Coaching – Week 53

So that is a year of being coached, all good, even if this week has been full of fog…

Day 1

20 minute easy spin

Back to the bad nights sleep, but I dragged myself out for this quick spin. I could not be bothered to set the turbo up as I will need to be doing road work at the end of the week. Given that I hit the road for a quick loop.

It helped pick me up a bit. The pace felt good and the best part was that the legs were not feeling the last 2 days, which have actually been 2 of my more active climbing days, both of which were in my top 20 elevation gains for an outdoor ride and both over 2000ft gain.

Other than that it was totally uneventful.


Day 2

Could be a good day for a short test run. I am thinking soothing like 3 sets of 5 minute easy jog, 2 minute brisk walk/calf stretch…

It took some time to remind the legs what to do, but this was not too bad.  I was running too quickly at one point, lap 3, and had to slow myself down (things were feeling remarkably good by that point).  The heel did not hurt when running and was not been much worse than normal for the rest f the day.

The Achilles was a little sore after, but I expect that was due to not having done any running for a long time.  Also, when running there was a bit of pain in the area I used to get pain (as in sprained ankle type of pain).  This was low level pain and probably I was looking for it.

The legs could tell I have not run for a while but I was happy that I could turn out a reasonable pace without thinking about it.

It will take a while for the legs to get used to running again and I will need to build up very slowly!


Day 3

Elliptical: 45 mins w/ 10 x (40/20) – A bit of tabata work today, for Crits we certainly want a good threshold base both aerobically and in terms of strong power output on bike at LT, but we also need some top end aerobic capacity to allow you to surge and push short efforts with the race without blowing up. Tabatas can be useful for this can I have used traditional tabatas (20 secs max effort, 10 secs rest x 8) and these longer endurance tabatas (40s HARD, 20 secs rest) to good effect in the past. Will massively test lactate clearance – Warm up well for 10-15 minutes before completing the 10 minutes of tough, hard intervals. Really hit the 40 second efforts HARd and stick to max 20 secs recovery. Cool down well after.

Oh my word, that was tough! A very late night with work and then up and hitting the gym is not easy as the best of times, but this was really tough! This was a new hotel gym for me and a different machine, but I got on the elliptical and hit the session.

The warm up was a gradual build up before I hit the hard intervals

40 seconds can feel a long time, but I am pleased that I a managed to survive them and in the process get the HR higher than ever on a cross training session!

Not bad pre breakfast


Day 5

60 minute easy road bike

After a midnight arrival home, following 3 very long days, there was absolutely no way I could do this sadly.  The mind was willing but the body had no energy at all


Day 6

10-15km easy + 3 x 10km building from steady HR to threshold (5-minute recoveries). As flat a course as possible. Work as big a gear as you can whilst still 80-90 cadence. This is really a TT session but good support work for Crits.

Another day of fog! After a few days away in Zurich, which was mainly fog, I tried to wait for the fog to clear before I headed out, but it was not happening, so it was yet another ride in thick fog!

It was also a damn site colder than the forecast said and very damp in the air.

I did the first 15km at a reasonable pace, but not going to hard. Having said that, I did get some top 3 segment efforts without trying. These being on well ridden routes, so that is good.

I had managed to judge where the 15km ended and it took me to a point where I knew I would be able to the intervals on the flattest route I know. As soon as the 15km ticked over I was off. I was very focused on trying to keep the cadence on the 80-90 zone and I was always trying to get an extra gear where possible.

The first 10km block gave an average power of 235 and cadence of 83. The heart rate was not bad either, with 148 average and 155 max. The legs were feeling good.

After a brief cock up on the Garmin (I pressed the wrong button), which meant I did a slightly longer recovery block than intended. The next 10km was slightly more climbing, but the power average was identical, the heart rate averaged 150 and max of 157. The cadence had been kept at an average of 84 in this one.

The final block was more of a struggle. I was cold and wet, but the body was capable, it was more the mind struggling with the conditions (the last few rides have been in fog and it would be great to get a nice winters day!). The power was lower at 224 and the heart rate average slightly down at 147 and max of 155. Another 84 average on the cadence.

When analysing the data after the ride some of the stats were really good (which surprised me). Everything from 5 minute power and up was in my top 10 for road rides with the 90 minute power being my best (211) for any type of ride. It is so nice to have the power meters back! That stat has really surprised me. I know I did not have a massive amount of rides over 90 minutes (51 in total), but I will definitely take that!

Day 7

Next time I do this I must remember not get stuck in to some analysis before  I head out.  I was up at 6, had a cuppa and then suddenly found that it was 7:45!  not breakfast, just a cuppa and water and I was on the road.

The legs were feeling fine after yesterday and the good news was there was less fog!

I headed out on a rolling 50km course which I wanted to complete in under 2 hours, without pushing too hard.

Achieved this with a few hours to spare and even got a hatful of segment PBs at the beginning, and no I was not pushing hard.

The ride went smoothly, no dramas and during it I made sure I just had water.  No gels or energy drinks.  I wanted to test the body properly and it came through well.  It eas not so much the body that felt it, more the mind.  I had to tell myself to focus towards the end, which I did and managed to do a half decent ride.


The Current Week


Heatlth Data


4 Week Rolling Durations




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