Coaching – Week 64

A strange week of pain, mistakes and segment PB’s on easy rides, all over the place…

Day 2

Am: 40 minute recovery run – easy throughout

It was cold this morning, still with some icy bits on the pavement so there were times when I was slipping a bit.

Anyway, the legs are just not feeling it at the minute and it felt as if I was shuffling along and not running with any fluency at all. The foot was still painful, but less than the other day, up to a 5 on the pain scale.

I was actually a little surprised by the pace, not electrifying, but OK. The heart rate was up a bit more than I thought it should be based on the effort I was putting in, but I was trying to keep it under control.

It did felt like a very plodding run, but it will do for now.

Screenshot 2017-03-12 16.04.48Screenshot 2017-03-12 16.04.57

Pm: 45 minutes with 8 x 2 (90s)

Definitely not feeling it and the legs felt very ropey at the start, but I warmed up and was determined to see what I could do.

The quads were not feeling the power so I was going to go for a high cadence approach, which I managed to do OK and got through the first 2 blocks averaging over 300w. I was trying not to blast them so that I could get through all 8.

The problem I was having was that I was desperately looking for an in between gear ratio of 2.7, which I did not have. 2.6 was very high spin and 2.8 a bit too much power. Never mind, I managed to do them

I go through all 8, although the last few were a real struggle and I was definitely struggling. It was the sort of ride that could easily make you need a bucket! I was not far off!

Although I could not have done any more in terms of intervals I was pleased to have done them and after the cool down I could have carried on and hit a few more hard (but not as hard) intervals.

Yes the legs still feel terrible, but they did not feel as bad as I thought they would

Screenshot 2017-03-12 16.05.23Screenshot 2017-03-12 16.05.34

Day 3

60-75 minute easy road bike – 65% MHR – fully relaxed throughout

OK, so let me get this out of the way, I was definitely keeping this easy! The average heart rate was well under my normal easy and under the 65% target, just.

However, I seemed to be going pretty quick and got an 8th place overall on a long segment (8km) on Strava. It was not obviously wind assisted and I was not going for it (but I may do next time!). I took a minute off my previous best on it. It is an interesting segment with the hill I use on a regular basis for training, which I felt like I glided up a lot easier than normal, plus a good long flat stretch.

I also picked up a few other pb’s as well, all of which was a surprise.

Fingers crossed this is a good sign and that the cycling legs are getting there

Screenshot 2017-03-12 16.05.55Screenshot 2017-03-12 16.06.07

Day 4

45 minutes with 5/4/3/2/1 – 45 minute run to include 5/4/3/2/1 pickup. Don’t go too hard at these Chris. The 5 minute block no faster than half marathon, 4 minutes at 10km pace, then a little faster each block with 90s recovery between each.

The irony! As I was running this session as I was debating whether or not I would either need to stop running completely, just do for fun or forget about doing half marathons and just stick with 10k or less.

Every step there was pain, building slightly from 4 to 5 or 6 but when I got to the end my Garmin said I had set a new threshold pace of 4:33! Yes I have had it slightly quicker in the past but it was quick ironic in terms of the timing!

The segments actually felt pretty good and I was fine with them, despite every step causing pain.

I was at 4:54 for HM, 4:41 for the 10k, 4:27 for 7k, 4:27 for the 5k as well (slightly quicker when grade adjusted though) and 3:55 for last one, which was slightly down hill.

I was working on the last few, but I was also having to ease back slightly to make sure I did not go to hard.

If only this had been pain free I would have been really pleased with it, controlled, good pace and heart rate reasonably well controlled

Screenshot 2017-03-12 16.06.40Screenshot 2017-03-12 16.06.49

Day 6

Abellio Crit – Cyclopark – Kent

After sitting in the car park on the turbo doing a warm up it was time to get to the track and be ready for the race.

Things were running behind schedule so there was a bit of a delay but we were let on to the track. I was not sure how long we would have, I was assuming one lap to group, but it was longer so this acted as a secondary warm up and track familiarisation.

After the warm up it was time to head to the start line and have the briefing. All done and ready for the off. Count down done and start, but disaster! Something that I never have trouble with happened, I could not get clipped in! This meant I was at the back and then off the back, 30-40 yards off the back by the time I got clipped in and I had to really try hard to claw it back, but sadly the bunch were going hard.

I was still off the back at the end of the first lap and part way through the second I knew it was not going to happen, despite my best efforts, the bunch were gone.

I just could not bridge over, I was already well above threshold and with the wind being very strong and no shelter with the bunch I had to concede and settle down for another extended training session. The wind was a very strong, mainly cross wind, which made it very tough.

The one thing I focused on was trying to catch any riders that get spat out of the back and in the end I think I past 7 in total, but could not catch any more. The rest were in small groups and able to work together.

The main pack eventually caught me, just when I had caught someone else and despite trying to stay ahead I got lapped. To avoid any issues, also following instructions, I moved to the side to let them through. I sat on the back and was able to sit comfortably with them, which gives confidence as I would have put in more effort than a lot of them. It did mean that I had to drop out at the end of that lap though as when lapped and with the 5 lap to go board up you need to drop out to let them race.

So, it was very disappointing to have made the cock up at the start, but it was a good training session. I managed to produce a really good set of power numbers with new pb’s (on the road) from 2 to 30 minute effort (excluding 20 which was my 2nd best).

I will take that in terms of the numbers, even if the race was disappointing. I think I still have some way to go in terms of racing, and being strong enough to really match the best of them, but it is still good to do the races (after all I am probably one of the oldest doing them)


Screenshot 2017-03-12 16.07.24Screenshot 2017-03-12 16.07.33

Day 7

90 minutes, fully conversational

With the weather being pretty horrible this morning, chucking it down and windy, I was not sure when I would get out for the run. Then a window of opportunity came up with a break in the rain so I headed out.

The challenge with that was that I was probably about half an hour earlier than I would have wanted to be in terms of digesting breakfast so I felt a bit heavy, but I had to take the chance to get out.

Despite the problems from last weekend and during the week the foot was feeling a bit better. Hopefully all of the stretching physio exercises is starting to have an effect. When I say it was feeling a bit better I mean about 3 on the pain scale.

The focus was solely on running for as long as possible, not the pace.

Given the race yesterday the legs did not feel too bad considering and I started OK, getting past the point I started to have problems last week, but at that point the heavens opened and wind got up, but at least the rain was fairly short lived.

The next 5k were a lot slower, but mainly running in to the wind. Getting through 10k in 56 minutes was OK. From then on it was a question of mind over matter and pushing on.

I was determined to keep running, regardless of the pace and was ticking off the milestones in my head, 12k done which was the longest run for a very long time, then 14 and the focus was on 15 before the 1:30, which I did. The next milestone was 90 minutes and I thought that as I had only 250m to go to make it to 16 I just carried on for the extra minute to get to 16.

The last 5km was very much a case of mind over matter and the pain in the foot did pick up to a 4 or so about 12.5km, but nothing worse than that.

I will keep focuses on stretching and the exercises and hopefully the pain will lessen.

I will say that this was pretty much my max distance, maybe could have squeezed another couple of km out of it but not much more. I was blowing at the end!

Screenshot 2017-03-12 16.08.12Screenshot 2017-03-12 16.08.20

The Current Week

Screenshot 2017-03-12 16.09.17Screenshot 2017-03-12 16.09.24

Health Data

Screenshot 2017-03-12 16.09.52Screenshot 2017-03-12 16.10.49

4 Week Rolling Durations

Screenshot 2017-03-12 16.19.54


Screenshot 2017-03-12 16.09.37

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