Auckland Fish Market – 25th Feb 2019

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Having checked out Auckland Fish Market on my first full day in Auckland I had to head back to spend some time to relax and explore some of the eating options there.

Lets get this out in the open to start with, it is not Sydney Fish Market, which is huge with lots of eateries, but what it is, is good, very good.  Some amazing looking products and eating places, which made it tricky to know what to choose.

Auckland Fish Market
Auckland Fish Market
Auckland Fish Market
Auckland Fish Market
Ika Bowl Katchaflame @ Auckland Fish Market
Katchaflame from Ika Bowl
Fish & Chps - Market Galley @ Auckland Fish Market
Boat Trash Platter from Market Galley
Auckland Fish Market
Auckland Fish Market – People Watching

After a nice walk down from the hotel it was good to get there and I was bloomin starving!  At the weekend it was rammed, but early on Monday evening it was pretty empty, perfect time to have a good look round at the options.

Having grabbed a drink from the bar I headed to Ika Bowl, a Polynesian Poke Bar, and had the Katchaflame, which was raw tuna with noodles and lovely bits. A perfect start, full of fresh flavour and felt so healthy (wish I could create food like it!).

After that as a starter and some time sitting outside, enjoying the fresh air and people watching, it was time for the next dish, the Boat Trash platter from Market Galley, basically fish and chips, but with prawns and oysters (should have been mussels as well, but sadly they they had run out).

I had a fish & chips itch, from before I arrived in New Zealand, and this definitely helped scratch it, good (especially the prawns), but not sure if one of the oysters tasted odd or not, but luckily not after effects!).

What a lovely way to spend a couple of hours, eating, relaxing, people watching and generally starting to bring the mind in to a much less stressed place (the last few months have been somewhat hectic!).  Places like this are not just good for the stomach but really help me to chill out and remember to enjoy life

Mr Smith dined on Monday 25th February 2019

Auckland Fish Market
22 Jellicoe St, Freemans Bay, Auckland 1010

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