Radio Alice, does pizza get any better than this?..

After spotting a picture on an Instagram feed Mr Smith put Radio Alice on to my must get along to list, which fortunately it did not take too long to sort out.

The Mrs Smith joined Mr Smith on a Monday night for a quick pizza.  Turning up in Hoxton square Mr Smith recognised the building that it was in, the former premises of The Hoxton Apprentice.  A lovely building right in Hoxton Square.

The good news as soon as you turn up it says Pizzeria.  Now a lot of places in the UK will serve pizza but as part of a menu with pasta, steaks, etc.  Mr Smith was hopeful that this would be what it said, a Pizzeria.  He was not disappointed.

When you walk in you can instantly tell that it is a Pizzeria as you spot the massive pizza oven in full view.  This is backed up by the lovely short menu.  A few small things for starters and then just pizza.  They all say that you should not change anything on them but can add with a few sides, for Mr Smith this is how it should be!

Decisions made and some Speck and Burrata ordered for a starter and the pizzas ordered for the main it wad time to enjoy the wine, which was delicious.

The quality of the food is amazing.  While lots of places so they take a lot of care with sourcing ingredients you can really tell with Radio Alice.  The meat is just delicious and the Burrata just what was expected.

Now for the main part, the pizza.  Mr Smith had the deliciously spicy N’duja and Mrs Smith the Prosciutto, both of which were on top of a 24 hour ferment pizza base.  There was not debate, these were the best pizzas that Mr Smith has had.  The base was perfection and the toppings incredibly, full of flavour and you can tell the care that has been put in.

N’duja pizza

There was no room for dessert, but with such good savoury dishes that is no problem, Mr Smith knows that all of the focus is on the savoury which is absolutely right in a pizzeria.

Will Mr Smith go again, without a doubt!  It was a great evening, good wine, perfect food and great staff and not expensive!

After the perfect food Mr Smith took The Mrs Smith to another hid gem of a cocktail bar, Happiness Forgets, which was all a=of above 30 yards away but you would just not know it was there.

If only all Monday nights could be like that!

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