Coaching – Week 78

Another week and another race, this was the Dinton Duathlon, a sprint race, despite it being 30km long!…

Day 1

30-40 minute easy spin – Legs will likely feel a bit rough so lets flush so re-oxygenated blood into he system, with a very light easy ride at 60-65% MHR

The legs did not feel too bad considering.  I got out fairly early for a nice relexed ride and just turned the legs over before breakfast and heading home

Screenshot 2017-06-11 18.55.04Screenshot 2017-06-11 18.55.17Screenshot 2017-06-11 18.55.38

Day 3

Brick session – 3 x 5 ride + (10/10/10) run

Moved from Tuesday to Wednesday due to running a bit late – Amazingly the legs would have been OK for doing this after the weekend

Brick Ride

After not getting this session in last night I was determined to get it done today.

The legs were feeling OK, but generally feeling tired and lethargic. However, I was going to head out on the bike rather than Zwift it, despite the wind.

I headed out shortly after 5 so the roads were a bit busy and I had to stop a couple of times, so the results of this ride really are pretty good.

I was trying to judge a route of the right distance, which I did. However, I hit the 2 big hills on the recovery rather than as part of the threshold, so I was just trying to soft pedal up them and it worked and the heart rate came down, despite the climb.

It was tough with the wind but I did feel like I was flying along nice and even with the traffic the power outputs were great. I was not looking at the them at all and was only focused on the heart rate, initially getting up to the zone and then keeping it there.

The first block took some time to get the heart rate up but once there I held it. The other 2 were not so hard to get the heart rate up.

Overall the heart rates were 136, 146 & 147. The average powers 236, 239 & 249 & the last 2 had normalised power over 265.

I had a minute or so over the at the end of the ride as it was slightly longer than I needed plus getting caught at traffic lights so this gave a little bit more recovery than I would have needed.

As soon as I got home I stopped the watch and got through the garden with the bike as quickly as possible and after unlocking the door and getting the bike inside it was a kick change of shoes and out again. 1:20 is pretty good for that and there was no messing around

Screenshot 2017-06-11 18.56.16Screenshot 2017-06-11 18.56.28Screenshot 2017-06-11 18.56.40


Brick Run

Getting out on to the run I was keeping it nice and steady. It was always going to be difficult to get the heart rate down in to the 120’s as this is not something I can normally do, let alone after a hard ride. However, I was going to keep it in the mid 130’s and then try and average an increase of 10 per block.

Amazingly, I pretty much did that. The average heart rates were 136, 146 & 157. More than was originally planned, but pleased with the progression and that they were pretty well controlled through each block.

The paces were not too bad as well, considering how windy it was with 5:24, 4:56 & 4:40.

Pretty pleased overall after the ride with a pace just under 5:00 km.

Screenshot 2017-06-11 18.57.17Screenshot 2017-06-11 18.57.26Screenshot 2017-06-11 18.57.36

Day 4

Threshold: 3 x 10 (3) – 60 minute run with 3 x 10 minutes @ threshold effort (85% MHR) with 3 minutes easy recovery.

Work, stupidly late finish! Will try and do tomorrow and drop the easy ride

Day 5

60-75 minute very easy road bike – Pick an easy route and ride with a good cadence to build little to no fatigue.

Moved from Wednesday to Friday to make room for the Brick I moved

Another late finish at work meant that I could not do this on Friday, but was going to make up a bit of volume on Saturday


Day 6

Easy Extra Run

Extra run added in to try and make up a bit of lost volume.  Just keeping things nice and easy and steady and really nothing at all to report from it


40 minutes easy with no efforts this week – HR below 70%

With the race tomorrow I was doing as instructed, keeping it easy, but extending the distance over the plan.

The idea was to make up some of the lost volume. Knowing that the Duathlon was not a target race so I took the risk on putting a bit of extra fatigue in to the legs.

Generally I kept this really easy with the heart rate below 75% mhr, but remarkably even doing that I got some segment PB’s.

Yes the legs were getting a bit of fatigue towards the end, but it was easy. The wind was helping to start and against at the end but still no issues

Screenshot 2017-06-11 18.58.43Screenshot 2017-06-11 18.58.54Screenshot 2017-06-11 18.59.09

Day 7

Dinton Duathlon

Run 1

5am alarm call any day is not good, but even worse after a terrible night’s sleep. That is the 4th on the trot where I have just not slept well at all. I generally don’t sleep very well but the last 4 nights have been even worse.

