It has been a while since Mr Smith has been on a restaurant eating weekend, but this one kicked off with a delicious dinner at Ora in Heslinki…

I knew I was going to be well looked after before I arrived.  I had been on the waiting list and was lucky to be offered a table, which I gladly accepted, but I was then contacted to see if I wanted to move my time to a little later as I would be the only dinner (as normal I was going early).  This was not actually a problem for me as I like the interaction with people when you get chance and a ‘Private Function’ makes you feel special, but really nice to be asked if I wanted to change.

I did move the time slightly but that was mainly due to the flight being delayed and it was a good job I did.

So just 2 hours in to my visit I was at Ora.  It was a 15 minute leisurely stroll from the hotel and I received a very warm welcome from Noora.  After all, they knew that the 1 single guy walking through the door at 6.30 was going to be me, but it was very nice to be welcomed so warmly.

The restaurant itself has only been up and running for six weeks, following a complete re-fit and change from the previous Chef & Sommelier.  The design was amazing and the fact that they have catered, with small individual tables, for single diners is pretty unique.

After sitting down Sasu, the driving force of the kitchen, came over and welcomed me.  This was the start of lots of great conversation about the food and the ethos, seasonal, local and fresh.

The food did not disappoint at all and the matched drinks were equally as good.  Both surprised and challenged the palette in the right way, creating new taste experiences.

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The food was so fresh and vibrant and full of flavour and it was good to have everything explained by the chefs.

The matching drinks were a perfect accompaniment , with Wines, Cider and Sake.

Overall the perfect start to me short visit to Helsinki

Mr Smith dined on 7th September 2017 and would love to go back in another season

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