Coaching – Week 70

A week of picking up and finishing off with some good climbing to prepare for the Tour de Yorkshire…

Day 2

50 minutes to include 8 x 3 minutes with the odd numbers at 10km pace, the evens at 3km pace all form 90s jogged recovery.

Long day, no energy (not from training but work and stuff) so skipped tonight in favour of relaxing.  I will get an extra run in on Friday when away to make up some of the deficit

Day 3

Brick – 20 min run + 10 x 2 mins hard bike + 20 min run – Dropped this brick session in today if you are WFH makes sense

Part 1

This was going to be a first, a proper Duathlon session.

Having never done a run, ride, run session I was not sure how it would go.

Setting off on the first run I was wanting to try and make sure I did not go to hard, but I am reasonably pleased with the pace. Not quick, but quicker than I have been over previous runs over this route and an average of 5:33 is OK. The heart rate was still up a bit on what I would like, but the average of 138 was better.

I was running steady and trying not to monitor too many things and just let myself run.

At the end of the 20 minutes it was time for the transition.

This had to involve me getting back in to the garden, in to house and then the shoes on and getting everything sorted in terms of sensors. This added a minute or so on to the time, but I got through it as quick as I could.

Screenshot 2017-04-16 16.54.04Screenshot 2017-04-16 16.54.13Screenshot 2017-04-16 16.54.31

Part 2

I expect that the plan for this was to do the ride on the trainer, but it was a nice day and I want to do as much outdoor work as I possibly can.

I had in mind a route that would allow me to do the hard efforts without too much trouble.

The 5 minute warm up done and I was off. The first block took a while to get the HR up, but once there it was fine.

The efforts were on different terrain, climbs, long steady climbs and some down hills, but I managed to get them all done and be in the zone for each 2 minute blocks.

Overall, the average of the average heart rate for the blocks was 152 with the average max being 159.5. The average powers were not bad either at 286, with a normalised (a more realistic measure for outdoors) of 287. Both brought down by a roundabout on the last block.

Pretty pleased with that and was definitely giving it full gas on the 2 minute blocks. The last 3 were a bit more of a struggle but good to get them done.

Having done the brief recovery it was time for transition 2. This time I had the problem of getting the bike back in the garden and then I dropped the house key so I could easily take big chunks of time off that.

Screenshot 2017-04-16 16.55.01Screenshot 2017-04-16 16.55.13Screenshot 2017-04-16 16.55.23

Part 3

With the shoes back on and a drink of water consumed I hit the road again. I actually felt like a Duathlete, putting the sunglasses on and the visor I was running again. It also felt like the legs were OK, but how I imagine they will feel in the race.

I was running at what I thought was about the same effort as the first run, but obviously the HR was higher. I was keeping things as steady as possible, but I was happy that the pace was good, and quicker than the first run.

I was doing the same route to see whether I got to 20 minutes quicker or not and very pleased to say it was quicker so I added a few extra meters.

The average HR was 10 higher at 148, but the pace quicker at 5:21. I will take that.

It was tough but not as tough as I thought. The legs were not as racy as last time I did a bike/run, but still felt good.

This has definitely given confidence for the first duathlon in a few weeks.

I think that if I had done the 5km, 19km, 5km distances I would need to add on about 13 minutes to the overall time of 1:21:55. If I took 3 minutes off my mucking about in transition it would mean that I would only need to improve by a couple of minutes to get the target of 1:30, which under race conditions should be perfectly achievable

Screenshot 2017-04-16 16.55.53Screenshot 2017-04-16 16.56.10Screenshot 2017-04-16 16.56.22

Day 4

45-60 minute Zwift spinout – Relaxed easy riding at 100 rpm. Pre breakfast. Around 2 watts per kg of body weight.

As I was off and it was nice weather I wanted to get out on the road.  The more road miles the better for the mind ahead of the Tour.

Nothing major to report but pleased to have done a good spin out on the roads.  The average cadence was 93, but that does involve pauses and slow downs, but the majority of the time I was at or just over 100km.

The only time I did not stick to spinning out was on a favourite segment (but I backed out of it) and when a car pulled out in front of me towards the end and then blocked me so I chased them!

Other than that it was a good ride

Screenshot 2017-04-16 16.56.45Screenshot 2017-04-16 16.56.55Screenshot 2017-04-16 16.57.05

Day 5

Bonus Run

After not being able to do the run on Tuesday and having the time, I wanted to make up for it a bit. It may not have been scheduled or the best thing to do, but the mind needed it.

I was also wanting to test the new watch with full colour mapping and round trip planning. This will be incredibly useful for when I am travelling.

I set the watch to do a route of around 10km and once I had worked out how it worked I set off. This took me up a 15% plus hill to start (although most routes in Amersham would be up to start!), then I settled in to just running and following the map.

No other thoughts than just running and with only a couple of moments of doubt when I did not trust the watch (I should have done) I just kept the run going.

The heart rate was higher than I would have wanted, but that was mainly as a result of the brutal climb at the start.

