For the 3rd year on the trot Mr Smith managed to get to the National Burger Day bash, hosted by Street Feast & Mr Hyde, could it match previous years?…

The quick answer Yes, but the slightly longer answer is below.

Having walked from the office in the City Mr Smith had a good appetite but was going to have to pace himself as he was also waiting for ‘The Mrs Smith’ to arrive, the normal companion for such events.

While waiting a full tour was carried out to work out what to have.  Now the problem as there were at least 7 that were on the ‘must have’ list!  While pondering though a very nice glass of wine was purchased from Street Vin wine bar, but there was nothing for it, a burger was needed!

Heading for Black Bear Burger first for ‘The 74’ was a great move and managed to stave off the hunger until ‘The Mrs Smith’ arrived.  It was then time to let the rest of the eating begin.

National Burger Day 1

After refilling the drinks and working out what to have from the long list it was time to head for Stockholm and ‘Straight Outta STHLM’ from Barrels, wow!  The problem being it is a long way to go and get another one from them!

National Burger Day 4

Up next was something that intrigued, the ‘Meat & Potatoes’ from Honest Burgers x Quality Chop.  With no real idea how this would be it was a great surprise.  Burger, Confit Potato and Red Leicester as the main things and very good indeed.

National Burger Day 6

Then it was time for the curve ball, the burger from Bobs Lobster.  They are obviously known more for their Lobster than anything else so this had to be tried, but what on earth was a ‘Chowder Burger’?  Well, it turned out to be a delicious burger with some chowder underneath.  Obviously the burger was dipped in the chowder and it was definitely unique, but in a good way.

National Burger Day 7

Four down, could anymore be fitted in?  At this point it was 50/50 whether or not there would be room for another one or not and also some of the stalls had sold out.  However, on a final walk round Mr Smith spotted there was not a queue at Mother Flipper, it had been massive all night.  Was this fate?  Was there any left?  Yes and yes!  This was one that was on the list and it took seconds for the decision to be made and the ‘Candy Bacon Special’ was ordered!  What a good move and this would definitely be rated as a dirty burger, but bloody lovely!

National Burger Day 8

What a way to end the night.  Another great night full of the highest quality burgers, with some lovely wine and company.  Can Mr Smith make it 4 years next year, lets see, but it is highly likely!

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