Coaching – Week 63

What a shocker of an end to the week, just when I thought it had been getting better…

Day 2

Turbo: 3 x (10 mins FTP + 3 mins hard)

I was going to try and do this on the Monday night as I thought I would be up against it time wise this morning, but I did not have the energy/inclination/time to fit it in on Monday night.

Getting up very early I jumped on to the bike but I knew the energy levels were down, more mental than physical, but generally not there.

I got through the first FTP block slightly lower than normal effort, but it was just not there when I wanted to do the hard effort.

I was definitely struggling mentally and was just going to get through as much as I could. The second FTP block was OK, again lower than normal but I deliberately did this to try and get through it.

That was pretty much all I had in me though and I could not go hard for the next one.

I was also running short on time so I had to skip the last block anyway, but to be honest I would not have been able to do it at the required levels anyway.

The first session I have not been able to complete for a while.

I did some thinking while on the bike and have given myself a kick up the backside. The diet/lifestyle has not been great over the last couple of weeks, post cold, and I will be focusing more on that and bringing the weight back down a bit


Day 3

Easy run: 50-60 minutes – Fully relaxed and easy, stretch well after. Ideally before breakfast for this one.

This was an early morning run after a later night arrival at the hotel, so I was not feeling at my brightest, but it was a pretty good morning for a run.

I was up against it a bit for time so was not going to get close to an hour, but the run was flat and felt like I was running well for a change. The only problems are running in a city which means a bit stop start.

Despite that I am happy with the pace and keeping the heart rate near to the zone


Day 5

Threshold: 3 x 8 minutes within a 50 minute run – Building the volume of the reps but overall slightly less TH volume than last two weeks

I was due to do this run in the morning but due to a very late arrival back home from Zurich the night before there was no chance that it was going to happen in the morning. Therefore I did this as soon as I could finish work.

I was still feeling tired, from the travels not the training, but headed out with a new gadget attached to my shoes. I have invest in a Stryd power meter, which should give another good set of metrics to measure the running. I was not focused on the power during the run, but it was recording.

So after the warm up, which was a little more controlled than normal and quicker, it was time for the thresholds.

I was not feeling very fluent in the running, but the pace was quicker than it has been the last few weeks and I was in the zone for all of them. It felt like I was ‘blowing’ a bit but kept on pushing on and was pleasantly surprised with the overall pace, which when looking back was much quicker than the last 2 weeks, by over 10 seconds per km.

The ankle was the normal level of pain so just kept running through it.

The new stats look like they will be interesting to help measure progress. I will judge over the next few weeks which ones are really going to be useful


Pm: 30-40 minute easy recovery spin out on bike – HR sub 65% MHR

Given that I did the run later than planned and that it has been a long couple of days I opted out of the ride.  However, I plan to add on some extra distance tomorrow or in the next few days just to add in the volume

Day 6

2 hour road bike, relaxed throughout

Looking out of the door this morning it was damp and very blustery so I opted for safety and hit the turbo instead. It would have been dangerous in cross winds and the ride turning in to a grind in to the wind.

I set off on Zwift on the PRL half loop, which would get me through 2 hours and make up a bit of lost effort from yesterday.

I kept everything nice and steady and the heart rate nice and low, averaging 115 overall, which is not bad considering the average power was 176.

The PRL half route is pretty tough as it goes up Box Hill 4 times, but I kept the pace fairly even, only going a bit quicker on the last lap as a race went through I latched on to them.

The TSS on Training Peaks reads a lot higher than predicted, but the effort was not that high based on heart rate. It must be that I am producing a bit more power than I used to


Day 7

75 minutes, fully conversational – Easing long run volumes up here Chris with eyes on the half. Pick a flat route and stick at a controlled, easy pace around 8:45/mile

Well that was a shocker!

I had spent an unhealthy amount of time in the bathroom this morning and had already delayed the start of the run but eventually headed out of the door.

The first 5km were OK, but I was definitely not feeling good and healthy, not just the stomach but the foot was also more painful than it has been, maybe a 6 on the pain tolerance level at times.

Generally this was not a good run. The first 5km were on the right pace, but down hill but after that it was a case of feeling sick and the foot hurting too much. I think under normal circumstances I would have been able to push through the pain on the foot and it may be that I was just noticing it more because of how I felt.

Unfortunately once I had started to feel bad I mentally lost and started to run/walk. There were times when I felt sick so stopped to a walk but made sure I started running again when I felt a bit better.

Definitely the worst session I have had for a long time


The Current Week


Health Data


4 Week Rolling Durations




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