Coaching – Week 56

A tough week, but all sessions done!  New wheels from @HuntBikeWheels, will they make a difference?  Yes…

Day 1

Group Ride

This was due to be a group ride, but I have had a few bad nights sleep and took advantage of catching up on it, so was not able to get there in time. Also, the legs felt dead and I would not have been good trying to keep up with a quick moving group. This was borne out by the speed of the ride I managed.

I still headed out with the aim of getting the 2 hours/50km done, which I did. I basically did the reverse of the route yesterday, but took it very steady. I did miss a turn (amazing how different things look when you are going in the opposite direction) but that just made sure I got to 50km.

It was another cold day, about 1c, but lovely to ride in the sun. The legs were really flat and tired and for the first time in ages the quads were sore.

Still managed to get through the ride and kept the ride going.

I now know what my genuine easy effort IF would be at about .70


Day 2

60 mins w/ 4 x 10 (5) – Warm up for 5 minutes before completing 4 x 10 minutes at threshold effort on the turbo from 5 minute easy spin recovery.

When I got home from work I was not feeling amazing and the quads were really sore from the weekend.

I managed to get through the first block of ten minutes at the right level, but it was a struggle. The legs were not happy.

The second block was even worse, although I managed to tick to the power output. Then in the 3rd the legs and everything just could not do it anymore. I was trying to push the legs but they just could not go any further and I backed right out of it. It was my threshold for the night, but that was really low!

I skipped the final 10 minute block as I could not manage it and just warmed down.

Hopefully when the legs, specifically the quads, have got back to normal I will be good to go flat out again


Day 3

2 x 15 minutes easy (3) – 2 sets of 15 minute easy running with 3 minutes to stretch between the blocks.

Quite a few technical problems tonight. The watch and heart rate monitor had all sorts of issues, the heart rate data and elevation were way out.

I had to basically ignore anything the watch was telling me and run to an easy pace, keeping things at a conversational effort, which I managed to do.

The legs were definitely not free flowing and the quads are still sore from the efforts over the last few days.

Nothing much else to report, other than I had forgotten what it is like running in the winter and it was cold!


Day 4

10 mins threshold + 3 x (10 x 30s/30s) – 5 minutes easy, 10 minutes threshold effort, 3 sets of 30 secs hard, 30 secs easy x 10, 3 minutes easy between the sets. This session is about speed endurance, hard work and big power from short recovery. Try to use the first set to find the right level. Don’t base this on HR – just perceived effort.

I was running a bit late from work and the legs were so tired that I just could not do this session and chose to have a rest day.  The legs would have regretted doing the session and I will try and get an easy spin out done on Friday to try and compensate, but not the full session as I want to be able to do the session on Saturday without any issues

As I could not do this on Thursday night and I had the time I wanted to at least do part of this session to make up for it.

I went slightly under threshold for the first 10 minutes, aiming for around 220 watts instead of 238, so pretty pleased to have done 225 with a controlled average heart rate of 141.

I was also not going to do all 3 sets of the hard efforts, but wanted to do 2 of them to try and get the efforts in.

I was under power on the efforts, in comparison to my bests, but pretty pleased with able to do them, especially getting through the 10 blocks twice without dropping too much power. I could have done the third block but given that I had the run/ride the day after I wanted not too push the legs too hard


Day 6

3 x 8 minute easy run (2) BEFORE RIDE

After the session last night I was not sure how the legs would be for this, plus with the ride after I wanted to make sure that I did not over do it. I did find myself running a bit too quick at times and trying to ease back, but also trying to keep at a natural pace.

The legs were not flowing very well but I managed to get through the 3 blocks without too much trouble


Crit sprints. After 15 minute warm up complete – 3 sets of 3 x 25 second sprints at CP1. Should feel pretty tough  and I want you to do this safely OUTDOORS to include corners in the efforts but not so sharp that you cant maintain the right power. Towards top end for the efforts. BE SAFE ABOVE ALL ELSE. If you can do this on the crit circuit then great, I know the corners will likely be more sweeping in the race rather than sprint in / sprint out so lets try to practice a bit of aster cornering. Recover until heart rate drops to conversational effort between each repeat. 5 minute recoveries between each set.

After the run I pretty much got it, got changed and out on the bike. It was damp, misty and drizzly, so not ideal conditions for sprints.

I was also trying riding on new wheels for the first time so had to get used to them as well.

I did the 15 minute warm up and the good news was the wheels felt great (especially good as I had fitted everything!). The it was down to the sprints. Given the conditions and visibility I decided to stick to pretty straight road. Also, the road was filthy so I did not want to take any chances.

First up, I am pleased to have done all 9 sprints and mainly out of the saddle. All very good practice in being out of the saddle and sustaining a pace. I was also practicing changing gears while at high power. I was out of the saddle for the majority of the sprints and the only one I had problems with was sprint 7 where I hit the wrong gear which knocked me off track a bit.

Although I was able to do them I wanted to get a slightly higher max power to match the efforts I did on the training days, but given the conditions I will take the fact I got my third best overall, but pleasingly I got my best ever 20 and 30 second efforts, so although the max was not as good the sustainability was better.

I would have also loved over 50k an hour, which would have been great, but just under 47 is not bad on such bad roads and solo.


Day 7

90 minute easy bike – HR zone 2, nice and easy.

The legs were pretty tired before the start of this, but not too bad.  I was focused on keeping things easy, but I probably pushed a fraction too hard in the middle and end sections as  I am conscious that the coming week is not going to have any quality riding an potentially reduced work load.

Again it was, but after initial drizzle it was OK.  Nothing major to report other than that I was happy with the efforts and the speed.  There was no wind so perfect in some respects.

I am pleased with the average heart rate for every ten minute laps, most of them averaging around the 130 mark and the overall average of 126.

At about an hour the legs started to feel really tired, but managed to keep going and am happy with the ride.  Also please with just under 60kph on the new wheels, even if that was down hill on damp roads.  They are giving me more confidence on the bike and handling, they feel great


The Current Week


Health Data


4 Week Rolling Durations





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