Coaching – Week 80

Back in the flow of training, but building nicely to next weekends Newham 10k…

Day 1

90 minutes with 2 x 25 steady – Appreciate this might be struggle around work plans…bike is secondary for a couple of weeks so happy to cut back a bit towards 70 mins with 2 x 20 min blocks if that helps

That so nearly did not happen. Hot and very tired and slow journey home, but I knew I could not afford to slip the sessions back a day so went out.

Initially it was to test with the second strip down of the freehub had sorted it (better but not running smoothly) and to see whether the legs would cope.

The quads were feeling tired but I did the warm up nice and gently and had chosen a route that would allow me to get some good constant pedalling in, mainly left hand turns where I had to turn and reasonably flat. In fact a route that would be good for further testing of 40km plus TT efforts.

The first 25 minute block seemed OK although the legs were not that happy during it, but with an average of 211w and 128 heart rate is pretty good. Target watts were 207.

The second block felt tougher but the watts were the same at 211 and the heart rate only slightly up at 131.

The whole ride had been focused just on the power and trying to manage it.

The legs definitely know they have done the ride and I will have to see how they are for the run tomorrow.

The overall time of just under 90 minutes for just over 42km is about the sort of effort I would expect for the Duathlon. I will be aiming for the 44km in around 80 to 85 minutes

Screenshot 2017-06-25 17.37.58Screenshot 2017-06-25 17.38.09Screenshot 2017-06-25 17.38.26

Day 2

Intervals: 5 mins + 4 x (4 x 1 min) – Warm up well and include strides into the warm up. Run 5 minutes at 10km pace. Jog easy for 2-3 minutes then complete 4 sets of 4 x 1 minute targeting 3km pace or faster with 60/40/20s rest between efforts with 2-3 mins jog between sets.

Unfortunately I had been ‘Southerned’ on the journey home and had been sat on a train for too long, but also the legs were tired and the quads a bit sore, so I knew this run was going to be challenging. That is without the heat! 27c is too hot for me really!

I still went out and was prepared to do the session, but also prepared to listen to the body.

The warm up done and the strides completed I knew the legs were heavy. Strangely I felt very flat footed, which is not something I have felt before. I have moved the foot striking position back a bit so I am not so much on the toes, but this just felt flat footed. Through the run I tried to lift up a bit to get rid of that feeling. I think it was just the way the legs felt.

After the strides (which the pace seemed go for at 4:12, 3:50, 3:44 & 3:45) I moved in to the 10km pace block, by this point it was really hot, but I lifted the pace and even with a slight overall elevation gain the pace was bang on at 4:32 average. That is my target time give or take.

However, I knew that by the end of the block that the legs did not really have it in them. Yes, I could have pushed through and done the intervals (not sure what the pace would have been like) but it would not have done me any good. Both with the heat but also overall with the legs.

I do not like cutting a session short but today it was definitely the right thing to do. Even if I have to drop tomorrow nights session as well, or reduce it, the legs will come back and I will get the session on Thursday done. I listened to the body!

Screenshot 2017-06-25 17.39.02Screenshot 2017-06-25 17.39.18Screenshot 2017-06-25 17.39.40

Day 3

40 minute recovery run at 70% MHR

I was ‘Southerned’ again, but to be honest I had already decided not to run tonight.  Felt really hot, even hotter than yesterday, but also the legs would benefit (hopefully) from a day of rest

Day 4

10 mins + 5 x 2 mins + 10 mins – Slight extension from last week with 10 minute threshold blocks…target 10km pace for the final block…if you can.

After the last few days it was a relief that the temperature had dropped, not exactly chilly in the mid 20’s, but a lot better.

The legs were still feeling tired and not great but better than the last attempted run.

Heading out on the warm up it felt better and I was taking it very slowly and keeping the effort down before I started on the threshold block.

The first threshold actually felt OK and reasonably controlled with the average heart rate at 151, so just about right, and pleasingly the pace was 4:36 so a pretty good 10km pace for me and something I would be able to sustain.

After the recovery it was time for the hard intervals. As with last time I could not get the heart rate right up, well I could have done but I would not have then been able to complete the sets, but they started OK. The last couple were a bit more or a struggle but I was pleased to get them done.

The pace range was not as good as I would have liked at 4:00 to 4:23 pace.

I was doing them as hard as possible but still knowing I had another threshold block to go.

Talking of that I was definitely blowing at the start of it and the recovery had only just brought the heart rate down below the zone so it did not take much to bring it back up.

