Coaching – Week 58

Another week of travel and hotels but overall a good week of solid training…

Day 1

Coach – W58 D2 – Threshold – Important to get in a big chunk of standard in the saddle threshold this week. 3 sets of 15 minutes from 3 minute easy spin. The 15 minute block at 80% MHR and churning a slightly lower cadence of 75

Moved from tues to mon due to time constraints

I have had to switch a couple of things round. The recovery ride meant for todays I have moved to Tuesday morning and hopefully I will be able to do this before I go to work.

I will not be able to do anything Tuesday night, so although this was backing up the race yesterday I wanted to ensure that I get in the session somehow.

I had been Southern railed and was over half an hour late getting home, which is not ideal as this meant that I would not finish until gone 8:30, which I do not like to do.

Anyway, at other times I may have decided not to do this, but I am determined to get the volume of training in.

I had programmed this in to Zwift (which is power based) so that I could get the laps recorded automatically, but I was solely focusing on the heart rate and not the power.

Warm up done and hit the first block. I really do find the lower cadence work tough as it is so far against my natural style, I am normally at 100 cadence so the 75 level is always hard, but I was going to stick with it.

First block done with no real issues with an average heart rate of 140, cadence of 76 and power 244 (surprising how good the power was).

After the recovery the second block came and went with no issues, although I did have to flick between the gears at times just to get a slightly higher cadence, but with the heart at 143, cadence 76 and power 235 that was good.

The final block was tougher and I was tempted to back out of it (partly due to the time), but carried on and focused solely on the heart rate and cadence and managed to get an average heart rate of 142, cadence 75 and power of 229.

Overall pretty pleased with that considering the race yesterday. I think the legs are starting to come to me. Hope I say that at 6am in the morning when I jump back on the bike


Day 2

45 minute minute easy ride @ 65% MHR

Moved from mon to tues due to time constraints

The legs reacted remarkably well to this. Yes, they were heavy for the first 10 minutes, but then loosened up, but what do you expect at 6 am as soon as you wake up!

I was just riding the flat route on Zwift to give a nice recovery ride and focused on sticking in Zone 2. I was joined by one of the BRT team mates and it was good pacing each other, which helped with the focus and also periods of recovery.

I had to cut a little short due to the time, but all was good


Day 3

Coach – W58 D3 – Progressive – After a short super slow 5 minute warm up we very gently elevate the heart rate each 10 minute block for 30 minutes with a very gentle 5 minute cool down.

Leaving the warmth of the hotel at 6am and out in to the cold was a bit of a shock to the system. This run was done unfuelled as this was the only time I would be able to do it.

The warm up done and then in to the first 10 minutes. This felt very slow but I was trying to keep in the zone and not over do it, but it was definitely a bit of a relief to the stretch the legs in the middle block when I picked the pace up a bit.

It was interesting running through Victoria Park in the dark, sub zero temperatures and seeing how many other people were also running in the dark!

The middle block was fine, but again keeping to the zone it felt very slow. The pace has definitely gone from the legs, but when I started the last 10 minutes it was good to properly stretch them and get some pace, but still pretty slow at 5:05km pace for an average hr just under 85%.

Good to have done the session with no issues though


Day 4

Coach – W58 D4a – 30 minute continuous run – Ideally no need for stops, keep HR 70% throughout.

After a very brisk walk back to the hotel I changed and headed out for the run. I was trying to keep it as easy as possible but I was always just over the required heart rate, but generally still within my zone 2 and I averaged 130 overall.

I had to keep telling myself to back off. The pace on the watch seemed very slow in comparison to how I felt I was running, but I was focusing on the effort. A little disappointed that the pace was not quicker, but good to have done runs on 2 consecutive days without any issues


35 minute elliptical w/ 6 x 4 minutes hard (1 min rec) – Straight after the run onto the elliptical to complete 6 sets of 4 minutes hard at 85%+ MHR from 60 seconds recovery.

With the least amount of time possible, with a quick change out of the winter running top I was straight down to the gym and hitting the session.

I set the machine to 15 for the hard sessions, planning to stick to that level for each hard block, which I did.

I was surprised at how lively I was feeling at the start and managed to get through the first 5 blocks nicely. It took a minute or so to get the hr up to 85% on each block so the averages are slightly down, but I was at the right level and working hard.

The final one was tough but I am pleased that I stuck with it and got through the session.

The one annoying thing is that the ankle started to give a bit of pain on the elliptical (first time). It is down the side of the foot, which is where I have still had pain but after the shockwave at the weekend it had been a lot better, hopefully another blast will help it. I think this pain is related to the original surgery, not Plantar.



Day 6

Coach – W58 D6 – Easy swim – This might be a good option after shockwave being non load bearing – 30-40 minute easy recovery XT.

A bit of a frustrating swim with lots of people in the pool, but  eventually I managed to find a space and get in to a good swim, which was my 2nd longest ever.  It was a bit of an effort towards the end, but pleased to have got so far


Day 7

2.5 hour bike with hills – Include 15-20 steady climbs between 1-2 minutes. Aim to keep HR below 75% on climbs and 70% on the remainder of the ride.

With the temperature at -5 and the potential for ice on the roads I set about this ride on Zwift. I did not want to take any chances out on the road.

I had a plan to do the watopia hilly route and just do laps of it. They would be about 17 minutes long and includes a long drag effort up hill.

Although this drag is longer and would take about 3:30 to do I would not be doing 15-20 hill climbs, so all in all it should have balanced out.

I was riding nicely and feeling good and had a good power to heart rate ratio and the heart was in the right zone around 70%, which would be around 125 for me.

This was a totally solo effort, not a race, but you do get some drafting in places, but I spent most of the ride alone just keeping a really good tempo.

On the long climb I was just setting a good pace with a slightly increased effort, but for the sprint point (about 30 seconds) I did push on, not flat out but a definite increase in power. I was feeling good and this was just for fun.

When I got through the 2:30 mark and was around 83km complete I decided to keep going to get to 100. This meant 10 full laps of the route and then for the last 8km I went on the flat route and used that as a warm down.

Yes, I went longer and yes no doubt put in more effort than I should, but even with all of that the average heart rate was only 127 (71.2% mhr) so I would so that is pretty good considering.

Yes the last lap was tough, but the most pleasing thing was the time groupings for each lap, pretty consistent, as was the hill climb.

It is tough on the turbo for 3 hours, but that is a first time doing 100km on it, but it took 4 bottles of water and no stopping at all!

It has helped considerably in terms of mental confidence as I was really not sure that I had the endurance fitness, but that doubt has been put to bed! There was not much more I could have done as the water had run out and the fuel was empty but still felt good when I got off the bike!


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