Coaching – Week 72

This was a big week finishing off with the massive Tour de Yorkshire 100km sportive…

Day 2

5 mins + 3 x (4 x 90s).  After a good warm up run 5 minutes @ 10km pace with a 2-3 minute easy jog recovery and then add 3 sets of 4 x 90 seconds pushing hard.   Take 40 seconds rest between each and 2-3 minutes between sets.

Having to shoot everything 1 day due to Southern Rail on Monday not getting me back in time to collect my bike so had to get it on Tuesday instead

Long day at work and slow train again led to a lack of time and inclination for training

Day 4

Making up for lost volume

Trying to make up a little bit of the lost volume from yesterday I managed to squeeze in a short run.

I just set out for a run around the pace I want to be able to do for the duathlon, around 5:00 km pace, which I managed to do. I know that for the Duathlon I would be able to jump on the bike after that and then ride hard. The second 5km will be a question of eyes out give it all.

So with this run I was also testing out the first use of elasticated laces ahead of the Duathlon, they worked fine and if anything made the shoes feel more comfy.

Nothing major about the run other than it being fairly even paced.

Screenshot 2017-04-30 16.27.03Screenshot 2017-04-30 16.27.28Screenshot 2017-04-30 16.27.39

60 minutes to include 10 sets of 30 seconds saddle based high cadence sprints to 110-120, 30s easy

As soon as I finished work I was out on the bike. This would have been easier to do on the turbo but as I had the bike serviced this week I did not want to swap the back wheel over and potentially nudge the gearing out. Plus it is good to get more road mileage in.

The start was tricky with traffic, mainly complete idiots driving, but once off the main roads it was fine. I did the first 25 minutes and had just about timed it right to hit the repeats on flatish road.

The focus I had for this was to try and get the cadence & power high, which seemed pretty successful. Most of the average cadences were around the 115 mark, so that is pleasing.

Nothing major to report other than it was good to be out before the rain kicked in!

Screenshot 2017-04-30 16.28.20Screenshot 2017-04-30 16.28.29Screenshot 2017-04-30 16.28.40

Day 5

45 minutes with 10 + 6 + 6 – 45 minute run to include; 10 minutes at threshold, 3 minutes easy, 6 minutes at 10km pace, 2 minutes easy, 6 minutes at 10km pace

As soon as I possibly could I finished work and headed out on this run.  Given that I was a day late I wanted to do it as soon as possible, but also not over strain the legs before the weekend.

Overall it was not a bad run, but I was about 10 seconds per km outside my best 10km pace.  Not surprising given the last few months, but stull pleased with things.  I was struggling on the last one a bit but the pace was about the same

Screenshot 2017-04-30 16.29.10Screenshot 2017-04-30 16.29.20Screenshot 2017-04-30 16.29.34

Day 6

30 minute easy run + 5 x 100m

After the run yesterday the legs felt a bit flat this morning, but I kept this nice and steady and trotted through 3km before doing the 100m efforts. I was not quite at sprint, but was running hard. Not got the pace that I have had before, but then again I have not really done much in terms of that type of effort.

It was not too bad as I had to do Thursday’s run last night so the rest had not been there

Screenshot 2017-04-30 16.30.07Screenshot 2017-04-30 16.30.18Screenshot 2017-04-30 16.30.30

20 minute easy spin on bike – check bike

So that was that, the easy ride out before the Tour de Yorkshire tomorrow.  No issues and kept that nice and easy.  The main problem I have is that I have what feels like a pinched nerve in the neck.  This has been coming on for the last few days and nothing to do with training, but more with seating position at work or too much time on trains!  Hopefully will be OK tomorrow.

Screenshot 2017-04-30 16.31.02Screenshot 2017-04-30 16.31.12Screenshot 2017-04-30 16.31.23


Day 7

Tour de Yorkshire Sportive

Well, that was lumpy!  Quote possibly the hardest thing I have done and harder than Ride London last year.  Full post coming soon

Screenshot 2017-04-30 16.31.49Screenshot 2017-04-30 16.31.59Screenshot 2017-04-30 16.32.22

The Current Week

Screenshot 2017-04-30 16.32.41Screenshot 2017-04-30 16.32.51

Health Stats

Screenshot 2017-04-30 16.34.03Screenshot 2017-04-30 16.34.15

4 Week Rolling Durations

Screenshot 2017-04-30 16.33.42


Screenshot 2017-04-30 16.33.09Screenshot 2017-04-30 16.34.50

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