Singapore – February 2019

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The Observations and Memories

Hot, but not as hot as I thought and no rain during the trip.  Yes, it was throwing it down when I arrived, but not when I got out of the MRT, so at no point during the stay in Singapore did I get wet

Singapore Day 1-5
Infinity Pool at Westin Hotel – 42nd Floor
Singapore Day 2-3
Singapore Day 2-6
Hawker Food
Singapore Day 2-7
Hawker Food
Singapore Day 2-8
Hawker Food
Singapore Day 2-13
Chinese New Year
Singapore Day 2-15
Year of the pig
Singapore Day 3-11
Marina Bay Sands
Singapore Day 3-13
Supertree Grove
Singapore Day 3-16
Supertree Grove
Singapore Day 3-26
Supertree Grove
Singapore Day 3-30
Cloud Forest
Singapore Day 3-37
Cloud Forest
Singapore Day 3-44
When in Singapore must do a selfie!
Singapore Day 3-45
Chinese New Year


Talking of the MRT, that was an interesting experience.  Arriving at rush hour, but getting on at the airport, meant space and I was able to park the bags!  As I got closer to town, which is a long ride, it gets busier and busier, but so different to London.  There is an order, a shuffle around as people get on and off, no speaking, looking at phones, generally no interaction with any human being, but all perfectly done.  Everyone prepared for their stop ahead of arriving, everyone shuffling in to a new position without any obvious communication.

Overall I did not make the ‘most’ of Singapore, but that was a conscious decision to catch up on life, and work!  Also meant I could bill for a couple of days!

Anyway, the trip over was good, excellent lounge in London and flight, comfy and great food and wine, but as always, no sleep!  I was tired.  I made it to the hotel and checked in at 9am, so that was perfect and then tried to keep busy, working, exploring the hotel, having a run (not the best idea) and generally trying to keep awake.

I took full advantage of the lounge and stayed there for the evening.  Not exceptional food and wine but good.  The service and friendliness, which was echoed throughout the stay, was second to none.

And now for the start of the trip proper

19th February

The first full day was a lot of wandering around, taking the assault on the senses in the various markets and Chinatown, then out for the first of 2 confirmed nights out, Cheek by Jowl.

I lucked out here, counter seat, great conversation with Manuela, the co-owner doing Front of House and the wines.  Just generally having great food and time.

4 hours or so gone in the blink of an eye and it was time to head back to the hotel.

20th February

The next day was similar but taking in a few more tourist bits with the ‘trees’ and things, but again a lot of walking.  What I found out in the evening was that even the locals thought that day was hot (even for Singapore!), but by then I was having a glorious evening at Restaurant Zen

21st February

Then the final day in Singapore.  I was lucky to have a 4pm check out so I was in no rush as the flight was 10:30.  I had a nice relaxed start to the day, but feeling the effects of the travel and nights out, with poor sleep, which was nothing to do with the bed or hotel as that was amazing, just travel.

Some work done, packing done and a session in the gym, it was time to checkout.  What to do, loiter at the hotel or head to the airport and have 5 hours in the lounge?  Lounge it was.  I had not got the inclination to go out and get hot and sweaty again.

Easy on the MRT again and arrived at the airport without issues, other than having to switch MRT as I was so hot (actually a combination of how I was feeling and the train being hotter than the others).  After a few minutes I got back on and carried on, checked in and in to the lounge.  I found out that security is actually at the gate, which is unusual.

The lounge, to my surprise, was not as good as the one at Heathrow and felt a bout tired (not the only thing!).  I parked up, when I found a seat with power sockets, and started working again (to pass the time).

So that was Singapore, on the flight to New Zealand for the start proper of the trip

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