Coaching – Week 65

Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?  We will have to see.  A lot more positive this week…

Day 1

50 minute easy bike or swim – Just wonder if we might keep off the foot completely today but if you feel OK go for the bike instead- 50 minute easy bike or swim – relaxed working at 5/10 effort – if foot is sore might be better to swim?

When I got home I was feeling decidedly sleepy after what had felt like a very long commute home, but no longer than normal. I was tempted to have a rest day but decided to head out on the bike. The foot was feeling OK, no worse than normal despite the physio visit today.

It was very dark and the lights were on full and I headed out on a very well ridden route (makes like easy knowing the roads in the dark) and was keeping things nicely in check.

Riding quickly but not too hard I was very happy with the speed for the effort.

No issues at all on the ride. The legs are tired but not stiff, which I will take after the last couple of days of efforts

Screenshot 2017-03-12 16.47.32Screenshot 2017-03-12 16.47.46

Day 2

40/20 Am bike – Do you think you can get in a turbo session this AM? See the workout builder – I have set this to RPE because the reps are short and hard – HR will mean nothing for the bit of this session and right now I can really guess the the wattage/power really. The efforts just need to be max – Class 40/20s to build top end speed and help with the Crits and trying to latch on and bridge gaps.

That was tough! Getting up at 5:30 and jumping on the trainer is not my favourite thing!

I chucked a gel down my neck to try and get some energy in to the body and set off. The legs felt tired in the warm up, which due to time constraints I had to cut down to 5 minutes and then in the 7 RPE effort there was a lack of power compared to the effort and heart rate, but not much of a surprise after the last few days.

I also had a problem with the trainer during the warm up so had to stop and adjust it just as I was going in to the threshold effort, these things always seem to happen when doing time constrained sessions

I had made a cock up when setting up the workout and had forgotten to include the 3 minute recovery between the threshold and hard blocks so took the last 90 seconds of the threshold effort as recovery.

I hit the hard efforts as hard as I could, but the normal levels of power were not quite there but I carried on as best as I could and completed both sets.

The top end powers were not there and I know that I would have been dropped in a real crit, but it was good training.

Screenshot 2017-03-12 16.48.13Screenshot 2017-03-12 16.48.25

Day 3

40 minute easy run – Add the stretching session after and keep this below 75% MHR

It was not the best run this morning. Not sure what happened at the start but I am sure the GPS Was off for the first km or so as the pace was incredibly slow, but then it seemed to get back to normal, without any obvious change in pace.

I was keeping things as easy and steady as possible but the foot was a bit more painful than last time, seems to be one bad and one better run in terms of pain.

I also had a dodgy stomach and was not running comfortably!

It was still good to be out even if not the best run

Screenshot 2017-03-12 16.48.48Screenshot 2017-03-12 16.48.58

Day 5

3 x 10 minutes at 80% MHR (4 word answer effort) from 3 minutes easy jog

A bit late home and tired after the last few days of work meant the inclination was not there so I will attempt the run first thing but an extra hour in bed won out.  I just did not have the energy to run, not through the training but due to work.

Day 6

1 hour 40 minutes with 60 mins easy, 40 mins pick up – This one is foot dependant really Chris and keen to not make these long runs too challenging just yet even with the half around the corner. We are getting plenty of alit in in other areas. 60 minutes at a fully conversational effort with 40 minutes at a steady effort for the final 40 minutes.

For the first time in a long time the foot did not feel too bad before heading out, the same could not be said for the stomach, but I eventually headed out, after doing the warm up exercises that the physio has advised me to do, mainly getting the glutes firing.

I had spotted the instructions for the run coming up on Tuesday and was going to try and do that for the first hour, a slight adjustment in the stride. It seemed to work OK, although I had to keep re-focusing to keep the adjustment.

I know that the route I chose was not ideal, but I wanted to do something different rather than around Horsham. I was originally going to head to the coast, but will do that next weekend.

Although there was a lot of climbing (for me), especially in the first hour, I kept the pace conversational, even if the heart rate average read higher than required. Any time I saw someone I spoke to them and had a sing along when every now and then just to prove it to myself.

I was pleased to get through the first hour comfortably and then to open the legs a bit more, especially as I was on a flatter section at the start.

This was the first time I had felt like I was ‘running’ again. It just felt so much better and I had to keep reminding myself to ease off a little bit and not push too hard.

When I got through 16km in 1:28 I had passed the distance I did last week in over 3 minutes quicker and was happy to keep on pushing on. The last ten minutes were a bit of a slog but I am very pleased to have got through 18.2km and ran all the way with no major problems.

I did get a bit of pain in the foot, but not until after an hour and only a 2/3 pain level and it died off.

When I get to the end I thought, could I do the extra 3km? The answer was yes, so that gives some confidence in terms of getting through the half. Now I need to find the pace that would have got me through to 20km plus in 1:40 for a PB (not aiming for that in Budapest)

Screenshot 2017-03-12 16.49.29Screenshot 2017-03-12 16.49.41

Day 7

Road bike 2 hours 40 w/ 3 x 15 mins @ 77-80% FTP

Given the run yesterday the legs felt OK, a bit tired but not too bad. The back was stiff but I rolled an stretched it before I went out.

When I left the house it was dead calm and grey, but the threat of rain was around and it was just a question of when it would arrive.

A nice easy start to the ride, but straight up hill. I was very surprised to get some PB’s on this stretch as I was definitely not pushing!

The difficulty with road riding is trying to maintain a constant power so I decided that for the various intervals the target was to get the average power in to the zones. This would mean that I would probably be riding above the target most of the time as I would need to allow for pauses, slow downs, etc.

The hour of endurance was fine, just nice comfy riding and I averaged 166w, just shy of the 168 target.

Then off on the tempo sections, the first one was fine, but with about 5 minutes to go the rain started mainly drizzle, but the roads were getting damp.

The following 2 tempo blocks were fine, but the roads were now greasy and soaked in places. For all 3 of them though I was pleased to average 203, 207 & 205, so well above the 187 target. No problems with doing it.

The one challenge I had was on a very steep decent when I was putting out some good power still, had to brake for a sharp right hand corner but with the wet & greasy roads this was not happening. The rear wheel locked, went sideways and I bailed out of trying to make the turn. The advantage of knowing the road is that I knew I could get out of it with too much trouble. That was the point though that meant take things very steady on any other turns.

As I went in to the last 20 minute block I had forgotten what it was going to be so was not quite prepared, but then hit my straps again and was on very familiar roads and averaged 181, so again above the target

Despite the weather and the fact that this was the longest ride for a long time I am pleased with that

Screenshot 2017-03-12 16.52.52Screenshot 2017-03-12 16.53.04

The Current Week

Screenshot 2017-03-12 16.55.34Screenshot 2017-03-12 16.55.43

Health Data

Screenshot 2017-03-12 16.57.19Screenshot 2017-03-12 16.57.29

4 Week Rolling Durations

Screenshot 2017-03-12 16.57.06


Screenshot 2017-03-12 16.56.01Screenshot 2017-03-12 16.58.50

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