Coaching – Week 62

An up and down week, but some big achievements on the running come back, despite the foot!…

Day 1

60 minute easy road bike or turbo

I had another bad nights sleep and opted for the extra hour in bed, which was very much needed!  Hopefully with some swimming and other activities I will make up for it during the week

Day 2

Easy swim as I had a few minutes to spare, kept nice and easy and to loosen the legs


30 minute easy run, conversational – Progressing this week with a 3 day run stretch – do this before the elliptical.

This was not a good run in terms of sticking to the plan. It had been one of those days with work and I only had a limited time to squeeze this in as I had to get back to work. This meant that I would not be able to do the elliptical, but the stress of the couple of hours before the run left me running frustrated, which for me means running too hard!

I kept on saying to myself back off as the heart rate was too high, but the legs just kept going too hard.

It was still not a massively quick run, but quicker and harder than it should have been


Post Run: 30 minutes with 8 x 2 mins hard (1 min easy rec) – Warm up with the run and then head inside to the gym straight away and complete 8 x 2 minutes hard (aiming to get HR over threshold if possible) from 60s easy recovery.

Given that I had to get straight back on to work after I finished the run, and I do mean straight back on to it as I got in to the room I was straight on to the laptop, I was not able to do this session

Day 3

30-45 minute easy run, pre breakfast – Take care not to let this drift up to a steady effort. As we rebuild a base here It’s important we get plenty of purely aerobic state runs in. Remain conversational throughout don’t worry if it seems slow!

I was trying to make sure that I kept this run in the ‘Easy’ zone and I just about managed, but only just.

The foot was reasonably painful on the side and was giving a bit of grief.

I was definitely not focused on pace and this was definitely not quick.

I opted to cut the run down to the lower end of the requirement as the legs were stiff from the run the night before. I had not had chance to do a proper stretch after that run due to having to get straight back to work, that definitely did not help.


Day 4

I had a bit of spare time this morning so I jumped on to the turbo for a super easy spin out.  The legs were stiff so I wanted to loosen them up.  Absolutely nothing to report from the session other than that it was good to spin the legs and make up a little bit for lack of volume this week


Threshold: 5 x 6 minutes (90s) – Repeat/consolidation of last week

After having a day when the outside of the foot was reasonably painful I was not sure how this run would go.

I set out on the warm up and within 400m I was almost ready to give it up, but decided to stick with it and see if the pain was manageable. It was not getting worse, which was a good thing, so I carried on going.

I was doing the same route as last week for this session so it would give a good idea of how I was doing. Bearing in mind that last week I was still on the edge of a cold I should have done better.

So off on to the threshold segments.

I was still unsure on the footy and did not smash the first one too hard, both to measure the pain and also to make sure I did not glow up.

I got through it and also the next 4 as well. The big difference this week was that the recovery blocks I was able to keep running, slowly! The heart rate took a while to come back down so it never really got down to a recovery level, but it was good to keep running.

This did mean that I did my longest run since September and it would have recorded longer but my watch had a ‘moment’ and somehow stopped recording for over 90 seconds so I actually ran for 59 minutes in total and about 11km. Yes every step had some pain but it did not get worse through the run.

The legs were also stiff so that did not help, but that is the first time I have run 3 consecutive days for a very long time!


Day 6

15 + 5 x 3 + 15 – Big session this morning.  Two blocks of FTP with vo2 max work in the middle.

First of all I need to get the confession out of the way and say that the preparation the night before was not what it could have been! As a result I was not feeling on top form for this ride, but I hit it with the aim of doing it spot on.

The warm up over and the first threshold block was done without major issues. Averaging 244 power for the 15 minutes was good and well controlled. Surprised at how I managed that so I was not a lot more confident of getting through the ride, especially as the heart rate averaged 140.

So off on to the harder blocks and these all went surprisingly well and all averaged within 2 watts around the 281 mark and the heart rate pretty well controlled as well. I was turning a slightly bigger gear than normal and not having any problems with it. Not saying it was easy but I did not have any trouble. I did manage to get my best 3 minute average power on Zwift

The final threshold block was obviously a bit tougher than the first but again I averaged 244 power and with an average heart rate of 147, so again well controlled.

I even had the chance to add on about 4km at the end of the ride to get it through to 50 in total which got me entry in to a prize draw on Zwift, I just extended the cool down period.

The most pleasing aspect of this was how consistent I was able to be with the power outputs on all of the blocks. I was trying to keep them consistent so that I could see how the effort compared across the blocks


Day 7

60 minute easy run – As per Tuesday this one is fully easy & BEFORE the bike

The good news, the foot as less painful after 2 days rest, but sadly not pain free. Hopefully though with keeping up with the stretching and more physio it might finally start to see the end of troubles with that foot.

The other good news is that the Plantar Fasciitis is definitely better and I am really hopeful that problem is on the way out.

So I was off on the run this morning, keeping it as close to the zone as I could. I did tend to drift out of the top end of Easy in to steady, but on average only a couple of bpm, so not too bad. I just can not run slowly enough, especially on any hills, to keep the heart rate in zone 2. On the flat and down hill it is a lot more manageable.

Despite there being pain with every stride, about 4 out of 10 it did not get any worse and the bigger problem was just general stiffness down the front of the calves, but nothing to cause any trouble.

It was good to get through to 11km. I added on a very easy couple of minutes just to get it to 11km.

However, for the second run on the trot the watch stopped and rebooted itself, this time at just over 5km. Not sure why it has happened and I have now reset most of it so with any luck it will be fine next time.

What this does mean is that it has not recorded the calories correctly (everything seems OK), where for the last 6km it only recorded circa 20 cals per km rather than 65.


90 minute bike with hills to include 8-10 climbs at threshold effort (no harder).

After the run I did a reasonably quick change and got straight out on to the bike.

I was feeling remarkably good considering it is the first time in a long time I have run then rode. The legs were turning nicely and the power good.

The chosen route front loaded a few climbs, mainly short and sharp, so I did those at a good threshold (hr) effort. The power was excellent on them and it felt like I was flying along and getting some top 3 times on segments (ones I have ridden a lot) without putting in massive efforts.

Everything was going really well and I was possibly putting in too much effort, but everything felt great, but all of a sudden it felt like the rear tyre had gone down. Not completely, but half flat. I checked and it had indeed gone down to about half pressure, but it was not going down further. Maybe it is a feature of the Tubeless tyres. I tried to pump it up but could not get enough pressure in.

Based on that I decided to limp it home, although I was still able to go pretty quickly. I did not want to take the risk of it going completely down or loosing grip on a corner.

I spent a lot of time on the bike thinking about the duathlon. It was good to have got straight on to the bike as that gave confidence on being able to do that and perform well on it. I also think I could have done a 5k run at the end.

In terms of London Duathlon I think I should be able to spend 1:20 running, 55 for the 10 an 25 for the 5 and 1:40 for the 44k ride. That is based on where I am now and would allow me to be close to the 3 hours I want. However, if I can get 6 months of training in, injury free I will be aiming for more like 50 10k, 1:30 ride, 23 5k so I might be able to get sun 2:45. Obviously this is all guess work having not done one so the Duathlon in May will give a good indication. I have gone for the sprint distance in that so if I can do 25 for 5k, 38 for 20k ride and another 25 for the final 5k I will be happy to get close to 1:30


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