Coaching – Week 79

A more normal week of training, no races.  A couple of frustrations with the bike which did not help…

Day 1

Rest or 40 minute recovery run – See how beaten up your legs feel Chris, rest if tired or super sore.

I had every intention of doing this with all the kit set out ready to change in to as soon as home, but following the are yesterday the lower back as been very stiff, to the point where it is not easy getting out of the chair and straightening up.

This has not eased during the day and as a result I opted not to do the run as I did not want to put any stress through it. I could have run as once I have stood up, straightened out and started moving it is OK but I did not want to task the risk. I have been doing an impression of a vary old man when standing up!

The legs had the capability to run, which is good.

Day 2

35 minute very easy spin – Keep this very easy and light Chris, intervals are the focus today.

Annoying! Get up, back not as bad, kit on, perfect morning for a ride. Get on the bike and no drive through the pedals!

After trying to get it sorted it looks like it is a free hub issue that will need to get sorted. Given that I did not have Zwift set up or anything else I did not have time to get out and do this. Really frustrating as it was perfect for a ride and the legs could have done with being turned over

Will set Zwift up for tomorrow, but will try and fix Freehub tonight if possible

Intervals: 2 x (5 x 1 min) + 5 x 40s – Intervals: 2 x (5 x 1 min) + 5 x 40s – Warm up well for 15 minutes at a very relaxes, easy pace but then add 4 sets of 20 second strides. Run 5 efforts of 1 minute, fast at ‘3km-5km’ pace. The rest between each is 60s/50s/40s/30s.  Jog for 3 minutes and then repeat the set.  Jog for 3 minutes then run 5 sets of 40 seconds…faster…with 60s jog between each.

I was not really feeling it tonight when I got home from work, it was hot and I was tired, but after the disappointment of not being able to ride this morning I went out to see how it would go.

Setting out the legs really did not feel great, very tired and a bit sore from the weekend, but after 15 minutes they had started to feel a little better, the strides definitely helped to open them up.

With the 5km blocks I was hoping to be under 4:15 pace, which is my 5km PB pace, but really wanting to be close to 4:05 pace if I could.

It is always tricky with these blocks as they are fairly short and there is always a slight build and maybe a little slow down at the end which pulls the average down, but despite them feeling hard I am pleased with how they turned out. The first block ranged between 4:08 and 4:28 pace, with an average of 4:16 and the second block ranged from 4:07 to 4:23 with an average of 4:15 which gave an overall average of 4:15.

Although not quicker than 5km pace it is my max 5km pace, although I cannot see that pace being in the legs at the minute.

I was not sure whether I would be able to do the faster pace or not but was mentally telling myself that it was only 2 minutes of hard running so I went for it. I had set the watch with a notional target pace of 3:44, which would be sub 19 5km pace (way faster than I have done!)

So despite the fact that I was struggling the pace was better than I thought it would be between 3:46 & 4:00 with an average of 3:54, which I will take.

The biggest problem I was having was with the heat and that my water was running pretty low. As normal I took a 500ml bottle with me but that was gone at the end.

Pleased with the will power to have done this

Screenshot 2017-06-18 18.07.22Screenshot 2017-06-18 18.07.33Screenshot 2017-06-18 18.07.50



Day 3

75-90 minute relaxed bike – Keep this relaxed and easy – on the road better if possible

As much as I would have loved to do this outside on the bike I did not get chance to repair the freehub so I was on Zwift.

I basically kept this nice and steady and turned the legs over. They have just released an extension to the London route so it at least gave something interesting to look at while riding.

Pretty much nothing special to report from this, but it was good to turn the legs over

Screenshot 2017-06-18 18.08.11Screenshot 2017-06-18 18.08.21Screenshot 2017-06-18 18.08.38

Day 4

Am: 8 mins + 5 x 2 + 8 mins – These sandwich sessions can be very effective 10km prep Chris. Suggest running them to HR rather than pace for the 8 minute blocks. The 2 minute blocks need to be 5km pace or faster.

That was tough this morning

Despite a better nights sleep I still felt really tired and the legs are heavy at the moment, but I got out and did this. However, I had a bad packing situation (first time) where I had forgotten my sunglasses, and I hate running without them as my eyes tend to water, and also my running water bottle so I was carrying a bigger one, which was not so easy (it did come in handy though!)

As with the last run I was not sure what I would be able to do so I am pleased to have done it all. Not so happy that the pace was lacking on the intervals, but not a million miles away.

For the whole run I was focused on HR and not pace and had the watch displaying that as the target.

The first threshold block was fine and felt pretty comfy with an average pace of 4:44 and heart rate of 149, so just about right. The second though felt horrible and despite trying to ease back I was struggling to keep it in the zone. The pace had dropped as well, but not too bad at 4:54 and 156 HR. Considering how I felt before the run I am pleased to have even done it, let alone under 5:00 pace.

