Coaching – Week 75

Back to racing on foot with the Horsham 10k, interesting experience with a 45km ride before it…

Day 1

40 minutes all easy and conversational but adding 5 x 100m strides around 3km pace after

My legs do not like me today! I was 50/50 on whether to do this or not as the legs were tired and this morning it felt like the chest infection was coming back, but I managed to clear the lungs.

The deciding factor was that I was at home so wanted to make the most of having the time without rushing.

It had been one of those days where I was hoping to knock off a bit early but was engrossed in getting something finished.

So then with the kit on I set off, sticky early evening and was keeping the pace nice and steady but the heart rate went up and would not come back down, despite how slowly I felt I was running. The good news is that the pace is not bad even when I feel like that I am hardly moving! Just need to get the heart rate under control and hopefully get shot of what ever is on the lungs still.

So with 40 minutes under my belt it was time for the strides. Picking up the pace and easing back was not too bad and did the legs a bit of good. I was planning on doing 25 seconds for each set of strides and 45 seconds trot, this would make it about 100m for each.

The pa was not too bad for them at 4:06, 4:29, 3:54, 4:15 & 4:18. I would guess that a good 3km time for me would be around 4:05 so not too bad overall

Screenshot 2017-05-21 20.20.48Screenshot 2017-05-21 20.21.02Screenshot 2017-05-21 20.21.17

Day 2

75 minutes easy

It had been one of those days so it was great to be getting out on the bike. I know I went too hard, but it was good. I was going to struggle to get 75 minutes in with the light, sadly not sunny, so had to make the most of the time I had.

I was surprised as the legs felt heavy before I started, but things seemed to be flowing nicely and I got a load of segment pb’s or top 3’s on very well ridden segments. Although the power and effort was up the heart rate was under control mainly in zone 2.

Also good to get really flying on a couple of downhills, both of which I got new top speeds on.

Hopefully this is the sign of good things to come

Screenshot 2017-05-21 20.21.56Screenshot 2017-05-21 20.22.07Screenshot 2017-05-21 20.22.22

Day 3

40 minutes to include short warm up with strides before running 1200m at planned 10km pace, 800m at 5km pace, 2 x 400m at 3-5km pace, 200m hard all from 2 minutes jogged recovery

It was wet, very wet, but I headed out of the hotel to Victoria Park. The legs had felt heavy this morning but were not too bad now. I can tell I am carrying some fatigue in them but the stiffness had eased a bit.

With the warm up done it was time to splash through the puddles a bit quicker.

The advantage with Victoria Park is that I have run there a lot and that it is flat.

Setting off on the first interval of 1.2km I was trying to do my 10km pace but was running a little too quick and ended up with an average pace of 4:25km. I was looking for between 4:30 & 4:45 with the expectation that currently I am near to 4:45. I was doing OK at that pace though.

After the first recovery block I hit the 800m block aiming for around 4:15 as 5km pace. I did not do too bad with 4:16 pace, so around what I can hold.

After that I was starting to feel it and struggling a little with the pace judgement on the 400m block, especially the 2nd one. It felt like I was running quicker but the watch said 4:14 and 4:19 pace. Ideally I would have wanted around 4:05 as 3km pace, but it was not far off from the 5km pace.

I was starting to blow at the end of the 400m but hit the 200m block as hard as I could. I started hard but after about 150m I could feel myself fading, but I did average 3:56 pace, but during that effort I had a peak 30 second pace of 3:26, which is not bad for me. Obviously need to get faster but we have not really done any speed work for a long time.

So that was it, I was surprised again as I half expected it to be a bad run. The rain was not nice but no wind and warm so it was not bad for running.

Looking at the data after the amount of segment pb’s is great and they are on well used ones

Screenshot 2017-05-21 20.22.50Screenshot 2017-05-21 20.23.12Screenshot 2017-05-21 20.23.28


Day 4

35 minutes easy with 5 x 20s pick ups – Run the pick ups at 800m-mile pace

A little time constrained today so I was running from work back to the hotel. This was always going to be tricky at the start, running through The City with the people and traffic was a challenge, but not too once I was a couple of streets away.

