Waiheke Wine Tour – 24th Feb 2019

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Waiheke Ferry
Arrival in Waiheke
Mudbrick Vineyard
Mudbrick Vineyard
Mudbrick Vineyard
Mudrbick Vineyward - The Wines
Mudrbick – The Wines
Peacock Sky
Peack Sky
Peacock Sky - The Wines
Peacock Sky – The Wines
Peacock Sky - The Wines
Peacock Sky – The Wines
2018 Reserve Gewurztraminer @ Mudbrick Vineyard
Mudrbick – The lunch wine
Kennedy Point
Kennedy Point
Kennedy Point - The Wines
Kennedy Point – The Wine

It was 8am and time to leave the hotel for a walk down to the harbour for a Fine Wine discovery tour of Waiheke Island.  Beautful queit morning and Auckland just starting to wake up

When I met the group, the demographic was porbably a little different to what I eas expecting, 2 ‘Californian’ men as a couple and an elderly cruise focused couple from the states, and me!  Oh well, make the most of it.  Nothing in common with them other than being on this trip.

Getting the ferry over was OK, but if had been on my own would have been on the top in the air, but as a group we were inside, which was a little disappointing.

The tour, in my mind, was not as good as it could have been, lots of back and forth and a different route would have been better.

Mudbrick is a stunning property and would be great to stay there, but the wine tasting, for me, was the weakest of the 3 we did.

The Wines were OK, but all the 2018 vintage and all just bottled, 3-4 weeks ago, so even the ones that are designed to be drinkable were in need of a bit of ageing (especially the reds), softening and were too sharp on the pallet.  I was trying to imagine how these may be when aged, but, unlike other tastings I couldn’t.

Maybe it was just that my pallet was not good, but your pallet is meant to be at it’s best in the morning.

Moving on from there we went to Peacock Sky, the best of the tastings.  A very small boutique vineyard but they did a little food and wine paring where they were not pairing the normal things and very interesting.

The wines were a lot more to my liking, but then again we had some older wines, 2014’s for example.  It also helped that the delivery of the tasting was good and the lady, from the far North of Sweden, was enthusiastic and good at explaining the wines and food.

Then it was back to Mudbrick for lunch, which was lovely.  Confit Gurnard served with their Gweurtzaminer (2018), which was much better and put a bit of faith back in to their wines.  A pleasant lunch, one which with a group of friends would have been very good.

Our final stop was Kennedy Point, all organic and interesting as we got to see the vines, about a month from harvest.  The wines were OK, not mind blowing, but pretty good.  The issue was that this felt a little rushed as we had to get back to the ferry as the cruise couple had to get back to their ship!

All in all, not the best day out, but still pretty good and the island itself is stunning.  Would love to have had more time to explore on my own, but sadly I could not wave an overnight stay in to the itinerary

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