I was focused solely on the heart rate and letting the pace take care of itself. I was outside of the zone at times and was trying to bring it down to keep it under control.

The average heart rate at the end of it was 157 and pace slower than 10km best at 4:55, but not too bad.

So when I got home I was happy with doing it but not overly pleased with the paces, but when I analysed and compared to the session last week it cheered me up. Both the threshold and hard blocks were quicker on average and the run power was up with very little change in average heart rate.

The comparison tables are a good view.

Talking of power, I know that running power measurement is still pretty new but I managed to get my best 20 minute and 60 minute power outputs when running. I have been using Stryd since February so that is a good sign

Screenshot 2017-06-25 17.40.10Screenshot 2017-06-25 17.40.26Screenshot 2017-06-25 17.40.46

Day 5

Easy stretch of the legs to try and make up a bit of the lost volume, but also they needed it.  I took the chance to start breaking in a new pair of trainers as well

Screenshot 2017-06-25 17.41.12Screenshot 2017-06-25 17.41.35Screenshot 2017-06-25 17.41.54

Day 6

Parkrun, following on from 10 minute easy and with 10 minute easy after

Well, that was so close to not happening. The preparation the night before was what you might call not great and the stomach was off this morning, but luckily just about settled in time.

Having done a nice steady 10 minutes before hand it was time for the Parkrun. Slight delay with the start and a very big field, which made it tricky at times with having to work my way round people.

The focus was solely on the hoped for 10km target time of 4:30.

As normal everyone set off really quickly but I was trying not to go with them, knowing that I was targeting pace and that I would then pass a lot of people that go off to quickly (which I did).

Using the new shoes it did feel like I had a bit more bounce and spring, but it will take a couple more runs to break them in completely.

I was keeping a very close eye on the watch and the pace and at the slowest I think it slowest it got to was 4:37, which would have been the time I was struggling with some of the traffic, but then I picked it back up again and am pleased to have averaged 4:33 in the end. I am pleased with the average pace splits of 4:31, 4:37, 4:42, 4:35 & 4:21

The heart rate had been reasonably under control but was creeping up each km, but not too bad.

From a power point of view my expected FTP is set at 265, but I averaged 273 for this run, which again I will take as a positive.

Would I have been able to keep that pace going for 10km today? No, not after how I felt this morning, however, I could have done another couple without a problem and hopefully I can now translate that in to the 10km next week, which would put me very close to pb pace

Screenshot 2017-06-25 17.42.48Screenshot 2017-06-25 17.43.03Screenshot 2017-06-25 17.43.19

Day 7

70-80km bike over rolling route

4am, 2 cats fighting outside equals me waking up and not getting back to sleep! Nothing for it other than to get up and have breakfast and head out for the ride.

Leaving at 6:15 or so on a very nice morning for cycling. Slight chill in the air, early morning light and no one around!

I set off and once I was out of Horsham, even at that time of morning I got stopped at lights and level crossings, it was time to settle in to an easy ride keeping things in Zone 2.

The route I had planned was undulating with one big climb just after half way.

Riding nicely I was quite happy and actually had to push a little bit to lift the heart rate up and despite a couple of navigational stops it was all good.

The big climb, which in places was over 15% was fine. Quite a long climbs up in the Surrey Hills (not one of the known ones) but I was keeping the heart rate under control, no more than 141, which is pretty good on that sort of climb. Felt comfy and controlled.

After that it was time to head for home. Quite amusing in a way as I was passing lots of cyclists going the other way, all heading to Leith Hill, where as I was heading home for as I had already been out for over 2 hours.

Everything was still under control until about the last 8km, but I pushed on a bit there as there is a nice stretch of road I enjoy riding on so just gave it a bit more gas, but still only getting up to 148 bpm.

Overall the heart rate averaged 116 and I was in Zone 2 57% of the time and Zone 1 27%.

What surprised me the most was that I average 183 watts across the whole ride and normalized at 199.

It had actually taken about an hour for the legs to really wake up as well, but I was still riding well with a good pace.

Screenshot 2017-06-25 17.44.17Screenshot 2017-06-25 17.44.35Screenshot 2017-06-25 17.44.54

The Current Week

Screenshot 2017-06-25 17.32.34Screenshot 2017-06-25 17.32.44

Health Stats

Screenshot 2017-06-25 17.33.46Screenshot 2017-06-25 17.34.27

4 Week Rolling Durations

Screenshot 2017-06-25 17.33.28


Screenshot 2017-06-25 18.02.57Screenshot 2017-06-25 17.35.54

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