Coaching – Week 74

A weekend away in Somerset with hills and long flat stretches, perfect prep for Tour of Cambridgeshire…

Day 1

60-75 minute easy bike

That was surprising. First things first I am sure that the heart rate monitor must not have been reading correctly as it seemed really low, but you never know it might have been right.

The ride felt pretty good and I got a big haul of segment pb’s. I was keeping it easy but pushing when I needed too.

It was breezy and the countryside rolling which made it challenging at times with a few cross winds.

Pleased with how it went though and good outputs throughout

Screenshot 2017-05-14 17.20.22Screenshot 2017-05-14 17.20.30Screenshot 2017-05-14 17.20.41

Day 3

60 minute run with 5 x 6 minutes @ threshold from 90 second easy jog recovery.

Due to travel constraints I am moving all runs one day forward this week

Somehow I had managed to set this workout up slightly wrong.  Instead of 90 second recovery periods I had them in for 3 minutes, not sure how I did that, but at least I
got the threshold blocks in correctly.

Getting up and out of the hotel was OK, despite the fact that it would have been 5:30am UK time. I headed out in to the streets of Paris on a cool, but still morning.  Perfect for running.

The warm up done, slower than I would have wanted but some of that was due to
having to check the navigation on watch.

As I was running following the watch mapping I was not focused at all on pace, but
running on feel.  When I started on the Threshold blocks it was all about following the map and just running to what I thought was about right.

Some of the blocks look slower than they should have been, but that is mainly due to
the challenges of running round a strange city and having to pause of lights,
crossings, bin men, cars and pedestrians.

Despite some of the pace being slower than I would have wanted for threshold (between 4:30 & 4:45 was the aim) I am happy with efforts and the heart rate was up in to the threshold zone.

Although I am not running at the pace I would really want (but it is getting better) I definitely feel like I am running better and the performance is coming.

Screenshot 2017-05-14 17.21.11Screenshot 2017-05-14 17.21.22Screenshot 2017-05-14 17.21.37

Day 4

Pace should be at least 60 secs a mile slower than half marathon pace but closer to 90 secs would be better still.

Another early morning run around Paris, but this was not such a good day for running, well not for me anyway. Instead of the 6c from the day before at the start it was 17c and very humid, not good conditions for me.

The run was nice and relaxed and I was fine once I had got my bearings on the route. The first km was a bit of a mess but after that it was all good. I was mainly running from the map on the watch and not looking at any other data, other than the split that came up each km.

What this meant was that I was running on feel and effort and as a result running a bit too quick. I was after about 5:45 per km to meet the target, but discounting the first one I was nearer 5:30 so not a million miles away but that did include pauses for crossing roads etc, so definitely too quick. However, it felt about right.

Towards the end, and despite having water with me, I was feeling a bit on the warm side!

Screenshot 2017-05-14 17.22.09Screenshot 2017-05-14 17.22.21Screenshot 2017-05-14 17.22.30

Day 5

9km overall but to include 2 sets of 5 x 200m. Run the 200m efforts hard at a notional 800m to mile race pace and run easy back tot he start point to recover between each and have 3-4 minutes rest between the 2 sets.

Following the last couple of days of running and the 5 hours plus on trains the day before the legs were a bit heavy for this run

With the warm up done of 3km it was time for the 200m efforts. I had found myself a flat’ish stretch that I knew I would be able to run with limited interruptions from cars or pedestrians so it was time for the off.

I find mile/800m pace difficult to judge as it feels very close to flat out, but I was aiming for around 4 minute per km, but being slightly under it. The first few were fine and the first block had averages of 3:59, 3:59, 3:58, 4:01 & 4:00. Looking at these it is very pleasing with them being so close to each other. Not as quick as I would like as I would like to be nearer to 3:45 for a mile pace. However, given the short distance of these efforts there is the probability that the pace is not totally accurate.

Anyway, the recovery section was fine, but I had to stop the watch for 100m or so to allow me to get back to where I was doing the efforts.

Having done that I was off again and completed them with the following averages, 3:49, 3:51, 3:54, 4:08 & 3:56. Good that they were generally quicker, but not sure what happened with the last but one.

This set was a bit more like the pace I would like for a mile, my current PB is 3:52 pace

I was working hard today but also making the most of the recovery so that I could run them all hard.

Screenshot 2017-05-14 17.22.54Screenshot 2017-05-14 17.23.05Screenshot 2017-05-14 17.23.17

Day 6


Cheddar Gorge before the tourists, gorgeous!  Setting out nice and early it was time to hit the gorge and then on to a long ride.

After the Tour de Yorkshire the gorge felt pretty easy with just one section in the middle being tougher.  Once that was done it was time to power over the top, keeping it in control though, and set about the rest of the ride.

The breeze was picking up, which was a shame when I hit the A39 down in to Wells.  I was able to out run the traffic down the road but due to the wind I had to pedal harder than I wanted and did not reach peak speed.

After that it was very much a long stretch in the Somerset levels, great practice for the Tour of Cambridgeshire, long straight flat stretches with head wind or cross winds.

Getting to the end of the ride I decided to extend the extra 9km to get to 100 overall and I think that was probably my fastest 100km in training.

Screenshot 2017-05-14 17.24.01Screenshot 2017-05-14 17.24.13Screenshot 2017-05-14 17.25.58

Day 7

70 minutes easy and relaxed

Out early on a perfect morning for a run. Slightly full as I had a small porridge early, but that was not a problem.

The legs were heavy and did not feel flowing, but were fine at the start. The randomly selected route, aim of around 12km, took me up a very steep hill to start and then down a rutted track, so the first couple of km were slow and very steady! As soon as they were done it was time to settle in to the running and although I was keeping it steady the pace was good, even I the heart rate was higher than it should have been.

I was fine through to about 8km. I had a couple of navigation problems with the watch wanting me to go down a byway that was very overgrown and then through a field. As a result I had to stop and work out which way to go. This broke the rhythm, not so much physically but mentally. I lost the focus and put in a few brief walks, but gave myself a talking too and started up again for the last few KM.

Getting through to the end I was actually quite pleased with an average pace of 5:26. Given that this included some walking and definitely trying to keep it as easy as possible that was not bad

Screenshot 2017-05-14 17.26.43Screenshot 2017-05-14 17.26.55Screenshot 2017-05-14 17.27.15

The Current Week

Screenshot 2017-05-14 17.27.42Screenshot 2017-05-14 17.27.52

Health Stats

Screenshot 2017-05-14 17.28.59Screenshot 2017-05-14 17.29.09

4 Week Rolling Durations

Screenshot 2017-05-14 17.28.40


Screenshot 2017-05-14 17.28.09Screenshot 2017-05-14 17.29.35


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