Coaching – Week 52

Southern strikes mean hotels, which means no weekday bike, but replaced with lots of cross training…

Day 1

Recovery elliptical 40-50 mins easy

The moment you walk in to the reception of your hotel and happen to randomly bump in to your coach you know that you have no excuses for not hitting the gym.

Not that I was looking for one for this session, but it was good to see him and the discussions helped with the motivation and started to get a bit of the focus back.

Nothing major to report from the session other than it was a little shorted than planned as I needed to get out, but it was good to get the 4km done


Day 3

60 minutes with 4 x 8 minutes (2) – Warm up well and complete 3 sets of 8 minutes around threshold effort from 2 minutes easy – Don’t be tempted to push harder

After managing to get out of work at a reasonable time and a brisk 35 minute walk I changed and headed straight down to the gym.

Following the 5 minute warm up it was time for the first of the intervals. I planned to try and keep the resistance on the elliptical at the same level throughout all 4 of the intervals, level 15. I managed to do this and for all of them I was able to get the heart rate to the low end of threshold heart rate (over 150).

I managed to keep the effort levels pretty constant with only minimal changes once I had got in to the zone.

The final 8 minute block was quite tough to keep going, but I made it through without any major dramas.

I finished off with a 5 minute warm down


Day 4

45 minutes as 3/3 – on the elliptical – 3 minutes easy, 3 minutes harder than threshold continuously, no rest

I was orginally going to try and do this session in the evening, but due to a a work function I had to do it in the morning.  Backing up after the session the night before it was tough, but I was surpised how well I reacted to the session.  Yes, it was tough, hot and sweaty, but it was all OK, getting the heart rate up to 165 as a maximum


Day 5

30 minute easy swim

Although I did not have time to do the full swim duration I really enjoyed this.  The body felt good and the pace was about as good as I have done.  Much quicker pace than recent swims.  It did feel a bit of an effort, but all good and controlled


Day 6

3 x 10 mins + 15 x 75-90s hills – Warm up well before riding 3 x 10 minutes sustained for in a big gear, lower cadence (70 ish) from 5 min easy spin recovery – When compete recovery for 5 minutes before taking 15 sets of 75-90s hard climbs with a very easy spin back down recovery

At 11:30am I was really thinking that I was not going to even start this ride, let alone finish it. Absolutely shattered from a busy week at work and hotel living. Also some last minute problems with the bike trying to sort out the cadence sensor (which I failed to do), but I got on the bike.

The weather was best described as dank and the roads wet. Luckily it was not cold so it was not all bad.

Trying to do this session without the power meter or cadence sensor was going to be a challenge, but I was going to give it a go.

15 minutes of warming up got me to the start of the first 10 minute blocks, exactly where I wanted it to be, at the start of a climb that leads in to a long drag. I was trying to keep the cadence in the right sort of zone. The terrain was mainly up so it was not too tricky. This got me up to an average HR of 143.

The second block was on more undulating terrain and on the downs I was in the max gear trying to push hard through the pedals. At times I would have had a cadence too high or to low, but I was trying to keep at it and the average HR was in the same area.

The final block of 10 was on the same sort of terrain and another average HR of 143. It would have been so good to have power or at least cadence data to see how I was doing.

I was pleasantly surprised that I managed to get through the 3 blocks and had managed to judge it so that I was back at my hill repeats hill.

The first of the repeats I was experimenting and hoping that I could do an up and over approach, but when I hit it I realised it was not as steep as I thought, so that first one was a bit of flop.

However, I then went to the normal starting point and started them properly. I managed to get through the first ten without too much trouble. When I say not too much trouble, I mean I survived! The final 4 were really tough to the point where I was pretty much just getting up to the top.

Mind you, that was 14 repeats on a hill that averages 6% but hits 14%, so it was a lot of climbing. There was a bit of swearing towards the end and turning to come straight back down most of the time meant the rest in between was not very long.

I really did not think I would start, let alone get to the end so I am really pleased with getting to the end. Really wish I had the power data as I think it would have been good! Hopefully that will be back next week



Day 7

2-3 hours easy throughout

That was a slightly weird weather day. The forecast was for sun and temperatures rising from 4c to 10c in the morning. When looking out of the window though it was thick fog. Setting out it looked like it would be clearing, but the lights were on and winter gear.

The first part of the ride was in freezing fog, the temperature at 0 and visibility only a couple of hundred yards, it was very damp and cold and the roads were soaked.

I was planning to do 3 loops of around 18km and the first half of the loop was in the fog, the second half cleared to glorious (cold) winter sun)

This was all about ticking the legs over. It was not fast and I have no power or cadence data, but it felt fine and the heart rate was under control. The speed was not helped by having some road works that I had to stop at each time on the 3 laps, but nothing major.

It was good to get out and this was the longest road ride (time and distance) since the end of October.

Nothing else exciting too report on that one


The Current Week


Health Data


4 Week Rolling Durations








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