National Burger Day 2017

For the 3rd year on the trot Mr Smith managed to get to the National Burger Day bash, hosted by Street Feast & Mr Hyde, could it match previous years?…

The quick answer Yes, but the slightly longer answer is below.

Having walked from the office in the City Mr Smith had a good appetite but was going to have to pace himself as he was also waiting for ‘The Mrs Smith’ to arrive, the normal companion for such events.

While waiting a full tour was carried out to work out what to have. ¬†Now the problem as there were at least 7 that were on the ‘must have’ list! ¬†While pondering though a very nice glass of wine was purchased from Street Vin wine bar, but there was nothing for it, a burger was needed!

Heading for Black Bear Burger first for ‘The 74’ was a great move and managed to stave off the hunger until ‘The Mrs Smith’ arrived. ¬†It was then time to let the rest of the eating begin.

National Burger Day 1

After refilling the drinks and working out what to have from the long list it was time to head for Stockholm and ‘Straight Outta STHLM’ from Barrels, wow! ¬†The problem being it is a long way to go and get another one from them!

National Burger Day 4

Up next was something that intrigued, the ‘Meat & Potatoes’ from Honest Burgers x Quality Chop. ¬†With no real idea how this would be it was a great surprise. ¬†Burger, Confit Potato and Red Leicester as the main things and very good indeed.

National Burger Day 6

Then it was time for the curve ball, the burger from Bobs Lobster. ¬†They are obviously known more for their Lobster than anything else so this had to be tried, but what on earth was a ‘Chowder Burger’? ¬†Well, it turned out to be a delicious burger with some chowder underneath. ¬†Obviously the burger was dipped in the chowder and it was definitely unique, but in a good way.

National Burger Day 7

Four down, could anymore be fitted in? ¬†At this point it was 50/50 whether or not there would be room for another one or not and also some of the stalls had sold out. ¬†However, on a final walk round Mr Smith spotted there was not a queue at Mother Flipper, it had been massive all night. ¬†Was this fate? ¬†Was there any left? ¬†Yes and yes! ¬†This was one that was on the list and it took seconds for the decision to be made and the ‘Candy Bacon Special’ was ordered! ¬†What a good move and this would definitely be rated as a dirty burger, but bloody lovely!

National Burger Day 8

What a way to end the night.  Another great night full of the highest quality burgers, with some lovely wine and company.  Can Mr Smith make it 4 years next year, lets see, but it is highly likely!