Coaching – Week 60

The first running race in 6 months, the London Winter 10k, on top of a week of travel…

Day 1

45-60 minute easy bike – Turbo or road bike. Easy after yesterdays efforts. HR <65 MHR

I am pleasantly surprised with this. A terrible nights sleep so was not sure how I would after the event yesterday but after just a couple of minutes of cycling the legs felt fine. No there would not have been any top end power, but I cycled for just under at a nice high cadence turning the legs over.

No issues at all and the average heart rate of 114 was good.


Day 2

45 mins with 8 x 3 mins alternating (90s) – After a good warm up complete; 8 x 3 minutes with the odd numbers at 80|% MHR, the evens 90% MHR from 90s recovery.  Dont be too exact about HR as there will be a lag on each block and the blocks are short. Simply odd numbers at the controlled threshold, even numbers that bit harder more like a 5k effort.

I am not entirely sure where that came from. I was suffering from a heavy cold coming and it was chucking it down, but after a walk back to the hotel I had freshened up a bit and decided to head out. The basis idea was to do the warm up and if I felt bad I would have done the session from tomorrow instead.

So after the warm up all was good, apart from being soaked, so I decided to go for it.

The challenge with running round Zurich can be the crossings and lights but I managed to stick with it. The first interval though involved running down a slope and then some stairs, which will have swayed the pace in the first one, and then I missed the end of the 3 minutes so was running a bit too quick in the threshold block.

It was good to have opened the legs up though and I felt good.

The next block was really good and flowing and I was doing a good pace and the same was for the next.

I did manage to lose count of the blocks I have done so number 7 was slower than it should have been but I am very pleased with the pace overall, some very good splits in the times and my longest run for a long time.

The overall fitness is there and I need to now build up the endurance and a bit more pace and I will be back to where I was or better. Some of the splits were up there with my quickest, even if they could have been affected by the slope, but even the grade adjusted paces were very good


Day 3

30 minutes easy – This can be done on an elliptical if you are at all sore or carrying any niggles.

I was running a bit short on time for this, plus it was chucking it down again, so this was a bit shorter than originally planned, but it was good to do a nice easy run


Day 4

10/10/10 progression run – Simple progression run, again effort not pace based. Be patient and trust a slow and steady build up will pay off with the running.

Due to tight calves and the cold I opted not to do the run and was hoping to do on Friday, but due to being shattered from the travels I did not do it then either

Day 6

45-60 minute easy road bike – As per Monday, very light and easy.

As the weather was rubbish and the cold still lingering I jumped on to the turbo for an easy ride on Zwift. I keep it nice and steady with just the odd spin out to loosen up the legs. Keeping the average heart rate under 116 was pretty easy but I am pleased with the power output for such an easy ride.

When I say easy it still felt tough but that is because of the cold and feeling completely knackered, all work and travel related. Not sure I have felt this tired for a very long time


Day 7

London Winter 10k Race

The first race in 6 months and with very little training for it. Other than that the issue was a cold that has been lingering and I was definitely not feeling great first thing in the morning. The first drink of the day had been Lemsip!

Anyway, after the train and walk to the start it was ready for the off. Sadly though I needed to be there 30 minutes before the off so keeping warm was a challenge!

Finally, it was time to go and I had managed to get myself in to the first wave of runners but not right at the front.

It was busy and it took 500m or so to find some space and to get in to the flow of running, but once in to the running it felt OK. I was trying to keep things under control, but running as quickly as I could. The heart rate hit the 160 mark and I was making sure I did not push much harder.

Through the first 3km and all was good and then through to 5 I was still running well. Coming through to 6km I was starting to struggle and fade a little bit (although the pace did not really show that) so I tried to ease back a little to gain some recovery and then to re-focus and get through to the end.

It would have been very easy to call it quits and back off completely but I dug in deep and carried on, ticking down the km’s.

My watch was reading a longer course than the official (I expect London building cause GPS issues), but if my watch was right I went through 10k in 45:42, which would have been my 2nd fastest 10k.

I did not have anything left for a sprint at the end (but I never do), but I got through to the finish in an official time of 47:06, my 4th fastest official time, less than 2 minutes off my best.

Before the start I was hoping to be under 55, but really wanting under 50, so 47 was good and a surprise.

The ankle held up OK and no worsening of the PF. Some pain in the foot just after the end, but no worse than normal, so hopefully this is all positive.

It was bloomin cold though!



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