To run or not to run in the Budapest Half, that is the question but what is the answer?…

The last year or so has been plagued with various problems with the left foot and ankle, Achilles, other tendons and then Plantar Fasciitis which stopped me running completely in September last year.  This meant I had to pull out of the Copenhagen Half.

With lots of help and patience (for which I am very grateful) from my Coach, Tom Craggs from Running With Us, we have been building back up since Christmas to get to Budapest Half on the 9th April.

The build up has been gradual mixing in lots of cycling, as I have longer terms goals this year for a Gran Fondo (possibly the World Championships) and Duathlons, but also slowly ramping up the distance and intensity on the running.

The progress has been hampered with yet another tendon problem, perennial this time, in the left foot, but that has been undergoing treatment and the running has got up to 18k without any major issues.  I know the distance is achievable as long as the pain remains under control.

I had given up on hitting my pb target for the year of sub 1:45 but still wanted to be able to do a good run, the first half I will have done for a long time.

Then the next problem started, after the success of doing 18k and backing that up with a comfy 70k ride the next day the body started to show signs of illness.  I managed to smash out a pretty good bike session on the Monday with no problems, but then the recovery run the next morning was a real struggle.

That was a week ago now and since then what started as an annoying cough has developed in to Bronchitis where pretty much anything makes me cough and wheeze.

This was not helped by being in Paris for work, but trying to be good I spent 3 evenings in my hotel room resting up, but having to work during the day was not good (and I felt sorry for the people I was working with coughing all the time).

Since then I have been off work and have had an online GP appointment, started antibiotics and been resting, but sadly no sign of anything improving yet.

So far it has been a week of training that has been missed, but if asked today (today being Tuesday) whether I would be able to train at all this week I would say very doubtful and if I did it would be light only.  I was planning a Parkrun this coming Saturday and even that feels quite daunting at this stage.

This weekend would be 2 weeks away from Budapest and I could have lost 2 weeks training.  So the question is to cancel or not?

The decision has to be taken this weekend to get a refund on the hotel and flights so that is good as it forces a decision.

I am definitely not an elite runner and I could do it just for ‘fun’ but part of the enjoyment of running for me is to be able to challenge myself to do my best, I am not one for just plodding round.  I would feel very frustrated knowing that this illness has stopped me doing my best.  I know the foot means no pb potential, but I would still want to run it hard.

If I did run I would get to explore a new city which would be good, but if I did not run but still travelled I would be tortured by the fact there would be lots of things going on that weekend all about running and would not enjoy the city as much.

One other factor for me to consider is work.  As a contractor it is not ideal having an enforced time off and then 2 weeks later having more time off.  If I am not able to get back in  this week it could mean over 2 weeks (with Easter as well) loss of earnings, but if I did not go it would only mean a week.  I know money is not everything, but it plays apart.

So the 3 options I have are:

  • Cancel – Cancel the whole trip and the run
  • Do it – Go and do the run and live with the consequences and the physical/mental condition at the end
  • Just the trip – Do the trip but not the run

Below is my day to day view on whether I will run or not, I will update this each day until the end of the week and then decide:

  • Tuesday – CANCEL
  • Wednesday – CANCEL
  • Thursday – CANCEL
  • Friday –
  • Saturday –
  • Sunday –

As I write this I am going to go for a walk to see how I feel, only 1km!  This may change or enforce my current thinking

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