Coaching – Week 54

The lead up to Xmas was busy, full on and more social than before, but I still managed to get most of the training in…

Day 1

40-50 minute recovery cross training – this could be elliptical, swim g or a combination of the two Chris.

Leaving work a lot later than planned and then going out with people from work meant there was no chance to do this session so it was just the swim in the morning.

A nice comfy swim, but quick for me at the hotel.  It all felt very good.


Day 2

Threshold: 10 x 3 mins (30 secs)  – Important we get some threshold work in this week and its fine to do this as cross training Chris. War up well before hitting 10 sets of 3 minutes at threshold, keeping the recovery short will all you to keep you HR up in the right zone, though it may take 2-3 sets to get to that 3-4 word answer effort.

After a much later night at work than originally planned I was determined to get this session done first thing in the morning. The plan was to set the alarm for 6 and head straight to the gym. Now, that was a good plan, but there was a slight technical problem, I forgot to set the alarm!

Waking up just after 6:30 came as a shock and I got down to the gym as soon as I could. This did mean that there was no chance of completing the full set, but I gave it a go and completed 7 before I ran out of time. Not ideal but at least I got the 7 reps in.

When doing them the heart rate was up in the right sort of zone and controlled. I could easily have got trough the session if the time had not run out. I can not remember the last time I forgot to set the alarm!


Day 4

I knew I was up against it time wise and there was no way I was going to get the ride in before work, but I wanted to do something, so I headed out for an easy run.

This time I wanted to do a continuous run, which I managed. I got through to 4km with the first 3 being at about 5:30 average pace, but the last one was slower, nearly 6 minute pace. I was struggling a bit, not the injuries but just general lack of running. I would not have been able to get too much further without putting in some walking, but it was good to get 4km done


Day 5

Intervals: 5x5km at 105% FTP – Warm well well and complete 5 x 5km. The goal is that you will work just over threshold power for these efforts and we are looking for that vo2 development area, notionally 90% MHR but might not see that on reps given time taken to get HR up. Look to squeeze the gearing up by 3rd rep. Spin for 5 mins recovery after each – When complete spin easy for 5 minutes and them hit another 30 secs hard sprints from 60s recovery.

Moved from Thursday to Friday due to time constraints

Well, that was something of a disaster. I was not feeling very good before hand, the muscles a bit sore from the run yesterday, but more just not feeling good.

I did 15 minutes of warm up and still not feeling it, but tried the first interval and was managing to keep above threshold but was really struggling. Not the legs so much, you can always push them, but feeling unwell. It was with about 1km to go of the first interval that I thought I would need to abandon the ride, which I did at the end of the first one. I was not sick on the bike, but very close to it. The heart rate was OK, I just think the last few weeks caught up with me, lots of travel, new stress (but in a good way with work) and lots of late nights.

The body just said enough is enough and I just came home after that one. I could have probably kept going but it would not have done any good at all. The next time this sort of session is on the calendar I will smash it, but not today.



Day 6

2 1/2 hours – These easy rides are still vital for crit racing – Relax and tick over at a fully aerobic intensity.

Moved from Friday to Saturday due to time constraints

After such a bad day in the saddle yesterday I was not sure what to expect with this. I headed out on another chilly morning, but it was a good day for riding, no wind and dry (apart from the puddles after the rain).

This was all about keeping things under control, which I did, but I was also going at a reasonable pace with good power.

I was up against it in terms of time so I was not going to be able to get the full 2.5 hours in, but I kept on going and extending the ride when I could have headed home.

Pretty pleased to have fitted in just under 1hr 50 and 44km.

The stats have surprised in places. The 90 minute power was 195 and that was my 7th best out of 28 on the road an 9th of 38 for 60 minutes. Not bad as I was definitely riding within myself. That was so much better than the day before


Day 7

40 minute recovery spin

Moved from Saturday to Sunday due to time constraints

It was Xmas morning, pitch black and time to ride! Getting out early to get a short ride in before eating all day! It was cool, a bit breezy, dark and very quiet, heaven!

Headlights on full and I was off. Now, this was meant to be a recovery ride but when seeing there was no one around, at all, I went quicker than originally intended. It was great riding anywhere on the road, taking the best possible lines through corners and knowing if there was a car coming (headlights are a good guide!). The biggest challenge were the rabbits and deer!

This was on a very well known route, that I could probably do blindfolded and it was great to have got my second fastest time on it, without being completely flat out. Yes the effort was there but there was more to give. Somehow though this was my 3rd best road ave power at 204 and 10th best 30 minute power (from 53).

Another decent set of numbers. The legs could feel it at the end but it was such a nice ride. I think there could be a few more pre dawn rides needed


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