin, 5 x 1 minute hard, out of saddle, from 60s easy spin, 3 min spin, 10 mins FTP

Given that I was at a hotel and the bike is not good this was not an option for me.  Also, with it being the second day in the new job I was shattered and finished late.  The best option was rest

Day 3

As I was up and awake I put in a nice easy 20 minute row to kick off the day


45 minute easy spin

Given that I was at a hotel and their bike is not good (also it was being used), I had replaced this with an elliptical session of 3 * 5 minute threshold.

I can tell that I have not been doing many sessions like this.  I managed to get the heart rate up to around the 150 mark but there was a lack of energy generally.


Day 4

15 mins sustained + 15 x 90s climbs – Easy slow spin back after each climb. Put in the effort Chris, out of saddle if needed to keep HR high.

Absolutely shattered and late home so no chance to do this.  Even if I had been home on time I am not sure I would have had the energy to do this.

I had managed to do a nice short easy recovery swim in the morning.  Just 12 minutes, but nice and refreshing first thing


Day 6

75 minutes with 3 x 15 mins thresholds (5 min spin)

This was the end of my first week in the new job and I had started to come down with a cold. New office, new people, new germs! Anyway, I was debating whether to attempt this or just roll out an easy ride. The sore throat was not great but I dosed up and decided to get through the warm up and see how I felt.

With the 10 minute warm up done I had to give it a go. The aim was to be as consistent as possible across the 3 threshold blocks. I was hoping to be between 225 & 235w, which would be a fraction under my FTP. I wanted to ensure that I could survive and blow up.

The first one went really well, which surprised me! I did it at an average of 236w, with an average HR of 139 and max of 148. The heart rate would be under my cycling threshold, but I wanted to try and be able to get to the end so I was happy with that.

After the 5 minute spin I was off again. Again, this was not too bad, although the last few minutes were tough. Amazingly I averaged 236w again, but the average HR was up at 144 and the max was 150. Still pleasing though.

So, there was nothing else I could do my best in the last threshold block. This one was definitely tougher and it was more a case of keep the head down and not look at the time. Riding solely by trying to keep the power as close as possible to 100% FTP. The big difference in this one was that the power was more variable (despite the stats not showing this, but they do show a decrease in effectiveness). This block was a fraction off in terms of power at 235w (but I would have taken that at the start, but the heart rate was showing the effort. The average was up to 149 and the max at 157.

This was all really pleasing though. No I did not feel good to start with or at the end, but the ride was about as good as I could have managed, well beyond expectations at the start. This though was off the back of a week of no cycling so the legs were well rested.


Day 7

3 hour easy ride, undulating route

This was replaced with a cat 4 training session

The second and final of my cat 4 training days. Again, I was not feeling great, but no worse than yesterday. The good news was that the legs felt fine.

For me this was about training and not trying to go fast. This does not mean that we were not going quickly, but I wanted to focus on the skills and the ability to ride in groups.

It was a good session and no issues at all, although my power meter died part way through (new batteries needed). This did mean that I will not have all of the data, but also I can not compare my power in the sprint drills at the end. That was a shame as it would have been interesting to do, especially as I was able to go for it in the biggest gear. Yes it took 50m to get it really turning, but when I did I was definitely moving.

Bearing in mind the sprint was only around 100m this was good and I am sure I would have been close to, if not better, than the best from last time.

Using the bigger gear meant I was slower passing the line, which was do slowly, but when up to speed I was going quickly and I think I had a few km an hour left in me when I had to slow down. The max this time was 47.4kmh, compared to 46.7 last time. Not much quicker, but it is still quicker and I think I was still accelerating when we finished, which looks the case from the analysis.

Next up will be some racing, but some training needed on sprinting as I will need to be over 50kmh to stand a chance


The Current Week


Health Data


4 Week Training Durations




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