The 3rd and final tasting menu in Helsinki, could Ask be as good as the others?  Simply, yes!…

After a day out and about on my foot, a long run and walk, I was in need of a nice relaxing evening with great food and wine, luckily that is what I got.

Arriving at the restaurant I took my seat and was welcomed with a delicious selection of crackers and dip, followed by loads of little finger food snacks, all before starting on the menu itself.

The Snacks

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First of all to note from the menu is that where ever possible they use local and organic ingredients, obviously apart from those things caught wild which can not be guaranteed as organic.  This went or the wine as well which was natural, organic or bio dynamic.  An ethos that definitely appeals to Mr Smith and one of the deciding factors in making this as must visit restaurant.

The menu was 10 different dishes, on top of the 8 or separate elements in the snacks, all of which had a paired wine.  Obviously when asked the wine pairing was the obvious choice.

Moving through the menu was an incredible journey or taste and experience with the chefs coming out to serve most of the dishes, which always add to the overall pleasure of the evening.

All of the flavours and textures, of the 21 different dishes, were a delight on the palette and the matching wines were incredible, some subtle, some bold but all interesting and making Mr Smith want to find some for home.

The Menu

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The Desserts

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This was definitely a relaxing experience and just what was needed.  Nothing formal, just great food and wine, the perfect end to what had been a great 3 days of food, wine and exploring.

Mr Smith dined on 9th September 2017


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