Given that I was very tired this morning and I also knew that I had put a bit too much fatigue in to the legs yesterday so expectations were low.

This was always only going to be a training exercise, but conditions were good despite some overnight showers.

Lining up at the start I could instantly see who the quick guys were going to be and was not even going to try and run with them.

Setting off I settled in to a steady pace, but it was definitely a bit quicker than I expected. I was trying to keep the heart rate stable and was pleased with the fact that it was not spiking.

The legs did feel dead though and if being honest the only thing I wanted to do during the run was throw up. A very strange feeling, which was not good.

Despite that I am pleased with the time of 23:59 (was trying for sub 24) and the km splits were consistent apart from the first one.

Getting back in to transition I did not quite get through as quickly as I should be a couple of lessons learned in relation to the shoes. This did give me a momentary breather which was needed.

Screenshot 2017-06-11 18.59.44Screenshot 2017-06-11 18.59.53Screenshot 2017-06-11 19.00.15


Running out of transition with the bike I was determined to take it steady and settle the legs in to start with. A couple of riders overtook me to start with but I was deliberately holding back until about 3km. We had been warned of a sharp turn and then a junction we needed to put a foot down for at 3km. That was the point I was going to light things up a bit.

A good move from me as I was now in to the ride and out of the corner I lifted the tempo and flew past the 2 that had overtaken me.

From there it was picking people off one by one. Nice to get a comment from one of the ladies riding (the winner from the ladies) saying a proper cyclist I knew she would get back on the run though and kept going hard.

I was happily picking people off and eventually settled in behind (outside of the drafting zone) one other rider while I recovered a bit, just a km or so and then I picked it up again and went past him as well.

Still passing people I had to stop due to temporary traffic lights, again we had been warned about them and they did adjust the times for people that had to stop. The problem was losing about a minute and I could feel the legs starting to complain. Nothing could be done but it would have been so much better to get through and I think it would have shaved 20 seconds or so off the bike time if I had. The legs did not like starting again.

The last few km were done and back to transition. Much better this time and through it in about 40 seconds, still need to get more efficient at it, but that was fine.

During the ride I knew that the run legs were not going to be there for the second one so was not leaving a great deal behind on the road, so much so that I got a new FTP notification on Training Peaks of 243, up from 240. I had no idea that I was pushing that much and it did coincide with the section from 3km onwards. I had also averaged just over 90% of my max heart rate for the race, definitely pushing!

Screenshot 2017-06-11 19.00.52Screenshot 2017-06-11 19.01.09Screenshot 2017-06-11 19.01.34

Run 2

Setting out on the second run I was running next to one of the other runners and having a chat while trying to bring the heart rate down. The legs still felt dead with the running but the bigger problem was the lungs and that I was coughing lots and feeling like I needed to clear them but nothing was happening (until about 4.5k when they felt better).

I was just seeing this through to the end. The good news was that only one runner went past me and I managed to hold off someone I had finished the bike alongside.

This felt very much like a plod and I was slower than I wanted in just over 26 minutes. From what I could see though everyone looked slow on the second run.

Getting to the line I raised the speed a fraction and was glad to have finished. It was a bit of mind over matter at the end, but with an official overall time of 1:27:26 I am pretty pleased considering. This actually being 30 seconds quicker than the last Duathlon and in theory (according to the race organisers) 400m longer on the run and 1km longer on the ride. My stats show it a bit shorter than they said but the GPS is a bit off on the watch at the minute. Whichever way I look at it the time was better, even if mainly due to my cycling.

4th in Category (M40 to 50 so quite a wide range) is pleasing and even if I had run 2 minutes quicker and been through transition better I would not have been any higher. The next racer was about 5 minutes quicker.

I know where I need to improve and that is on the running. Overall on the bike I was 11th quickest but the runs were 24th and 30th respectively.

Screenshot 2017-06-11 19.02.50Screenshot 2017-06-11 19.03.00Screenshot 2017-06-11 19.03.14

The Current Week

Screenshot 2017-06-11 19.04.06Screenshot 2017-06-11 19.05.15

Health Stats

Screenshot 2017-06-11 19.06.49Screenshot 2017-06-11 19.07.39

4 Week Rolling Durations

Screenshot 2017-06-11 19.05.51


Screenshot 2017-06-11 19.04.42Screenshot 2017-06-11 19.08.07

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