Day 2 in the short trip to Helsinki and it was time for the second tasting menu in the Creative Kitchen at Restaurant Olo…

Walking through the door I was a few minutes early but that was fine and a nice warm welcome as I entered and walked through the kitchen.  Saying hi to the chefs and then being shown to my sheet.

The dinning area was lovely and I was looking forward to the Journey through the food, and of course the matched drinks!

Starting off with a number of small and interesting snacks the meal was off to a good start and by now there were a few other diners coming in.  Again, it was great to see an other single dinner in the restaurant and I later find out this was Caite from New York and someone who loves her food as much as I do.

Conversations later in the evening confirmed that as she has already done the top of the list of restaurants I would have recommended in East London!

The ‘Finger Food’

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Anyway, back to my food.  Moving through the menu the description of it being a journey is definitely correct and things flow nicely and develop through taste and flavour.

The matched drinks were equally as good and the biggest surprise of the night was the fact that Mr Smith actually enjoyed the beer that came out!  That is a first as beer is about the only thing Mr Smith does not like.

During the meal both myself and Caite were able to go in to the kitchen to watch them put the finishing touches to a couple of the dishes.  A great thing to be able to do, not just to speak to the chefs but to see the way they work and the precision they have.

Main Dishes

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It was not possible to resist the additional cheese course and they were amazing.  I had no idea about Finnish cheese and the blue was a stand out.

Wrapping up with the desserts and petit fours it was the end of a lovely evening and great food.  It was great to chat to Caite at the end of the meal as well which rounded things off nicely.


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Mr Smith dined on 8th September 2017

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