The intervals in the middle were not as bad as I thought. I was trying to get the heart rate up in to the zone but it was a bit of a struggle to manage the efforts, but overall the averages were not too bad and they did get to or just under the zone. They were (average per block) 156, 159, 159, 155 (had a pause in this one to fill up the water!) & 161, with average pace of 4:17, 4:39, 4:31, 4:18 & 4:18. Not sure why the 2nd and 3rd were so much slower, but good that the other 3 were pretty much on my 5km pace, despite the legs not feeling like they had any pace at all!

It was warm and humid today and getting back to the hotel it looked like I had just stepped out of a shower! Although it was awkward with the larger water bottle it did come in handy and I got through about 750ml of fluids! I always need more than most, just the way my body is!

Screenshot 2017-06-18 18.09.10Screenshot 2017-06-18 18.09.23Screenshot 2017-06-18 18.09.38


Day 6

60km with 2 x 15km build ups – Keeping you legs in touch with a bit of race effort Chris despite a lighter overall volume this weekend bike wise.

That was starting to get warm!

After stripping the wheel down to try and repair the freehub at 6:30 in the morning I set off in the hope that it was sorted.

I think a new one will be required, but it got me through the ride. It did not sound healthy at times though.

Nice to be back out on the road on such a warm morning, would have been horrible doing it on the turbo!

Anyway, once I had got through the warm up it was time to do the ramp ups. I was following a route on the Garmin but luckily it started on a nice straight rolling road so it was good for trying to manage the effort. The next couple were a bit more interrupted with turns and things so the average power did not go up much, but the effort was up.

Really no issues at all doing either sets of pick ups and I even put in a further pick up in the last 10km as I knew the effort was slightly down given the interruptions with turns and things.

It was all good and the build up average powers were 213, 214 & 227, then 213, 215 & 216 (the last one really was interrupted waiting at junctions. Overall pleased with that and nice to be back out on the road. Definitely getting to get the freehub sorted soon

Screenshot 2017-06-18 18.10.04Screenshot 2017-06-18 18.10.25Screenshot 2017-06-18 18.10.37

Day 7

80 minutes steady – Longer, slightly quicker run today 75% MHR. Ease up to HR if legs feel rusty after yesterday.

That was quite an adventure for me. I asked the watch to do a 15km round route and I was going to follow it. I knew roughly where it was taking me, but it would involve lots of local areas I did not know, which is good for some variety.

It was hot, even at 7:30 in the morning, so I went out with my normal water bottle full of electrolyte and 2 smaller bottles on the belt, I was not going to run out! A very wise move.

The focus really was on just running and keeping the heart rate under control when possible. No looking at pace or anything else really.

Heading out through the woods was good as it was shade! After a slight misjudgement by me, as in missing the footpath, I was then heading through fields and upwards through more woods, which I was keeping steady.

It was the first time in a while where I have felt like I was running quite fluently, which was good.

The conditions and surface were not good and I was looking carefully at where my feet were going in the fields and woods as the ground was not great.

I misjudged one other point where it was not clear where the footpath went and took the wrong option and could not find a way out of a field. Luckily I was given directions by someone in a house on the edge of the field and escaped before heading off running again.

More ups and downs before the final big down hill section, which was good as it really helped with the overall pace.

I had to walk one section after this though as the path was so overgrown it was not possible to run it, this being a couple of hundred metres long. Frustrating really as this is part of the Horsham Riverside Walk and is rarely maintained.

Anyway, after that it was the turn for home, but after some more fields I was not concentrating and missed the turn I needed. Amazing that although close to home it is not part of Horsham I know, so was then trying to work out what to do. I ended up turning back to pick up the route again, but that added getting on for 1.5km extra to the run.

It had been very hot with temperatures recorded up to 28 towards the end and I was soaked!

Looking at the pace when I finished at 5:42 km I was pleased. That may not sound quick but given the stretch of walking, pauses for navigational issues and lots and lots of stiles that would easily have been under 5:30 pace.

The legs felt like they needed that run

Screenshot 2017-06-18 18.10.59Screenshot 2017-06-18 18.11.10Screenshot 2017-06-18 18.11.25

The Current Week

Screenshot 2017-06-11 19.04.06Screenshot 2017-06-11 19.05.15

Health Stats

Screenshot 2017-06-11 19.06.49Screenshot 2017-06-11 19.07.39

4 Week Rolling Durations

Screenshot 2017-06-11 19.05.51


Screenshot 2017-06-18 18.12.27Screenshot 2017-06-11 19.08.07

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