Ride London 100

The surprise you get when you get notified that you are in to one of the biggest events of the year, especially when you do not expect to get in.  Big surprise!  Find out why Mr Smith is going to do the Ride London 100 in July…


Mr Smith needs to have goals and someone to push him.  If not a serious case of drifting can happen.  In the past, he has pushed the body too hard and only followed generic training programmes, with no one pushing him.  Now is the time to get some serious motivation, pushing and structure to  training.

How is that going to happen?  Through coaching…

Mr Smith

Who is Mr Smith?

Anyone he wants to be, but mostly Photographer, Gourmet, Cook, Oenophile, Traveler, International Athlete, Investor, bit of a Geek and observer of life.