Coaching – Week 51

A shocking week, full of cold and very long hours at work, hardly any training done ūüė¶ ¬†Time to re-focus

Day 1

Strength & Conditioning –¬†3 sets of 15-20 squats with dumbells in each hand,¬†3 sets of 12 – weight hip thrusts,¬†3 sets of bridges with leg extensions, 20 reps

First thing in the morning making use of the gym before the rest of the hotel wakes up.  I started to low on the weights, but then went up to 2 5kg weights.  Not heavy but as this was the first of these sessions I wanted to start low so I can build up rather than putting the legs under too much strain

20 minute recovery swim

This was due to be before the strenght session, but for practical reasons I did this after.  It was nice and easy and I actually felt pretty good doing this.


Day 2

Elliptical: 5 x 4 mins + 1/2/3/2/1 –¬†Warm up, add 5 sets of 4 minutes effort needs to feel like threshold, from 60s rest recovery –¬†Add 2 minutes easy before completing –¬†1/2/3/2/1 hard from 30s recovery.

Stupidly late leaving work and full of cold so no training tonight

Day 3

Nice and easy, if you get back too late then a steadier, shorter effort on turbo would work OK

Still full of cold and another late finish

Day 4

Zwift Race – up to 75 minutes

Still full of cold and doing a session on the turbo without being able to breath was a definitely no.  Definitely ill as I do like to do the Zwift races if I can

Day 6

Big session today –¬†Turbo works well for this, 3 sets of 20 minutes with HR just sub threshold. Aim for consistent power output throughout the 20 minute blocks all of 5 min easy spin recovery.

Sadly there was no way that I would be able to do this session, the cold lingering on and feeling really under the weather.

I just wanted to get on the bike and ensure that the set up I have still works even though power meters are in for repair, which luckily it did. Also, just testing to see if by any chance the body had it in me to do the session, the answer was simple, no

Day 7

3 hours road biking with 2 minute surges at the end of every 15 minutes, no matter what terrain.

The cold was still there, but a marginal improvement so I made sure I got out to at least do some of this ride.

It was bitterly cold, sub zero, but I was wrapped up warm.

I did manage to break another sensor though so as well as no power stats the cadence ones are missing as well. This also lead to a short measurement in terms of distance, loosing about 4km.

The plan was to ride on a very large loop, not far from home. This was so that when I knew I could do no more I could easily get home.

I managed to get through to 90 minutes, which was 6 blocks of 13 minutes plus 2 minutes hard push to make up the 15.

The route I was on meant that I would get a variety of terrain. The pushes were on steep and then steady climb, false flats and false downs. I made sure that I got the heart rate up to 150 plus on all of them.

When I got to 6 I knew that I had no more in and had already decided to head home. This was a good decision, it allowed me to thaw out, but also go and get a massage.

This turned out to be the right thing do as I was shattered and the legs can tell that I have had a week with very little training


The Current Week


Health Data


4 Week Rolling Durations




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