It was wet again though!

The first 20 minutes were nice and steady and the times should be ignored due to GPS issues in the city. Once I was on flatter, straighter stretches I was able to do the pick ups. These seemed to go pretty well and the legs were turning over nicely.

Once that was done it was back to easy running and finishing off back at the hotel to get ready for a night out

Screenshot 2017-05-21 20.24.09Screenshot 2017-05-21 20.24.18Screenshot 2017-05-21 20.24.33

Day 6

30-40 minute relaxed run

What no rain? None in the air but the ground was still wet, but other wise it was a perfect morning for the run, other than the wine tasting the night before!

It definitely felt like a bit tougher than it should but not too bad. I was trying to keep things under control and the good news is that my steady pace is definitely picking up and is 30 second per km better than it was a couple of months back.

Nothing major to report from the run other than it was great to be out in the fresh air with the sun out

Screenshot 2017-05-21 20.25.03Screenshot 2017-05-21 20.25.17Screenshot 2017-05-21 20.25.31


Day 7

2-2.5 hour relaxed bike

Knowing that the afternoon was going to be a bit time constrained I opted to do this run before the race rather than after.  The 10k was planned to be more of a training run rather than a pb effort so I hoped it would be a bad move doing the ride first.

I was not at my best and I had a technical problem at the start with the power meter not working.  After a quick pause I sorted that out and was off again.

With the run later I was keeping this well under control and riding as flat a route as I have available.

With the time pressures I was not able to get the full duration in, but 45km in 1:45 was not bad.  All under control and not stressing the legs too much

Screenshot 2017-05-21 20.26.05Screenshot 2017-05-21 20.26.16Screenshot 2017-05-21 20.26.30

Horsham 10k

11am is quite a civilised time to start a race, but it does mean that the day is warming up by then and the sun was out.

After the ride I walked to the start, over 3km, and once I had all my kit on I was ready to go.

I knew the route, but it is not really parts that I run. However, I knew that the trail section would have big puddles and I was not wrong. It was not too slippy and with some careful navigation you could get round the puddles.

After that it was a down hill stretch followed by a short sharp ramp before another shallow down hill. This then lead in to the ‘hill’. On the bike it is not too bad but on foot it is a killer. I do not really do hills and it does drag. After that it was round again.

The heart rate was up pretty quick and it was then a case of making sure I did not push too hard. Monitoring the effort and getting any recovery in I could.

The run had settled down and I was running in a small group, with some overtaking and being overtaken depending on whether it was up or down. I just kept the run as consistent as possible in terms of effort.

The original aim was to do the run in about 5:00 minute pace, but once we had settled down I realised I was on 4:45 pace, which was good.

The first 5km was done in 23:41, but the hill at the end of the first lap had taken it out of me, along with the heat of the day. My first warm run for a long time!

The second lap was definitely slower, but I was determined to keep going. It would have been so easy to walk up part of the hill second time round, but I kept put I told myself to just keep on running!

Thankfully getting to the top the turn back in to the field was in sight. I was still on 4:45 pace and I was managing to pick up the pace, but not quite enough to hold off someone on the sprint to the line.

Crossing it I think I finished in 47:29 (may be a couple of seconds quicker on the chip time), so pleased with that.

Yes I was shot at the end and the tank was pretty much empty. The crowds had been good and really helped getting me round. Tough but good!

Screenshot 2017-05-21 20.27.01Screenshot 2017-05-21 20.27.12Screenshot 2017-05-21 20.27.27

The Current Week

Screenshot 2017-05-21 20.28.24Screenshot 2017-05-21 20.28.39


Health Stats

Screenshot 2017-05-21 20.29.33Screenshot 2017-05-21 20.29.44

4 Week Rolling Durations

Screenshot 2017-05-21 20.30.22


Screenshot 2017-05-21 20.29.15Screenshot 2017-05-21 20.30.48

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