Must say I needed that run, nothing special, but good to have done. The watch worked a treat

Screenshot 2017-04-16 16.57.32Screenshot 2017-04-16 16.57.43Screenshot 2017-04-16 16.57.59

Day 6

70km ride with 3 x 15 mins @ 90 % FTP (5) – easy but with the final 90 mins to include 3 x 15 minute efforts at 90% FTP (or perceived equivalent) with 5 mins easy spin recovery between blocks. These can be on flat or rolling hills.

After adding the run in yesterday (which made up for missing one on Tuesday) the legs were a bit more tired than they would have been for the ride.

It was chilly and breezy but I was out early to get this ride in. I had set a route out that would involve a fair bit of climbing and this was from the off. The problem with somewhere like Old Amersham you pretty much have to go up hill from the off. This was actually good practice for the Tour de Yorkshire as that will have a 1.4km steep climb at the start.

I took the hill nice and steady but it was just under 1km long and up to 18%, so not an easy start.

Once done though I was focused on settling in to a good rhythm. The challenge after the hill was the wind though, the first 30km were pretty much in to it and made it hard.

It was nice to turn and ride with the wind and then start pushing.

I started the pushes at the bottom of the toughest hill, which I knew was going to be tough but I had deliberately planned it. This one is featured as one of the top 100 climbs in the UK and it was tough and steep, over 20% in places and over, 1.3km and averaging over 9%.

I had set a notional target time of 7:30 for the hill, but was not monitoring it as rode. When I looked at the data it was 7:38 so not bad. Hopefully it means that my estimates for the Tour will be OK.

After that hill is was very much a case of push when I could rather than sticking to 15 minute blocks. The road conditions and cars (was going to quick for the at times) meant it was not possible to do the big blocks, but I pushed harder in the last 90 overall.

I had hoped to get the ride done in about 3hrs and managed to do that.

Screenshot 2017-04-16 16.58.59Screenshot 2017-04-16 16.59.11Screenshot 2017-04-16 16.59.25

Day 7

60 minute ride to include 3 x 8 minute hill repeats focusing on high cadence power output, ideally climbs up to 8 minutes or 2-3 minutes with a spin back down and repeating. Take 2 minutes easy between the 8 minute blocks.

I had set up a route that would mean a slightly longer ride than planned, but I wanted to get a few extra miles and meters climbed in to the legs.

The planned route involved quite a few hills and I hoped ones that would let me do the high cadence work. My basic approach was to ride as high a cadence as possible up every climb. Not knowing the roads I was not sure if I would be 3 distinct 8 minute ones, but I knew there would be lots of climbing.

The legs did not feel too bad before the ride, which is pleasing after yesterday. However, I had not had a good nights sleep so was not sure how it would go.

Setting off at 7am I headed out on to the main road, which was a gradual drag, before turning on to the back roads, which immediately took me up a 7% average hill, max around 14%. I used this as the first climb and then powered over the top with an average cadence of 97 and power of 228, so I knew I was going to be able to do the sets. This was only 4 minutes long, but I would be able to do more climbs than the 3.

The next main section involved a big dip, but still averaged 2% and took just under 6 minutes with averages of 99 cad and 225 power. The climb peaked at about 20%.

Then there was a much longer section just over 9 minutes where I averaged 100 cad and 221 power. The road at this point was basically a farm road and terrible surface with peaks over 15% and average 3% over the whole duration.

Talking of the roads, I though Sussex was bad, but Buckinghamshire beats them in terms of terrible and dangerous roads. 2 days of being shaken up on rough roads and dodging pot holes!

By this point though I found out that my planned route was not suitable. It was going to try and take me through a woodland track, which I did not want to do on the road bike. Now was the time to navigate round it. It would mean I would not be able to record laps as I went as I was not sure what was going to come and it would also add a few km to the ride.

There were some long drags of hills and some really steep ones, the work being Ashton Hill which averaged 8% over 1km, again peaking over 20%.

After another couple of slight navigation errors it was mainly then flat or down back to the start, with a few short climbs in between.

I was putting the pace on as much as I could in this bit but due to having to navigate, rather than follow the planned route, it was slightly slower.

Overall it was good to back up the ride from yesterday and get more climbing in. However, in 2 weeks time I want to be able to do the climbing rate I did in an hour (400m), but doing that over 4 hours to get 1600m of climbing in for the tour )actually according to the tour it 1s 1900m!), that still feels a bit daunting! That will be the most climbing I have done either way!

Screenshot 2017-04-16 16.59.45Screenshot 2017-04-16 16.59.55Screenshot 2017-04-16 17.00.06

The Current Week

Screenshot 2017-04-16 17.00.30Screenshot 2017-04-16 17.00.39

Health Stats

Screenshot 2017-04-16 17.01.25Screenshot 2017-04-16 17.01.40

4 Week Rolling Durations

Screenshot 2017-04-16 17.01.14


Screenshot 2017-04-16 17.02.12


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