Coaching – Week 77

This was the week I have been targeting, the Tour of Cambridgeshire, it ended wtih an eventful, but great race…

Day 1

Tyre Repair Test

I was going to do tomorrows workout but still problems with the tyre, need to do some more work on it so this was an aborted ride

Day 2

CP criss cross between CP20-60 – This is a Joe Friel workout I have sued before and is not dissimilar to a running ‘flip-over’ workout I use a lot. The key part of the session is 32 minutes as a ‘criss-cross’ from CP60 to CP20 every 2 minutes. 85-100 rpm. CP60 is FTP really….CP20 a hard effort you could hold for 20 minutes max. between the blocks have 60s easy spin.

Since the ride on Sunday my body has felt battered and was still feeling it that way today. Tight hamstrings and feeling like I had been hit several times in the body, that is what rough roads and strong cross winds can do!

I also have a problem with the tubeless tyre, as in I need a new one fitted following the puncture on Saturday so I was back on Zwift. The first time in a long time.

It was the right sort of workout for Zwift but I would have loved to be out on the road. The wheel is due to be sorted on Friday in time for the Tour of Cambridgeshire.

All that said I got on the bike ready for the session. After 2 aborted warm ups, about 15 minutes in total, I was ready to start. I had to sort out a couple of technical things with the set up.

Once I was properly set up I started on the warm up again before starting the drills. I had no idea how the legs would react and they definitely did not feel good in the warm, dead would be a good description! So I just thought I would give it a go and see what happened.

The basic plan was to do FTP of 240 and hen about 275 for the harder blocks. The 275 was based on my best ever 20 minute power of 264 which was done as part of a longer, therefore it was that plus a bit. I actually wanted to do nearer the 250 for FTP which is where I think I should be but not done yet.

With the first few done the legs were starting to get going but I am glad that it was not a peak power session as I know that they would not have been able to do short big efforts.

I was trying to get in to a gear and then stick with it, however, the last couple of harder blocks I had to drop a gear and go for a slightly higher cadence for a bit to spin things out.

Having said that the blocks were good. The FTP blocks were all over target and between 245 & 251, averaging 247.8. The 115% blocks were also good with all but 2 at 275 or above, ranging from 270 to 278 and averaging 275.8.

To be honest I am amazed at that given how I felt. The last 2 blocks were a struggle and I have to say any thought of form and control went out of the window and it was mind over matter full effort.

You can see from the heart rates that the effort was building for them all as it was creeping up in every block.

Possibly the most pleasing aspect was that when I analyse the 40 minutes of work out, including the 1 minute recoveries, the average power was 238 so only just under my FTP. If I average the FTP and 115% blocks it was 261.8. The other pleasing element was the power profile keeping the spikes to a minimum, something I have not always been able to do

OK, the body did not feel good but the mind pushed through and the legs actually felt no worse at the end than at the start. Lots of stretching to do over the next few days though.

Screenshot 2017-06-05 13.57.20Screenshot 2017-06-05 13.57.35Screenshot 2017-06-05 13.57.50

Day 3

45 minutes – steady state throughout

First things first, it looks like the GPS had a bad night as it did not really stick to the roads. I think this recorded a good couple of hundred meters longer than I actually ran.

As with the run at the weekend this was the route that basically goes down hill to start with and then back up. Definitely good to open the legs out a but in the first half and I was trying to keep it under control. I did lose some of the control on the way home and the heat rate went up but I felt fine. It is the normal thing that once the heart rate goes up it does not come down very easily.

The running was OK and pace good, even if the GPS reading was out a bit. That did bring to an end my biggest month of running for over a year and with everything crossed there have been no issues with the ankle. Yes, issues with the legs, but not the ankle. The legs have just felt tired on a few runs but that is because of the increase in volume and also the combination of racing and cycling

Screenshot 2017-06-05 13.58.24Screenshot 2017-06-05 13.58.33Screenshot 2017-06-05 13.58.47

Day 4

Threshold: 4 x 6 mins (90s) – 40 minutes with 4 x 6 minutes @ threshold with 90s easy recovery

I really was not sure about doing this. The legs were tired, very, and it was hot, but I had managed to get home at a good time so I decided to go out and see how it felt.

The plan was to do the warm up and then see.

I was heading for as much shade as I could on the run and heading through the woods again.

After the warm up the legs did not feel too bad, tired and dead, but a bit looser than they were to start with.

I was going to try and keep the thresholds down at the low end and maintain control a bit better than I normally manage to do. For once I nearly stuck to that and was very rarely over the zone, mainly caused by hills!

I did the 4 threshold blocks and headed home. A bit surprised with them, I was not running that smoothly but running quite well.

There was one moment when the wooden path narrowed as I met a walker coming the other way and I nearly turned the ankle, yes the ankle that always has the problems. Good news though it did not hurt and it survived the slight twist like it should do.

I was pleased to get home at the end and chill out. A good stretch after has certainly helped

Screenshot 2017-06-05 13.59.18Screenshot 2017-06-05 13.59.31Screenshot 2017-06-05 13.59.49

Day 6

40 minutes easy w/ 5 x 1 min high cadence

Nice easy ride back around Peterborough.  It has been about 15 years since I rode round here.  Interesting to see some of the old places but a nice easy ride out after checking in to the hotel and getting settled in

Screenshot 2017-06-05 14.00.15Screenshot 2017-06-05 14.00.28Screenshot 2017-06-05 14.00.53

Day 7

Tour of Cambridgeshire

Get the fully story on the Tour of Cambridgeshire post.  There is a lot of green in the stats for this, definitely pushed myself

Screenshot 2017-06-05 14.01.36Screenshot 2017-06-05 14.01.48Screenshot 2017-06-05 14.02.14

The Current Week

Screenshot 2017-06-05 14.02.51Screenshot 2017-06-05 14.03.00

Health Stats

Screenshot 2017-06-05 14.07.02Screenshot 2017-06-05 14.07.16

4 Week Rolling Durations

Screenshot 2017-06-05 14.03.52


Screenshot 2017-06-05 14.03.22Screenshot 2017-06-05 14.07.49

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